Grand Theft Auto

Part One: Liberty City: Gangsta Bang

Chapter One: Left Phone

The phone call Ulrika had received gave her the instructions: "Answer the South Park phones to get jobs. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. Remember - you mess up, we mess you up." She made her way to the phones, and picked up the one on the far left.

A voice immediately said, "Crazy Jimmy's dumped a car in North East Park. Find it before the cops do - or die."

Ulrika hung the phone up. She started to walk northeast until she reached Northeast Park. Seeing no abandoned car, she continued to walk northeast. It wasn't long until she found a car colored dark pink. She smiled, and hopped in. A small screen near the steering wheel began to flash words: "Bring the car to Dulli's in West Park. Move it! We got some fresh coffee here!" Ulrika chuckled. She began to follow the road next to where the car was until it turned south, and just continued to go south and west. She reached a blue building and drove the car into the entrance.

She met up with the man who's voice she had heard in phone in South Park. "Jimmy needs a driver. Talk to him on the phone at the South West Park subway," said the man. Ulrika emerged from the building car-less. She followed the road the building was facing south and west, until she reached the phone. She picked it up.

"There's a cab with fake plates in South East Island City. Pick it up, then pick me up outside the bank in South Park," said a man's voice. Ulrika hung the phone up. She went west until she reached a four-lane highway going north and south, and took that road. She turned west before she reached the bridge going over the water. She walked west until she found an alleyway, and went through it, finding an abandoned cab. She opened the door and stepped inside. She drove north on the four-lane highway until she passed over a bridge, then she turned east and continued until she saw a man standing outside the bank on the side of the road. The man hopped in.

The man said, "Bubby's got a sticky love nest in South Island Heights. Take me there." Ulrika checked the screen that was near the steering wheel just like in the other car. The cops were after them. Ulrika followed the four-lane highway until the corner of one going east and west. She turned right and spotted a building near two phones. She drove into the entrance of the building.

Bubby himself came out and greeted Ulrika. "Not bad, kid. I'm gonna make sure ya get ya cut. You wanna come in for coffee, uh?"

Ulrika drank her coffee and left, happy to hear that $14,574 was to be delivered to her house.