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Chapter four:

"and that was when Hermione and I first knew, 110 percent sure, that we would spend the rest of our lives together." Said Ron emotionally as he finished an account of he and his wife's first kiss on their seventieth anniversary. He stared joyously at the set of great-grandchildren before him, thew youngest one having fallen asleep. He looked up and smiled warmly, making his face even more wrinkled than it already was.

He stood up and reached for his cane. "I'll go say goodnight to her then." He said croakily and walked out the door. Ron walked slowly down the hallway and down the stairs. He opened a side door, put on a light jacket and walked onto the dew-wet grass. He took out his wand and muttered "lumos" as he walked towards the small wood behind his large but quaint home.

Ron walked along a barely audible trail until it stopped in a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a lone tombstone. It read "Hermione Weasly, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and insufferable know it all." Ron stared down at the grave.

He and Hermione had shared sixty-nine glorious years together in marriage. They had three delightful children, and had lived long enough to see seven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren. Ron was only sorry Hermione had died with a sixteenth on the way. He remembered everything so well, from the first kiss, to proposal, to honeymoon. Ron grinned, especially honeymoon. He also remembered the twenty-five births he had witnessed, namely the first three.

He had confessed to Hermione everything she had before their first kiss, and she had replied simply, "Well, obviously." Ron smiled ruefully at the memory. "Never did a damn thing right, and you still loved me." Whispered Ron as he wiped away the tears.

He was only vaguely aware when Harry and Ginny Potter walked into the clearing, wands alight.

Then Ron continued the tradition he had kept since Hermione had died almost a year ago, shortly after their anniversary. "I love you Hermione, and I always will." He said quietly as he stared at the mound of earth before him. "Goodnight, you insufferable know it all."

When he finished, he hobbled over to Harry and Ginny. Ginny kissed him on the cheek then went ahead to the house. Harry stayed behind. "Sorry you had to lose her, mate." He said, his emerald eyes tearing in a wrinkled face that was framed with messy gray hair, lightning bolt scar just as noticeable as ever. Ron scoffed. "You lost her too." he replied half-heartedly. "It was worse for you." Harry paused before clearing his throat. "Come and see uswhenever you like. I hate to think of you alone all the time."


When Ron had gotten back to the house, he changed and pulled out an old photo album. He looked through them smiling contentedly. Some were pictures his children had never seen before, some they had. There were pictures of Ron's wedding with Harry as best man and vice versa. There were pictures of Hermione pregnant with each child, the birth of each child, and other mementos of his and Hermione's life together. Without knowing he had, Ron fell asleep and pictures became wonderful dreams. He was in the middle of holding his youngest child and second daughter when he was jolted awake. He sat up and immediately had to suppress a yell. He had felt a floating sensation and had looked down to see his white face devoid of life. "I-I'm dead?" Ron asked incredulously in a faraway voice. BANG! He was flying upward. Through the clouds, out of the atmosphere and through space he flew. Very suddenly, it all stoppedand Ron fell face down onto the coolest most perfectly green grass. He braced himself for the pain of getting up, but he got there, and it never came. He felt a teenager again. He looked down at his hands and saw the same old freckles, but no wrinkles. He reached up to feel his face. Yet again, no wrinkles. His eyes widened and he grinned widely. He looked down at his clothes. Jeans and a shirt! Ron felt like screaming for joy. One last test. He reached up and pulled out a few strands of hair with a small yelp of pain. As he looked at the hairs, he let out a whoop. Just as flaming red as ever. He was young again! But if he was young again, that could only meanRon looked up and saw the most beautiful version of the house he had shared with Hermione and running down the path wasHermione. She was just as her remembered her sixty-nine years ago, except more beautifulsomehow. "Hermione?" he squeaked, not daring to believe it. She smiled and nodded, weeping for joy. Ron blinked. "Is this heaven or something?" She nodded and ran to him, grabbing him in a hug that lasted for a full two minutes. When they broke apart, both were sobbing. "Ron?" "Yes, Hermione?" "That was a beautiful story you told last night." She said referring to the recount of their first kiss to the children. Ron raised an eyebrow. "It's not like I haven't relived it a million times over" he paused before adding, "you insufferable know it all." Hermione laughed out loud. "I've been waiting a year for you to say that!" she screamed before pulling him into a furious kiss, knocking him to the ground.