What if the Cullens were under the impression Bella had been kidnapped and murdered when they left? That is until a member of the Voltouri write and inform them of a surprise they have for them. But what happens when they're 'surprise' has no knowledge of them and has been broken down into a baby? Will they make the newly re-founded member of their family learn to not only trust them, but any vampire?


Alice's pov:

I buried my third animal carcass of my hunt and watched Jasper tackle his food.

"Don't play with your food!" I laughed, speeding off when he lost focus on the bear. I smelt a lovely elk family not far and raced off towards it.

Before I could catch my targeted meal I was knocked off by a vision.

"Shall we send for them master, she is ready I think."

"Yes, let Carlisle know, but do not inform them of their gift. It will ruin the fun of seeing their faces!"

"Alice! Alice!" Jasper shouted at my face. I snapped out of my trance like state and tried to wrap my head around my vision. Usually I was good at deciphering them and figuring everything out easily. This needed help from Carlisle.

It was definitely Aro speaking that second time. Maybe Caius the first? But why would they have a gift for us?

I grabbed Jasper's hand and pulled him with me, through some countryside in England where we had been staying.

Ever since we found out the news about Bella all those years ago we hadn't been a family. She had been the glue holding us together.

"Hello, Chief Swan " Charlie's gruff voice spoke through the phone.

"Hello sir, it's Alice Cullen here, I was hoping to wish Bella a happy birthday" I spoke cheerfully. She had disappeared from my unintentional visions of her a few weeks ago, I was growing concerned and Charlie's future I could barely see, mainly him driving down a long road then disappearing. Again and again.

"What?! What type of sick games are you Cullen's playing at? What did you get my little girl into?!" He demanded loudly. I pulled the receiver away from my ear and dropped it down, ending the volatile call.

After some research we found out Bella had been kidnapped and presumed dead. Disappearing from her truck one morning on her way to the grocery store. Everything was left untouched, as if she'd just up and left. A few months later they found her bloodied clothes and a letter with some of her hair in it saying if they managed to find her they'd suffer the same fate.

That news had broke all of us, especially Edward. We knew it must of been Victoria before Edward killed her.

"What on earth are you doing Alice? Why are we running the opposite way we came?" Jasper demanded as he ran with me.

I halted him and looked at him with a more serious expression that I've ever made. He must of noticed and straightened himself up too.

"It's the Voltouri. They've got a present for Carlisle, meaning all of us. I can see us in their castle in 4 days time"

"What do they want?" He asked anxiously. I never see Jasper nervous.

"Can't see. But we need to get home. I'll book us a plane to Esme and Carlisle when we get to the airport."

We began running once more.

Esme's pov:

"Esme!" My husbands worried voice yelled to me. That worried me. Carlisle didn't usually worry without reason. I met him on the stairs and he was grasping a letter. I knew who it was from immediately.

"Is that.." I trailed off, hoping I might be wrong.

"They have a gift.. We're all to meet them in Volterra within the week" He said.

"Alice must of seen"

"She would of. Esme, could you call Rosalie and Emmett and tell then to come back. I'll call Alice and Jasper, see if she sees anything. Then when everyone's here we will get in touch with Edward"

We went off to call everyone and get everyone home.

"Alice, do you see what they are giving us yet?" I ask worriedly. It had been two days and they were still doing something to block her visions.

"No! Esme what if its a trap? I mean, they must know I'm looking for this" Alice cried. I rubbed her shoulders and looked up to the castle that we might not all walk out of.

Carlisle grabbed my hand and walked us all up, our red cloaks hiding us from the occasional sun ray. Two human girls rushed to grab the cloaks off of us and hide them away until we leave. Jane walked briskly towards us and smiled, tilting her head to one side.

"Hello there friends. Aro will greet you shortly, please follow me."

We all shared a look and followed her with bated breath. Edward barely looked up. Emmett held tightly onto his arm. Alice had seen him asking them for death and we were not taking that chance.

We all stood outside the large oak doors of the throne room and waited to be permitted in. We heard Aro instruct someone to open the doors and soon saw him.

There was a sweet smell about the room too. If I didn't know better I'd say it was Bella's smell. Edward looked at me with a pained stare at the thought of Bella's name.

Aro stood up and opened his arms in a welcoming gesture. He greeted us and invited us to sit in a strange array of seats.

"If you would be so kind as to wait Marcus is collecting your gift."

We nodded and sat, sharing worried glance at each other. The smell of freesias got stronger and stronger as well as a faint heartbeat. I grabbed ahold of Carlisle's hand.

Could they of taken Bella?

Was this where she was all this time?

What did they do to her?

A small door opened and all of my hopes and fears were confirmed all at once. There was no denying that Bella was here. But how?

"Ah, I see you are a tad confused. Let me explain" Aro grinned. "When we heard from a little birdie that you had kept a human within your 'family' we were of course ready to destroy the one whom told her. Until that little birdie told us of a better way."

Edward growled and stood up. Emmett pulled him back to his seat.

"We also happened to know that this person was causing quite a stir up in the Washington area, with missing hikers drained of blood, which we supposed wasn't you due to your diet?" He raised his eyebrows and we hurried to agree with him.

So this 'little birdie' was Victoria. What had they let her do to Bella?

"So we had to sure that that business was taken care of but we did take her words to thought. So we will give you your precious human back and give you two choices. Continue to let her live like this or kill her. If you choose the latter though I wouldn't mind another taste. She's quite delicious you know."

We all growled at him and Edward stood up demanding to be given Bella. His wish was granted but none of us were expecting to see Bella in the way she was.

There was no doubt she was wearing a diaper underneath the dirty pajamas she was in. She looked so malnourished we could just about see her bones poking out from across the room. Her greasy hair was pulled back into an untidy pair of plaits and her breathing was harsh and labored and she was out cold, her head resting on Marcus's shoulder. His hands were gripping her so hard she would bruise.

Marcus walked over to us in a tauntingly slow way and dropped Bella's limp body onto the stone. I gasped and Edward shot out his chair and cradled her body to his.

"She was a tough nut to break. But we managed. Have fun" Caius teased

"Bella, my love, wake up darling" he pleaded to her in a broken voice. Carlisle leaned down and tried to assess her the best he could.

"She's freezing cold" He muttered.

"She won't wake." Jane called. "She'll be asleep for a while yet."

"Does this conclude out visit?" Carlisle asked in a stony voice.

Aro nodded and motioned for his crew to go back to their business. Carlisle and Edward argued over who would carry her but Carlisle won, saying he could be gentler on her.

As we walked out Aro called to us.

"Let this be the last human you make effort to fraternize with in such a way."

"Rosalie. Sneak into the hospital and get 3 bags of O-negative blood." Carlisle instructed. Everyone was panicking the second we got out of Volterra. Alice had booked a hotel to briefly stop in so we could clean her up before taking her on the plane.

"She will be okay won't she?" I asked worriedly.

"I'll change her if I have to" Edward promised.

"How are we going to get her into the room? Taking her through the lobby will cause too much attention" Emmett asked.

"Service elevator" I answered. Alice had told us what to do before she had ran to get Bella some more clothes.

I checked us in and got the key and met everyone up in the room. Trust Alice to get a 5 star hotel for a 2 hour stay.

Carlisle undressed Bella on the bed and wrapped her in a blanket.

"There's not much we can do until Rosalie get back." He said, leaning back on a dresser and watching Bella sleep.

"Why was she in a diaper. Aren't those for babies?" Emmett asked.

"Usually yes, but many of my patients wear them for many a reasons. Incontinence and bed-bound are just a couple." Carlisle explained.

We heard Bella begin to stir and turned to look at her. She rolled over onto her stomach and began to blink blearily. Edward rushed to her side and slowly informed her of where she was.

"Its okay darling, I'm here and I'm not going to let anyone hurt you again" He promised. Instead of soothing her like we thought it would she bolted up and screamed.

Edward stood up and put his hands up in surrender. She crawled off the bed, the blanket covering her forgotten and pushed herself into a corner. She drew her knees to her chest and hugged them to her, still keeping her eyes on us.

What had happened to her to make us so afraid of us?

Carlisle grabbed the blanket she left and kneeled down near Bella to offer it to her.

"Take this Bella" He said in the voice I heard him use for scared patients. "Im Carlisle remeber? I won't hurt you"

Bella's head flicked up at the mention of her name but her eyes showed no recognition for anything else he said.

He shook his arm to bring her focus back on the blanket.

"You need to cover yourself sweet girl" He told her. Her arm unhooked from her legs and her fingers reached out for the blanket but came a few centimeters shy.

Carlisle moved closer so he could give it to her which made her whimper and draw her hand back a little bit. He dropped it infront of her and she wrapped her front in it.

We stayed staring at her for a few minutes more until Rosalie opened the door cautiously. Her eyes were dark and in her hand she held 3 bags of blood. Now that Bella was awake I had no idea how we would get the port into her arm.

"I've got the blood" Rosalie announced, her eyes eventually falling on Bella's shaking form.

Bella stared at the blood and we all noticed for the first time something none of us had seen before.

Her eyes were dark.

Hungry vampire dark.