Title: Requiem

Summary: Kind of hard to explain. Some students who survived Sunnydale get together and reminisce. POV changes according to whose story is being told. References and appearances by the show's characters, but it is not really about them.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sunnydale, Buffy and related characters. I did, however, create Linda, Maggie, Yvonne, and Sharon.

Feedback: pretty please with a cherry on top!


It is funny how traditions get started. My friends used to have lots of little rituals we went through - high fives on the first day of school, walking home acting like rejects from the Wizard of Oz, and the ceremonial bargaining for each other's respective lunch deserts (I still long for Sharon's chocolate cupcake, the one her mom always packed). But this one always hurts.

There are three of us sitting at the table in the restaurant. Two chairs are empty. One of us is not even sitting in a chair. Her wheelchair is pulled up close to the table, her back facing the wall as she warily watches the comings and goings of the other patrons, every now and again jumping from strange noises.

Sunnydale. That is such a pretty, perky name for a town. We all grew up there. Theresa, Sharon, Maggie, Yvonne, and me, Linda. Cordelia Chase, social queen of Sunnydale from kindergarten up, called us the Freaky Five, slightly above the social scale of the Three Musketeers, Willow and Xander and Jesse. But the Freaky Five are now the Freaky Three and there are only two Musketeers left. Living on the Hellmouth does that to you.

"Excuse me," a waitress comes up to me, "Will your other friends be joining you? We are busy tonight and table three could use the chairs - "

"NO!" Maggie shouts, defensively moving her chair to block the waitress. I do not blame her, but my scars are fewer, outside and in, and so I tell her,

"We always save them seats, every year for our reunion. They died in high school - "

The waitress nods a little, my words sinking in. "My apologies."

Maggie, Yvonne, and I turn to consider the first empty chair. Yvonne has set up a photograph there of Theresa. We pause for a moment, and remember her.