The Family:

Elliot x Skyler

Edward x Bella

Carlisle x Esme

Jacob x Renesmee

Jasper x Alice

Emmet x Rosalie

Wesley x Ariel

Charlie x Rachel

Seth x Nichole

Phoenix x Leah

Skyler's Pets

The Volturi

Aro x Sulpicia


Caius x Athenodora





It's been two-hundred-fifty years since the almost battle with the Volturi, and so much has changed:

One: an unknown clan of vampires came through Forks and attacked its people and the Quileute Tribe. Dozens of people and most of the tribe were killed off. Sam, Emily, and Jared were the only ones to survive and live the way they had been. Thanks to Carlisle and Edward, Jacob, Seth, Leah, and Charlie were all turned.

Edward changed Jacob and Charlie because of Renesmee and Bella.

Carlisle changed Seth and Leah because they had all grown close.

Because he had Renesmee, Jacob took the change very well. He was nineteen.

Charlie was beyond confused and didn't know what was going on—until he fell off a cliff and didn't die. It took him a few months to come around—once he realized he'd always be able to be with Bella and Renesmee—and even Edward and Jacob. He was forty-three.

Seth took to the change better than anyone thought; he thought it was the best thing ever. He was seventeen.

Leah didn't take to the change; she absolutely hated it. It took her over a year to calm down and another year to come around—when she met Phoenix. She was twenty-two.

Two: Seth and Leah took the last name "Black" after several years—after pestering Jacob about it for weeks.

Three: Leah met Phoenix and brought him back for Carlisle to change. She shocked Jacob and Seth by begging Carlisle to change this boy. He was near death, so Carlisle granted her wish and changed him.

Phoenix was twenty-five when Carlisle changed him. He was of the Apache Tribe but was banished for having a weird obsession with Vampires—and wanting to be one. So, when Carlisle changed him, Phoenix didn't have a problem. Sure, he was a bit confused, but he was happy nonetheless. He's one of only four people able to keep Leah calm and relaxed. Him, Esme, Charlie and, Renesmee.

Phoenix and Leah married two years after him being turned. He didn't have a last name to give Leah because his family disowned him, so he took the last name "Black."

Four: Seth met a female vampire named Nichole, who had been turned at sixteen about fifty years ago. They married two months after meeting, and she took his last name, "Black."

Nichole was lost and alone after her previous coven of six years abandoned her for being too peppy. She's terrified of being left behind again, so she does her best to behave. But thanks to the others, she's starting to realize she always has a home with them. And she and Alice are best friends.

Five: Charlie now assumes the name "Hale" instead of "Swan." He met a woman named Rachel nine years after being turned himself.

Rachel was turned at thirty-seven years before Bella and Edward met. She doesn't have any children; she had cancer of the uterus when she was a teenager and had her ovaries removed. She loves being part of the family and took on the last name "Hale."

Six: One-hundred-eight years ago, Rosalie found a descendant of one of her younger brothers: a girl named Lilian. She was twenty-three druggy with a five-year-old daughter named Ariel. She also had a sleazebag boyfriend who was sexually abusing her daughter.

Rosalie spoke to Ariel one night when she tried running away, only to have her mother's boyfriend lock her in her room. She asked her if she wanted to be taken away from that place. Ariel said yes.

Rosalie lost it when the boyfriend came in, drunk as sin, in nothing but his boxers. Emmet took Ariel so she wouldn't see Rosalie killing her biological mother and her boyfriend.

It took some convincing, but Rosalie and Emmet were allowed to keep Ariel, so long as she wasn't changed until she was a teenager.

Ariel became Ariel Cullen and was changed when she turned sixteen—after begging Rosalie and Emmet to allow it. She's referred to Rosalie and Emmet as "Mom" and "Dad" since day one. While the others were aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and Renesmee was her cousin.

Seven: One hundred years ago, Esme and Rachel were out one day when they stumbled across two abandoned twin baby boys in a park. They guessed they were about three months or so. Carlisle couldn't say no to them when they begged to keep them—especially since they let Rosalie and Emmet keep Ariel eight years earlier.

Even though the boys are twins and know it, Esme named the younger boy Elliot Hale while Rachel named the older boy Wesley Hale.

They were raised together, but Elliot refers to Esme and Carlisle as "Mom" and "Dad." Whereas Wesley refers to Rachel and Charlie as "Mom" and "Dad."

Elliot was turned at sixteen when he was attacked one night out with some human friends. Well, he thought they were his friends. As it would turn out, they were using him for some demonic sacrifice thing they saw on the internet. It failed. But Carlisle changed him as soon as he found him.

Wesley was turned a few months later at sixteen, so he could still be with Elliot—and Ariel.

Wesley and Ariel started officially dating when Wesley was fifteen.

Elliot is still single.

Eight: Jacob and Renesmee married two hundred years ago, one hundred years ago, and again three months ago.

Nine: Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jasper haven't changed any: they hang out with the family and keep their eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. I mean, the entire family does that as well, but that's beside the point.

Ten: The entire family moved one final time into the Appalachian Mountains. It's private; nobody bothers them. And it's quiet—now that they got rid of all the cannibals: redneck, inbred, and regular-looking people.

Once the land was cleared and safe (for the children then), they built several houses and merged them into one via connected hallways. That way, everyone could still be together yet have their own space.

Now, things have started getting strange—not with any of the family, but with the Volturi. Nothing has changed with them other than they seem on edge. They only know that it has to do with a female vampire with vampiric cats.

They were told that when Aro, Caius, and Marcus told her the cats had to be destroyed, the female vampire became angry and refused to let them near her or her cats.

The family was also informed that this girl is immune to all of their abilities, including Jane's and Alec's. And it seems that she has several abilities of her own.

Other than all that, they know virtually nothing about this girl.

Something else the family doesn't know is that their lives are going to change with the arrival of this girl…