// Carrier Booted
// Awaiting Login...
// Delta Wave Scan complete
// Connection Established 22:58:33
// User ID 26532FWA26F2239RE263
// Message-ID: 125DED36A6A8CB4CBA31F://XERXES
// Begin Log...

My name is Fay. I am 26 years of age, white, female. Freed 10 years ago. Currently second-in-command of the Dropship Xerxes.

I am a spy.

Let me be quick to add that I am not a Machinist. I am not even a Cypherite. I consider the machines our outright enemy, despite The Truce. However, unlike others, I also understand that The Truce is a necessary evil. We, all of us in the Real, have to constantly drift between these two points, it seems...but I wander. I am a spy for New Zion. I fully support all actions that take place on my ship. I tell no falsehoods, nor do I twist the truth. All my statement means is that I have certain...objectives, that the others do not.

When I was a Blue, I was quite interested in law enforcement, detective work, to be specific. Young I may have been, but I was good at noticing things. Little things. Before I was even 10, I had seen many...many subtle things that others did not. I saw people do things that was not humanly possible. I saw the environment around me shimmer, fade, change, and come together again. I saw people suddenly morphing into other people. I kept this part of me, this "second sight", as I had so romantically called it, totally hidden, tucked away in my brain so that I would not have much chance to think about it. I had dreams of being "special", of being extremely unique. However, if I had actually stopped and thought about it...I would have convinced myself I was crazy.

Of course, now I realize what I saw.

Needless to say, I took the Red Pill when it was offered to me. But that's a story for another log.

For now, I wish to quickly run through what I was told before we left New Zion. The info is so vague that I'm still not sure what to make of it, but I'm hoping that by placing it here, where I can review it easily, I will slowly begin to puzzle it out.

New Zion has noticed what they call a "glitch/virus" in The Matrix. They call it that because, even though it has done no damage(as of yet!), has done no reprogramming, has not even affected a single piece of code...it still seems to be moving. It's not just a glitch, it's an intelligent glitch. I suggested that it might be another rogue program, but this was quickly denied. No reason for this denial was given, which suggests to me that they have more intel...perhaps MUCH more...then they're giving me.

As of now, they are simply watching this "Glitch". It seems to be tracing along the basic internal code of the Matrix, interacting solely with those strings that form the primitive internet that is used by the Blues. I gather that we can see it, but it can't see us. It has been running an unusual amount of search strings, though, and has recived mass info in return. I was told that once, it even seemed to double, to exist as a twin of itself...and then crashed back into one again. Strange.

To my actual objectives, then. It has recently been connecting with an individual that we've had our eye on. He seems prime material for joining us, but New Zion has noticed that, with the connection to this "Glitch", that he seems to be searching less and less for us.

This is what worries them. At best, this is, as noted, just a glitch. But at worse...this could be a new Rogue, or even a trick by the Machines.

...this worries me too, truthfully.

Xerxes is on it's way to Broadcast Level. We will be jacking in in a matter of hours. For the others, this is just a typical survey mission. For me? Well...seems I got a Blue to rescue. Oh, joy...

Yeah, I can tell this is going to be one fu-

// Carrier Signal Lost...