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"Dr Edward Cullen and his team stumble upon a new species on another planet."

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πŸ’š So I stumbled upon a YouTube video about this little show I used to love as a kid. Little, pffff it was huge. Ten seasons, two spinoff series, and TEAL'C! OMG, I was so in love with Teal'c. So this is just a little something, quite cute that sets place in that universe. You don't need to know about Stargate to understand the story, you will just see the easter eggs if you do.

πŸ’š Stargate πŸ’š(2,3K)

Dr Edward Cullen walked through the liquid-like blue of the Stargate, following his team members from SG1 to yet another planet. They were still in desperate search of acquiring new technology that would help them defend Earth against the Goa'ulds, so they could avoid being used as slaves, or taken as hosts by those parasitic aliens.

This new planet didn't show any interesting results when they sent the probe to make sure there were no enemies there, but Major Alice Hale had spotted plants on the video feedback that resembled the same plants that the Tok'Ra used in their development of poison against the Goa'ulds. The Tok'Ra were another race of aliens, physiologically rather similar to their common enemy, but who actually had a sense of morality and who wanted to live in harmony with humans.

So this was supposed to be a simple mission. Go to the planet, pick up some plants, explore a bit to see if there was any civilisation anywhere insight, and get back to the base the next day. But from the start, Edward knew it would not go as planned.

As they got through the gate into that new planet, they had the surprise to see a brunette looking at them, her brown eyes wide open. The four members of the SG1 team looked at the girl, dressed in a sheer green dress that seemed made of an illusional fabric. It seemed that every time the wind blew on her dress, a different shade of green appeared.

She raised her arm and closed her fist, exactly the same way military personnel did to stop people from going further, and she just stood there, staring at them.

"Edward? Wanna say something here?" Charlie asked, his weapon drawn and pointed at the girl.

Edward took a step toward the girl, and she rose an eyebrow at him, her face unreadable. So he presented himself, "Hello. I am Edward Cullen. We are explorers from Earth."

She carefully studied him, and he tried again, hoping that she understood English. Most people from other planets did, but some planets spoke completely different languages. As he was trying to find another language to try to make contact with, the girl turned on her heels and disappeared into the forest.

Edward stood mesmerised for a second until Charlie voiced what had just happened, "Did she just … vanish in those trees?"

"No. That's impossible, sir. What probably just happened is a clever optical illusion," Alice intervened and Charlie and Edward glanced at each other, not so convinced.

Alice was smart, probably smarter than the two of them combined, but she was always hard on the facts. Which Edward found sometimes odd, given the fact that they were travelling through an alien device that created wormholes between planets that were lightyears away from each other.

Of course, if he asked her, Alice would gladly explain how this was mathematically possible, but Edward liked the idea that some things were just not meant to be explained.

"Alright, Hale, gather your little garden with Edward whilst Jacob and I do a sweep of the perimeter."

Edward stayed with Alice, as she examined the plants and edited the possibility that this plant came from this world. After all, the Tok-Ra were struggling to create more poison because they could not find that plant anywhere, and it was here in abundance. She mentioned the idea of colonising the planet so they could have unlimited access to the plant and its virtues.

Edward was more interested in waiting for Charlie to return and see if he had found any civilisation. Alice was a doctor of science, and he was a doctor of history. This was what drew him to the Stargate program, and ultimately, this was the reason he went through the gate each and every time. To discover new cultures and civilisations.

But when Charlie came back, he disappointed Edward, "No sign of habitation anywhere. The Natives don't want to be found, and I don't think they would have anything to share with us. That girl looked pretty primitive. She wasn't wearing shoes."

Edward rolled his eyes, knowing that Charlie just had this little touch of humour to hide his discomfort. They had known each other the longest and had already saved the Earth together a couple of times. And now, Edward could tell that Charlie hadn't been convinced by that optical illusion Alice had mentioned. They had seen much less believable over the years, but Alice always came up with some logical explanation that hurt their brains.

They camped for the night, and Charlie marvelled at the stars. This was probably the thing they had the most in common Edward and him. Looking at the stars. It was amazing to always look at a different sky on each planet, it always left Edward in awe.

Though this time, they were bothered by some kind of bug that looked like a firefly, only it was bigger. At some point, one of them got on Charlie's skin, and he swatted it away, the same way he would have done with a mosquito, and two things happened at once.

The bug fell on the floor, devoid of life and no longer shining light, and the camp where they were became instantly silent. Even the wind seemed to no longer exist. For a long minute, the four-team members looked at each other, before a screeching howl echoed in the night. Charlie immediately got up on his feet, his weapon at the ready, and the howl multiplied, echoing louder and louder around them.

"I suggest we get the hell out of dodge. Sounds fishy to me."

"Indeed," Jacob agreed, and they all packed up, hurrying to the Stargate.

What they did not expect was to find the girl standing in the ring, preventing them from dialling home, unless they wanted to kill her in the process. Once again, she rose her hand, though this time, under the moonlights she seemed more terrible. Terrifying even.

As soon as she closed her fist, the howling stopped, and Edward knew at that right moment that the girl and her people were not as primitive as Charlie thought. In fact, he was pretty sure that they had been observed ever since she left them earlier. The brunette looked at them, and when Charlie took a step in her direction, his hands still on his weapon, she rose an eyebrow at him, challenging him to go any further.

"You cannot leave," She spoke with a soft voice as if just talking about the weather.

"So you speak. And why not?" Charlie questioned, though Edward wished he hadn't. Sometimes, Charlie thought too much like a military man, and not enough like a humanitarian.

"A criminal cannot be left to wander if he has not repented for his crime."

Charlie rolled his eyes and turned to his team, ordering Alice to start dialling, "Hale dial us home. She will move in time."

The girl had a patronising smile, before turning her back on them, and shimmering away. The three men turned to Alice who was just as confused as them. "Well, Major? Was that an optical illusion as well?"

"I don't know, sir."

"Charlie, you don't think this has anything to do with the bug, do you?" Edward asked, and Charlie rolled his eyes, pointing out,

"It's a bug, Edward. A bug. If I have to be trialled for every bug I killed, I'd be long dead by now. Hale, dial us home."

Alice pressed the seven chevrons that would connect them back to earth, but the connection never occurred. Which made Charlie start to lose his patience. "Today, Hale!"

"I'm trying, sir."

They heard a noise behind them, and saw three gigantic wolves, all bigger than horses, get closer to them. Edward glanced around and saw, even more, coming out of the woods, and so he instinctively said loud enough to be heard,

"We're sorry. We didn't mean to kill it!"

The wolves stopped, mere meters away from them, and four hooded figures appeared before them, all led by the brunette. She looked at them, and then settled her eyes on Edward,

"Are they your children?"

"What? No." It was quite funny to think that any of his team members could be his child. Charlie was ten years older than him, Alice the same age as him, and Jacob was a hundred years older than him (the fact that he was a Jaffa, an alien gave him a life longer than normal humans).

The brunette shook her head and explained, "In that case, Edward Cullen, you cannot take responsibility for their actions. They have stolen and they have murdered. In the olden days, this was punishable by death. However, we have changed our ways since then."

A murmur echoed behind her, and Edward knew that the hooded figures were deliberating over their crimes.

"Don't we get a trial?" Charlie asked with cheek, and Edward turned his head to silently tell him to shut up and let him handle this.

"A trial? Why? Did you not commit murder?" Asked one of the hooded figures.

"On a bug?"

The brunette raised her hand to intimate silence from both the figures and Charlie, and Edward saw this as his chance to preach their case again, starting from a right foot.

"What's your name. I told you mine."

"You may call me Bella."

"Well, Bella, what are our crimes?"

"This one murdered. And this one stole." She pointed at Alice. Then she looked at both Jacob and Edward and said, "You and the Jaffa can leave, and never return."

"Wait, how do you know about Jaffa?"

There was a murmur between the hooded figures, and Bella explained, "Many moons ago when this planet was still forming, we encountered the Goa'Uld. Just like they did for the humans, they tried to take us as hosts. But we have our ways. Our bodies killed the parasites, and the Goa-Ulds tried to eradicate us. We have been playing dead since then."

"That's it! We're not trying to steal your plants! The plants are deadly to the Goa'Ulds. We're trying to get rid of this plague in our galaxy."

Bella listened to the hushing sound of the hooded figures, though she still had this patronising smile on her face. Edward hoped that maybe, they would be able to form an alliance with those people. Even if they didn't have any technology to share, they were clearly more advanced than them.

"The Council says that, though they do not approve of the theft and the barbaric way you took the plants, they understand that you are still children. The plants are worthless. They are just part of the circle of life. You can take them, it will not help you in the long term. however, the murderer must atone for his crime."

"It was a bug!" Charlie exclaimed again, and Bella blinked, looking back at Edward.

"Tell me, Edward Cullen, do humans of Earth no longer breed?"

"Eh … well … yes, we do."

"So you still conceive children?"


"And when those children make a mistake, do you hold them accountable?"


"It goes the same for us. In many ways, you are still just children to us. We in fact used to live together in harmony, aeons ago, and you called us spirits then. A very few of us are still living on Earth. But the matter is, even if humans still do not value the life of an animal as much as they value theirs when they come to our world, they should abide by our rules."

Edward heard Charlie open his mouth, and he turned to intimidate into silence. Then he argued his case, "I agree. But how can we abide by rules we don't know. You were there when we arrived, and you didn't tell us anything. If we are children as you say, we are bound to make mistakes if no one shows us the right path."

Another murmur echoed behind Bella and she nodded, before relating what has been said, "You are correct, Edward Cullen. The council has decided that this one should make a contribution to our ecosystem. Once a year, he shall come back to take care of the tree he has planted."


"When our 'bugs' die an unnatural death, a tree grows out of them, so they can have a second chance in life. One that will be less harsh and more resilient."

Edward turned to Charlie, who nodded, though he was pretty sure Charlie did not intend on coming back to this planet. And though he didn't like the idea of lying, Edward knew it was their only way to get out of the planet. So he agreed to it.

Bella smiled and turned to pet one of the giant wolves. "Grely and I will accompany you back to Earth, to make sure that you hold to your word. Maybe you could tell me what we missed about the Goa'Uld domination then."

"You want to bring your pet?" Charlie asked, looking at the beast from head to paw.

"He will be no bother. You will not even see him."

And just as she said so, they all disappeared. The council, the wolves and the oppressing atmosphere that had been on them. Bella smiled again, waiting for them to dial home, and Edward smiled at her, hoping that they would be able to learn a lot from each other. And who knew, maybe it could lead to something more …



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