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Premise: Dumbledore asks Sirius to get information out of Harry, and Harry finally snapped. Bonus relevant information: This is currently after Harry shows up after the tournament. We have a lot of unused summer space, so lots of fun for me here.

Key: Talking "This"

Parseltongue ~This~

Oh and like normal this ones in 3rd person

Sirius decides to pull Harry aside. Dumbledore has asked him to get information out of Harry, so Sirius starts to talk about some more serious stuff.

"Hey pup, you know much about the Slytherins in your year?" Sirius asks

"Not too much. Why?" Harry says, a little annoyed that the present conversation is going in a direction that he doesn't like.

"Oh uh the order wanted to know more about the family's of known death eaters" Sirius said. He had always been crap at lying, and. a Slytherin he was not, so not even the little wordsmithing skills he may have had diminished.

"You do know I remember the faces and names alright? You could've just asked that. Might have brought the mood down but since you only ever talk to me without the order being involved at all, I suppose the matter wouldn't have changed much at all." Harry says bitterly

"C'mon pup, you know that's not fair." Sirius says in a light manner. In truth he couldn't remember when he last thought about Harry other that in the capacity of the Order.

"Oh really. Don't say it isn't fair. You clearly aren't aware it makes me miserable. So if you really want to know... when I'm away from you I'm happier than ever, and I wish it wasn't true." Harry says, sadness taking over the conversation once more.

"What! Pup why would you even think that I don't care?" Sirius asks

"Because of what happened last time you didn't answer your mirror." Harry says

"Pup you know that was because of an Order meeting, and you said you didn't care since you understood!" Sirius said, upset that this issue which had been solved already was causing so much trouble.

"Sorry, I suppose that phrase was tactless of me. Let me rephrase that. Last time you picked up your mirror and forgot about it. You'd know which one if you remembered." Harry says, realizing that Serious was probably so drunk he didn't remember

"What did I do?" Sirius asks, not realizing he was about to open true emotional avenues that he was not prepared for.

"You called me like normal, you were drunk in the image. Coming over, under the influence. Scared me to death, but I'm wasting my breath cuz you only listen to your fucking friends. I don't relate to you, because I'd never treat me this shitty. You've made me hate this city! I don't talk shit about you in the meetings, never told anyone anything bad! Cuz that shits embarrassing, you were my everything. All that you've done is make me fucking sad. Don't waste the time I don't have, don't try to make me feel bad. I could talk about every time that you showed up on time, but I'd have an empty line. Never paid any mind to my lover or friends so I've shut them all out for you, because I'm just a kid!" Harry says, talking slowly then everything starts coming out like a floodgate.

None of this was supposed to come out! Harry is a good boy, who deals with the press and media like a good boy. Every time Harry feels like attacking or inflicting harm on someone he's kept it in. It was because of this information coming out more that care for his pseudo uncle that tears sprung to his eyes. Though there were most likely more than a little hormones involved.

After his outburst Harry tries to get into a private room, and when he can't find he becomes more and more distressed. In his panic he's switches into parseltongue, and stands and shouts at a door that's stuck to open.

~Oh for the love of- OPEN UP~ and that triggers something. The door opens, and inside there's a small bedroom attached to the kitchen. Harry sticks his stuff in his room, because there's no way he's staying in a room with Ron after that outburst.

Once all his stuff is in his new room, Harry starts to process more of what just happened. He starts crying from all the emotional stress, and because he's finally in a secure area where nobody can reach, Dobby shows up.

"Good Master Harry Potter Sir! Dobby is being here to help!" Dobby says rushing over to the huddled figure. Dobby takes Harry's considerably larger hand in his and tries to calm Harry down.

"Hello Dobby. What are you doing here?" Harry asks once he calms down enough for coherent speech.

"Dobby can tell that Good Master Harry Potter Sir is being upset or angry, but becauses you haven'ts been secured Dobby couldn't come." Dobby said

"Heh. I guess I still have one person beside me after all.' Harry says

Skip to Sirius' POV are for a bit

The wards ping to let Sirius know that something happened, so he goes to the ward recordings to see what caused the ping. An unrecognized house elf had entered, but the wards let it through because it was bonded to someone who was protected by the wards.

"Wow. Am I really so bad at this that he went to a house elf for comfort?" Sirius says to himself, having a lot to say to Dumbledore, while not much of it relating to the reason he was sent.

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