I had an earworm and this was it. Talking with some people, and I decoded to make it into this. Might make a part two where its for the namesake of the song 'Lily'. Let me know if you want that!. This songs 'Lily' by J.fla. Hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, I just make models in my head. This is my mind on a page, so maybe I'm a little insane.

Premise: This is Harry's backstory for why he was so easily manipulated by Dumbledore. Mild bashing of him for people who like him.

Harry was a little boy, afraid of the big wide world. He grew up within his cupboard walls. Now and then he tried to run, under the night and the setting sun. Then there was this new world, 'Don't go there, there's creatures hiding in the dark!' they told him. He went into the world away, so afraid, all alone! Then someone came creeping, it told her

"Don't worry. It'll be the magic story you've told. Just follow everywhere I go. Top of all the mountains, and to the valleys low. I'll give you everything you've been dreaming of. You'll be sage under my control, just let me in"

She knew she had been hypnotized, walking on cold, thin ice. Into the deep dark they went. A scream was heard, and then he ran, faster, and he screamed out, "Is anyone out there?"

"You'll be safe under my control. Just let me in" and she fell under his control. "Jest let me in..." Everything he wanted and more? You'll be safe? All his web of lies. Then the control broke and he awoke again

He ran and screamed "Is there anyone out there! Please help me, he's out there!" and behind him he heard

"Oh my boy. There's nobody out here but you and me. Don't worry you're safe under my control, just let me in." The man said

A/N: Sorry its short. I have 2 alternatives, one where Snape figures it out and one where its Lilly he controls. If you needed context the man is Dumbledore and the dark is the forbidden forest detention. Also Petunia gave him the warning about not going. Hope you liked it!

-Clockwork Witch out!