Chapter One

As I looked out of my bedroom window towards the thick, green forest surrounding my childhood home, I began to question all of the choices made that bought me to this decision. Was it falling for the charm of the wrong 'boy'? Was it being naïve to the romantic advances of my best friend? or could it be the complete disregard to myself and my own wellbeing? All I knew in this moment is that I needed to run. Perhaps this was just yet another example of the disregard that I show myself; But right now I saw only two options in front of me - fight or flight. After the last few months, I had absolutely no fight left in me. So with a heavy feeling in my chest, I pulled a duffle bag from my closet and began to pack my life away.

I chose to pack only the essential items (several changes of clothes, toiletries and an additional pair of shoes) and sentimental items. I decided on a few of my favourite books and a selection of photos of my dad, mom and the small group of people that I considered to be friends. Finally, I slipped in my passport and wallet.

I grabbed my bag, threw on a jacket, pulled on my chucks and headed out to my truck. After situating myself in the drivers seat and placing my duffle in the passenger footwell, I took a deep breath and looked at the house in front of me. I recalled the memories spent here and considered if I was indeed making the correct decision. I shook my head of these thoughts, and with a few stray tears running down my cheeks I pulled out of the drive way. Silently wondering if I would return to the small town of Forks, but knowing with absolute certainty that if I did, I wouldn't be the same person that left.

As I left the town borders I felt it. The death of Bella Swan.