We'd survived. No clue how. But we had gathered the strength to speak up, finally breaking the hold our parents had on us. We sat on the lumpy, government issued sofa. Ashbourne care had become our place of safety. Even then there wasn't enough being done. My sister was still being underfed, we were dressed in whatever spare rags they could have found, the only love we seemed to gather here was the bit we shared with each-other. We had grown to believe that was the only love we would ever find and deserve. When we heard that a family was coming to adopt us both the news had shell shocked us. We were escaping.

I felt a small tap on my arm I looked down, with a soft smile I picked up the battered copy of the saga that saved us. The pale hands, holding the vibrant red apple – as if it were made of crystal, so delicate as well as easily broken – and the shimming white title that read "twilight" sprung out of the pitch black background. I picked up where we left off, Bella was waiting on Doctor Carlisle Cullen to make his entrance after a near miss of a truck. We barely had time to read the first few pages of the chapter before our names were called.

We both stood up gingerly and walked into the room. Our mouths gaped open in shock when we saw our new adoptive family stood in front of us. "Told you they were real" I heard Amelia whisper under her breath, knowing I would hear here. The room lit up with small under breath chuckles, whereas I glared at the Cullen's. How dare they have the nerve to laugh at her. "Can we be excused for a second please? I- um – I – um" shit where'd my words go? Where'd my breath go? Where did the weight on my chest come from? "Ill be right back, Mia stay here" I managed to mutter letting go of my sister. I ran out of the room and into the garden. The only thought on my mind was a cigarette to calm myself down. I sat on the old wooden bench – which should've gone for scrap a long time ago- pulling out a smoke as I perched. I lit it up quickly and took in a long drag. The weight on my chest melted away instantly as I stared out blankly. It wasn't long before I took my last drag and launched the butt as far away from myself as possible. I took a deep breath and walked back in, plastering the biggest smile on my face I could.

Amelias laughter had filled the room, before they all turned to look at me. Their intense honey brown eyes staring at me. "Hello" I croaked meekly "Sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself, Im Sophie-Marie but Sophie will do fine, and you've already met Amelia." I kicked myself. Why was my voice so fickle? God this was going to be a long few years. But it gives my sister a chance of being loved, which was all I cared about. I moved to perch in the corner and watch my sister, but she was already bouncing hyperactively by my side. I smiled down at her and ran my fingers through her soft brown hair.

"Nice to meet you Sophie, Im Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme, then we have Alice, Jasper.." The tall, blonde man – Carlisle- started.

"Yes we are very much aware who you are, what you are and why you are here. So why don't we stop with the formalities and just leave. Because Amelia is due to have a crashing episode and I don't quite want to be stuck here when that happens" I snapped. Id already had enough. Waltz into my life, make my sister happy, but don't ever try to be formal, I thought quickly. Hoping Edward wouldn't catch it. The look on his face said he had.

They all stood up and walked out towards their cars, I followed gingerly clutching at my sisters hands. It was then the episode happened. I felt her fall and swooped my arms underneath her, holding her close. "I can take her if you want" Emmett offered kindly, but my patience was already thin, I was the one who could protect her, not him. "No I can handle my own sister" I growled shifting my arms away from him. It wasn't long before Amelia was sat in the car, head on my shoulder buckled in. The new chapter of our lives were about to start. I wasn't prepared to welcome it gracefully.

I sat watching the world go by in the car, not worried about the speed, only my sister. The protectiveness was little there. I may have read about their kindness and welcoming of Bella – who was now travelling in the car behind us. They tried to make small talk with me but I didn't listen, I didn't care to listen. I was still trapped in this car. Driving through England. With them. I was grateful they hadn't decided to take one of us in each car, because I was ready to start screaming if they tried. Instead I was stuck with Carlisle, Esme and Jasper, with Amelia of course resting on me softly, her light snores becoming the only noise in the car.

"Do you want to talk about what happened?" I heard a soft southern drawl ask, I knew without looking it was Jasper.

I glanced at my sister, checking she was still asleep then stared blankly out the window again. "There's no happy ending for me. I know this. My life isn't a fairy tale. I just hope for Mias sake she experiences some sort of kindness. It's the only thing I will ever care about. When we lived at home, I didn't care what my parents did to me, they beat me, raped me, held me down while other men raped me, barely fed me I didn't care. As long as she didn't get hurt then I didn't care about me. Even now I don't care what happens, as long as she's safe then my life doesn't matter. It was the day my father tried to lay a hand on her I spoke out. It made it so I got my black eye, and various other things, but I didn't care, I was protecting Mia." I mumbled absent minded, because if I didn't try to keep my mind relatively clear, the panic would rise. I felt the tears roll down my face and sighed. I pushed away the waves of happiness Jasper had tried to send me and rolled my eyes "I don't need your help"

I drew a deep breath, brushing my fingers through my slumbering sisters hair. I knew the transition was going to be difficult but I never expected our dream family to come