Author's note:

I love the Harry Potter series and the Charmed series (the original not the remake). I've been fascinated by what it'll be like for the two worlds to crossover. Although this is not a Harry Potter/Charmed crossover, I've let my love of both worlds inspire me.

Chapter One

The Beginning

Amidst all the running around and all the hurried communication, I sit on the sofa in the lounge, eating my yoghurt. It is just another day in the Ashe household. I eat another spoonful of yoghurt, trying hard to focus on the page I'm attempting to read in front of me. "Seriously?" my mother stops in her tracks, in front of me. I glance up at her, the spoon stilled mid-air on the way to my mouth. "You're just sitting here? Get a move on!" she says, throwing her hands up in the air, and dashing out of the room again, Joy – our house-elf – on her heels. I shake my head and continue to eat my yoghurt. They all seem like they want me to do something, but in reality, I'll be a hinderance and not any help.

Yet deep down I know where this is going to get me. They'll send me to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for my own safety. Why I can't be sent to live with my relatives in the United States, I'll never know? I mean, it'll be pretty safe. "Emily-Anne! My office, please?" my father calls, sounding both stressed and agitated. My father only ever calls me by my full name when he is angry with me. Which makes me want to know what I'd done wrong? I place the half-eaten yoghurt container on the glass table in front of the sofa; the spoon plunged into the centre of the dairy sweetness. I mark my place in the book and place it next to the yoghurt on the table. Straightening my jeans, I get up from my seat and walk across the room into the hallway. The house is crawling with Aurors. Some of them are familiar, and others I've never seen before. I sidestep a couple of Aurors scurrying around balancing papers in their hands, while anxiously shouting out information they think might be useful. I reach my father's office and squeeze past a couple of Aurors standing in the door. "Emily," the two greet me with curt nods.

I smile at them and give them a wave, stepping into my father's office, which is a large, spacious room, with the bare minimum of furniture. There's a desk and a few comfy chairs scattered around the room. Floor to ceiling bookcases covers the wall behind my father's work desk. In short, my father's study is a lavish room, with a high ceiling, an expensive chandelier, and expensive furniture. As big as the room is, it looks small with all the busy bodies in it. It isn't hard to spot my father in a room full of men. My father is a tall sturdy man, with jet black hair and black eyes. He's standing next to his desk, reading over a file, another Auror standing beside him. There was another attack in the Wizarding world, one hitting close to home for my family. No surprise really. With rumours that Voldemort is back, his followers feel a sense of freedom. They are masters of creating despair and destruction wherever they go.

With the freedom his followers have, they are ruining peoples' lives. With the most recent attack came a note. The note was a message for my father. It gave my father a warning to keep an eye on me because I might go missing. A very idle threat if you ask me. But my father is taking it very seriously, hence all the Aurors. After the threat, Aurors were instructed to work from our house, to both keep an eye on me and do the work that was needed. Managing to get as close as possible to my father, I clear my throat, getting his attention. Without looking up my father speaks, "I need you to go pack." I just stare at him, giving myself a silent I-told-you-so.

I know my father will take every step he thinks will be necessary to keep me out of Voldemort's hands. "Get a move on Emily," he says, his attention still on his work. It's just like him to be on high alert with his job, while still taking care of his family. My father looks up, his black eyes pleading for me to listen. I push forward so I can kiss my father on the cheek. He gives me a smile, as I turn around heading upstairs to my room. I open the door to my room to find a six-foot-five guy, with short sandy blonde hair, already rummaging through my closet.

Caleb Johnson is my Protector, my best friend. I sit down on my bed, watching him as he digs around my closet. Caleb is a Protector trained to protect innocents, and got sent to protect me (by the Wiccan council), because I'm not living in the Wiccan community. My family isn't like other families in the Magic World. Although we are a magical family, we are different from the average wizard family. There is two different kinds of witches and wizards, or warlocks using the correct terminology. You have the ones with wands, pointy hats, robes and brooms; and then you get the other magical humans, the Wiccan witches and warlocks. The latter has physical powers and live as ordinary people in an ordinary world, the muggle world. My mother is a Wiccan witch, and when she met my father, she gave up her muggle –people without magical abilities– ways. My mother lived in America with her Wiccan family until she met my father. She fell madly in love and moved to London to start a family. It's all about giving and taking in a relationship, my mother's wise words. "Giving up your community and your world is a small price to pay for love," she always says.

I didn't quite get the logic of such a big sacrifice, but hey if it wasn't for my mother's sacrifice I wouldn't be here. So, who am I to judge? My father, on the other hand, is a wizard with a wand and robes. The ones muggle children read about in fairy tales. My father attended Hogwarts, was a Gryffindor (one of the four houses at the school) and became an Auror (fancy term for Protector in my father's world). There aren't just differences between lifestyles, but also magical abilities. I've been living in a world with two different magical abilities. My mother's world has physical abilities and my father's world involve having wand skills. The two worlds have at least some things in common; both have spell books and potions. However, like in all communities, there are trust issues between the two magical communities, dating back centuries.

Nobody knows exactly how or why the separation of the two worlds took place. Therefore, I have a Protector. Although, technically I'm only half Wiccan, the Council still thinks I need to be protected. Once I turn eighteen, I can decide which world I'd like to live in. My mother made her choice the day she married my father, the first in of its kind in over a century, I was told. She broke the barrier that separated the worlds for so long. Marrying another kind is frowned upon by my father's community. So, until I make my decision, I have Caleb around. I'm not complaining. Come on, I have my own personal bodyguard. I'm one of a kind, and the rules are a bit indistinct when it comes to me. Neither side knows what to do with me.

So, my parents decided that I would be home-schooled, for most of the time anyway. Being home-schooled is the only way for me to learn the magic of both communities. During the day I have two Wiccan members, Caleb and Jane (before them my mother and grandmother) teaching me the Wiccan ways of magic. At night my father and uncle teach me their magic. My education involves learning about both black and white magic. Good and evil, light and dark, or whatever you'd like to call it. Caleb returns from within my closet dropping a bunch of underwear into an open suitcase. The suitcase on my bed is already filled with various items of clothing and bathroom necessities. "Go say goodbye to Elizabeth and Hugo," Caleb instructs without looking at me. He slams the lid shut, lifts the suitcase off of my bed, and places it on the floor. I get up without so much as a word, and walk out in search of my mother. Having Caleb in my room and going through my stuff isn't surprising to me, not in the least. I'm just surprised that I didn't already know what he was doing.

I should've known he'd be getting ready to implement the safety plan they all have created for me. Receiving threats isn't so uncommon. Both my mother and I have received threats in the past. The magical world, especially the community we are living in, will want us under their control if they know our abilities. My mother's powers are Healing and Telekinesis. As a Wiccan Witch she can't use a wand, but she can do spells and make potions, and her spells and potions are different to those of my father's. My father keeps our secrets, but he's a prominent Auror, and that too carries a certain amount of threat. Because of the constant threats, there are very specific plans in place to get me and my mother to safety for a range of dangerous scenarios. Mine constantly involves me going into hiding, or attending Hogwarts for the danger period. I walk down the hallway towards the stairs, but didn't have to go far, my mother already walking up the stairs, shouting a command to one of the Aurors downstairs. "Get that thing out of my house, William!"

"Come on Elizabeth!" a man calls back. My mother shakes her head, and comes to a stop at the top of the stairs. "Five minutes!" my mother calls back over her shoulder. She turns her attention on me and gives me her brightest smile. My mother is five-foot-one, with short shiny brown hair, and tanned skin. She is beautiful. With her high cheek bones, full lips, and almond shaped blue eyes, she could bring a crowded room to silence when she walked in. I return her smile and give her a hug. "Go say goodbye to your father, you know how he gets," she says, kissing the top of my head. "Be safe my darling." She gives me a once over, like she's memorising my features. I sigh, watching my mother leave to yell at another Auror, I'm sure. I trot downstairs again, back to my father's office. I say my goodbye, promising him that I'll stay of trouble. A few other Aurors wave goodbye, each with a smile.

Being home-schooled have allowed me to be around when things are happening, and I got to know people. Caleb is already downstairs with my trunk in one hand, ushering me to the living room fireplace. "I hate taking you to that place. I don't trust some of the people there," Caleb grumbles. His only problem is that he didn't trust my father's kind. "It's just for a few days," I say, giving him a reassuring smile. "They didn't tell you?" he asks looking at me, tilting his head to the side. "What?" I ask, startled. I hate not being in on whatever's happening. Caleb's face tells me I'm not going to like whatever it's I'm not told. "The threat is not the only reason you're going to Hogwarts," Caleb answers. "Shit," I curse. "Is this the Council's doing?"

"No. They are against it, so is Hugo and Elizabeth, but it is out of their hands." I just stare at Caleb. It's the damn prophecy. I haven't heard it yet, but I know it exists. "It's the prophecy, right?" I shake my head. "Yes," Caleb replies, sounding tired. Since the threat he's been working non-stop trying to keep me safe. I sigh and stare at the fireplace; I forget the only other way to get to Hogwarts, if you don't catch the train, is to travel with the Floo-Network. Great. I hate the Floo-Network. "I don't like this," I say stepping into the fireplace. Caleb gives me a weary smile, as I state my destination, "Hogwarts Headmaster's Office." I'm engulfed with green flames, spinning around like crazy. Feeling disoriented and dizzy, I stumble out of the fireplace and into the headmaster's office, at Hogwarts.