By: Pumpkin Belly

A/n:  Takes place in an AU universe.  Spike has a soul and Buffy knows that Spike loves her.  But season 7 never happened.

Spoilers: none

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'Just my luck' thought Buffy as she walked through one of the many cemeteries of Sunnydale. "It's the 4th of July and I can't even go and watch the fireworks with my friends cause I have to do my job," she mumbled out loud.

            All Buffy wanted to do was forget about vampires and demons for a few hours and go party with her friends.  But the vampires didn't want to take a night off.  She had staked 3 vamps already.

            Buffy was deep in thought when all of a sudden she heard a rustling in one of the bushes behind her.  She turned around quickly with her stake poised and ready. The figure came into full view.

            "Spike what are you doing sneaking up on my in a cemetery, when I'm patrolling."  Buffy almost shouted

            "I wasn't sneaking up on you" Spike defended himself "I was simply walking threw when I saw you and came over to see if you would like some company."

            "Oh," Buffy said sorry for immediately going on the defensive around Spike.  He had been helping the Scooby Gang out a lot in the past few years.  Buffy had learned that Spike was a caring person. She trusted him even more now that he had his soul. "I would love some company Spike."

            "Ok then good," Spike said as Buffy and himself started walking.  "I heard something over there" said Spike while pointing to his right, right behind a crypt.

            Buffy and Spike started walking over to wear Spike had pointed. When they got to wear Spike had heard the noise Spike lead Buffy over to a speared out blankets and sat her down.

            "Spike what is this," Buffy said sounding demanding and surprised.

            "This Buffy," Spike said "Is a surprise for you.  I heard that you were patrolling tonight and thought that some fireworks is just what you need."

            "Spike this wonderful.  Thank you" said Buffy sounding very grateful.

            As the fireworks started Buffy leaned her head on Spikes shoulder. In return Spike put his arm around her shoulders.  Instead of pulling away like Spike thought Buffy would Buffy leaned into Spikes body.  When the fireworks were over Buffy looked up at Spike and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. 

            Spike walked Buffy home with his arm around her the whole time in a comfortable silence.   When they got to Buffy's doorstep Buffy kissed Spike again.

            "Thank you, Spike.  That was just what I needed." Buffy then turned around and walked into her house with a happy smile all night.

            Spike stood and stared at the door for a few seconds then turned and walked home to his crypt also happy like Buffy.  Glad that he had decided to show Buffy the fireworks she needed.

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