Chapter 40-Wedding

A/N This is the last chapter (wow, I misspelled that about ten times) in this story. I am sorry, but there will be no sequel, as there will be nothing more to write about, although, I may be able to add answers to any questions I leave unanswered in a SHORT epilogue. And Thank you L**ta for helping me with this chapter as well as the last.

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Hermione looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She was wearing her wedding dress and people were fussing about her left and right. Lavender and Parvati were her Brides Maids and they were rushing about her, adjusting her make up as well as theirs. They had on identical dresses that were lavender, with midnight blue flowers embroidered on the hem. The dresses were simple, with a V-neckline and spaghetti straps. Susan was standing off to the side a little, in a dress that was a periwinkle, with midnight blue trimming on it's square cut neckline and V-waistline. Little Dragon, who was Hermione's Maid Of Honor, was in a light purple dress that was specially made for her dog's body. Her dress had midnight blue flowers embroidered all over it.

The Flower Girl, Alice Thomas (Dean Thomas's eleven year old sister that I made up) was in a little purple dress that had midnight blue flowers on it, and princess seams.

Hermione's dress was of midnight blue (Are you getting the feeling that I am obsessed with that color?), almost black, with lavender trimming. It was strapless, had princess seams, and a V-waistline that was represented by a lavender ribbon that tied in a small bow at the back. The bottom half of the dress flared out slightly and it had no train, trains bugged Hermione. Hermione's hair was of a style all her own (A/N Actually, I came up with it when experimenting with my hair), the back of her head was in long ringlets, and the hair that was on the sides was pulled up in a jaw clip in the back (If you think this doesn't look good, then take my word, it does). Around her exposed neck was a small heart shaped locked that was silver, and inside, had a picture of Draco on one side, and a picture of her parents on the other.

The music began and Alice walked down the aisle, showering it with white rose petals, and then sitting down. Then Harry and Lavender walked down the aisle, splitting up at the end so that Lavender was behind where Hermione would stand and Harry was beside Draco. Parvati and Ron walked down the aisle next and did the same. Dean and Susan walked down the aisle next, followed by Draco's Best Man, Terry Boot walked down the aisle with Little Dragon next to him (A/N Terry is Draco's best man because Draco couldn't pick between Harry and Ron). Mr. Weasley finally walked Hermione down the aisle, leaving her up at the front and sitting down beside a tearful Mrs. Weasley.

Hermione looked up into the metallic crystal eyes of Draco and mouthed 'I love you' to him. He smirked and they turned their attention to the Minister of Magic, who was performing the ceremony, as was custom.

Cornelius Fudge smiled at the young couple and prepared to begin the short ceremony that he always did. "Mister Draco Malfoy wishes to be joined in marriage to Miss Hermione Granger. Does anyone object?" No one did and it always bothered him that he had to say that, because no one ever did, but he always said it anyway. (A/N I am making up the words to this myself, and this is not like a muggle marriage, so I can. Anyway, on with the wedding. Tear.)

"Mister Malfoy, do you promise to take Miss Granger as your wife and to love her with every part of your being for all eternity?"

"I do," Draco said, mouthing to Hermione 'For much longer.' (Author bursts into tears.)

Hermione smiled at him and Fudge continued with the ceremony. "Miss Granger, do you promise to take Mister Malfoy as your husband and to love him with every part of your being for all eternity?"

"I do," she answered solemnly, her face breaking into a smile right afterwards with the force of her happiness.

"Okay then, now each of you drink from this cup and then place the rings on the other's finger to bind you forevermore." He handed them a golden goblet that was filled with a bubbling blue liquid and their rings hovered before them. Draco took the goblet first and downed half of it in one gulp, and then handed it to Hermione, who finished it off. Draco grabbed the ring in front of him and placed it on Hermione's ring finger. Hermione did the same to him. "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." (A/N may as well have some of the real phrases in there.)

Draco gave her a small kiss, amid whistles and cheers from the crowd, as well as 'Awww's.


Hermione turned around, the bouquet in hand. She sighed and wished who caught it as much luck in their love life as she had. She tossed it over her shoulder and turned around to see a startled Professor McGonagall catch it. McGonagall smiled at Hermione and turned slightly, catching Professor Snape's eye. He raised an eyebrow suggestively, and then smiled at her disarmingly and shrugged.

A VERY Short Epilogue

Hermione and Draco had three kids, two girls and a boy. The oldest, a girl, had straight brown hair and her father's steely gray eyes, was named Callisto. A two years later the middle child and only boy was born, and he had pale blond hair and brown eyes, was named Artemis. The last and youngest child was born another three years later, and was named Clementine and she had curly brown hair and calculating hazel eyes. The three children all ended up attending their mother's school, Hogwarts (Callisto and Artemis in Slytherin and Clementine in Gryffindor), and later the oldest two worked for their father, the Minster of Magic at the ministry.

Callisto, being very independent, never married, but lived very happily. Artemis, being kind and generous (yet short tempered), fell in love young as his parents did and married soon after school was out to a redheaded Weasley. The last child, Clementine, who both very social and very interested in the workings of the world and read a lot, worked at Hogwarts and married the child of Professor Snape and the former Professor McGonagall, now Professor Snape, making three Professor Snape's at Hogwarts. All lived happily ever after.