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Kalus shifted with a faint groan. She grimaced, shivered, pulling her legs up as water washed over them. Nose wrinkled, she pushed off of the grainy surface she had been laying on. One eye blinked open, wincing at the dawn light.

Sand greeted her gaze, covering her entire front from where she had been laying on it. Both her hands were filthy with it. She glanced behind her. A view of the ocean greeted her. Waves lapping at where her legs had been.

Unsteadily Kalus got up and stumbled into the surf. Waves lapped at her feet, her calves, her thighs. She stopped when the water reached her waist. One hand ran through her hair, then dragged over the sand-caked side of her face. She dropped. Water washed over her head and she scrubbed her hands through her hair. She wiped sand from her skin and bashed it from her dress as best she could.

Breaching the surface she took a deep breath and turned back towards the beach. When the water lapped at her knees she leant forward and pushed off. Large, translucent pink butterfly wings materialized from her back, lifting her from the water.

Breathing deeply, she shivered as the air chilled her sea-damp skin. Fluttering wing beats took her swiftly forward until she hovered over the sand. Cleaner and more awake then before Kalus looked around, taking in this unknown place with more and more confusion. The last thing she remembered was sealing Thorn, turning them both to stone while her sister watched.

Trembling slightly, she landed, wings folding away. "Kameo?" she called.

Nothing answered her. "Mother?" Her voice hitched.

Grimacing and unhappy but knowing she needed to try, she called, "Thorn?"

Shoulders curled inwards and arms wrapped around herself she blinked back tears before straightening and drawing in a deep breath. "KAMEO!" she screamed.

Wings unfurled, she hovered in place listening. Minutes passed and nothing answered her. Drooping, she landed back on the ground. If Kameo had been here, she was sure that her sister would have answered.

Lips pursed she blinked back the tears that fell. Swiping a hand across her face she lifted her head, squared her shoulders and unfurled her wings. Watching carefully for danger she made her way into the forest. She might be stranded somewhere completely unknown, lost without anyone else but she was, she had been, Princess Kalus of the Enchanted Kingdom and she would not stand around crying and waiting for something to save her.