Chapter 1

October 31st 1981

Frank Longbottom POV

"Alice, dear, it's time to put Neville to sleep."

"Aw man, I was hoping we could show him more magic… Oh well." Alice said, turning towards Frank.

Alice Longbottom and I am a happy couple who have been together since our 6th Year at Hogwarts, and now have a one year old child named Neville Longbottom. A psychotic mad wizard called Voldemort was at large, and since we're very protective of our only child, we don't get out of the house anymore. I said good night to Neville, as he babbled and reached for my nose, and sat on the couch, while Alice put him to sleep. My wand is on the table, resting there after Alice and I practised magic in front of Neville as he happily tried to get his chubby hands on our wands. Wait. What was that sound?!

"Alice, dear, was that you?" I shouted from the living room.

"No, I was about to ask if it was you!" replied Alice from Neville's nursery upstairs.

I grabbed my wand immediately. We were not alone in this house anymore.

"Who's there! Show yourself!" I hollered.

I immediately heard an ice-cold laugh. I froze, as my heart pounded faster than ever. I felt the blood from my body disappear, and my stomach gave a gigantic lurch. I could recognise that laugh from anywhere.

"Alice! It's him! Grab Neville and apparate to the last safe place! You will be protected there! I love you and never forget that!" I shouted.

Voldemort was indeed in our house.


Before I could finish my disarming spell, I lost consciousness and I moved no more.

I woke up in a bright white glowing place. There, I saw those who were lost in battle: Fabian, Gideon, Dorcas, Edgar, and everyone else.

"Am I dead?" I asked them frantically.

"Frank! Why are you here! I'm sorry, but you are dead." replied Dorcas.

"Is there a way to keep an eye on my wife and my son?" I asked, as I cried in my heart, knowing I won't be seeing or talking to Alice and Neville for a long time.

"Over there, that pensieve! The Pensieve of the Dead!" said Fabian, pointing to my right. "Shout the name of the person you want to see. You will be able to see through their eyes!"

I bolted there, and shouted, "ALICE LONGBOTTOM!"

I saw that Alice and Neville were together safely at Mad-Eye's place. I breathed a sigh of relief. They were at the last safe place. It was protected by the Fidelus Curse, and the secret keeper was McGonagall, so it is very safe there. Phew.

"They're okay! They're safe!" I cried, once I withdrew myself from the Pensieve of the Dead.


I saw nothing. He was finished. I read somewhere during my time at Hogwarts, that if you got murdered protecting someone you truly loved, the person dies. It worked!

"Voldemort is finished! We did it!" I shouted.

Cheers came from every direction. I was happy knowing that the two people I love the most are alive, together, and safe. I would enjoy the afterlife with everyone.