A/N: My own little digimon mystery! Have fun trying to solve her! BTW, Digimon doesn't belong to me.

Whodunit? : Odaiba High School Incident File #5197

By Android Eleven

When the student populace of Odaiba High returned from their weekend break that lovely Monday morning in early April, the last thing they were expecting was for something interesting to happen. So when one young Miss Jun Motomiya raced down into the pulsing throb of students emptying their bags into their lockers in preparation for their first period classes, talking and giggling amongst themselves, nobody really gave it much thought. It was only when she skidded to a halt at the end of the crowded corridor and hollered that anybody took any notice of her.

"Hey everybody! Go to the gym! You've GOT to see this!"

She continued running back down the hall, this time followed by any number of curious onlookers who were wondering what was up. By the time they got to the gym, there were at least several dozen students who had come to see what was so interesting.

It didn't take long for them to figure it out. The school gym had been plastered over with spider-webs of streamers, ribbons and silly string all around the entire room, but that wasn't what had held the attention of the hundred or so students who were now gaping at the spectacle before them. In the center of the colourful mess, there sat a blue 1996 Honda Civic, which had the words "Go Dragons!" scrawled across the hood and the trunk in green silly string. Inside the car, barking at them through the open windows, there sat a golden retriever wearing what could only be the dragon costume usually worn by the school mascot.

More and more people were now flooding into the gym to get a look as the news spread through the school. A few minutes after Jun's original announcement, the eight Digidestined who were currently in attendance at Odaiba High managed to make their way through the crowd to see what everyone was talking about.

"Holy Jeez," Tai muttered when he saw the car. "Who in their right mind do you think would have tried this?"

"I have doubts about whether they were in their right mind or not," TK said from beside him, squinting intently at the car. "Because I think I know whose dog that is."

Kari glanced at her boyfriend. "How would you know that?"

"Because he lives in the apartment two floors down from mine," he replied.

"Man," another voice spoke up suddenly from behind them. "I wish I'd had the nerve to pull a prank like this."

Ken, who was standing on Taichi's other side, looked over at the boy who had just spoken. "Come on, Davis," he joked. "It would take more imagination than you've got to come up with something like this."

Davis gave him a dirty look, sticking his tongue out at him and was about to send back a nasty retort when Kari interrupted. "Whose dog is it, TK?"

The blonde was about to reply when the question was answered for him. The school principal, Mr. Fujiyama, had come to the gym to see what all the commotion was and to try and send the kids on their way to class, but as soon as he saw what was going on, he froze. A funny gagging noise came out of his mouth and he ran to the center of the room.

"My car!" He yelled. "My dog! Oh Lord, Keiko, who did this to you?" He seemed to be talking to the dog, which barked at him in reply. He yanked frantically on the door handle, letting the dog out of the car. He struggled with trying to get the dragon mascot outfit off of it and the students once again began to talk amongst themselves.

"Holy Jeez," Tai muttered again.

"You got that right," Sora said under her breath.

"Who would be so stupid that they would steal the principal's car and kidnap his dog?!" Yolei exclaimed. "Is there anyone so abysmally stupid in this school? I mean, what kind of a retard would it take to do that?"

Just then, Mr. Fujiyama's dog was freed from the confines of the dragon mascot costume. She licked her master's hand before she sniffed the floor and, tail wagging in recognition, she trotted over to the Digidestined and sat down in front of Ken, looking up at him expectantly.

* * *

Matt, Tai and Sora were sitting in their normal back row seats in their Calculus 122 class when the announcement the entire school had been waiting for all morning came on.

"Would Sakura Akumi, Ken Ichijouji, Yolei Inoue, Erin Yoshiko, Davis Motomiya, Jun Motomiya and Takeru Takaishi proceed to the office at this time please."

The dull, monotone, emotionless voice echoed through the entire school. In the classes the aforementioned students were currently located in, the other students, and even the teachers, fell completely silent. They all either stared at or pretended to ignore the "suspects" as the unfortunate students stood and walked out the door on their way to the office.

As they neared the office, Yolei could hear Jun squawking about unfounded accusations to Sakura Akumi, who, like Jun, was a senior. Sakura was also Student Council president. That other girl, Erin Yoshiko, was a sophomore and the SC Secretary. Ken was the SC Treasurer. It took Yolei a minute to think of why the school's best and brightest were under suspicion, aside from the obvious dog thing with Ken, but then she realized that it was probably because of the mascot costume. The dragon outfit was kept in the Student Council office whenever it wasn't in use and, other than teachers, only the executive SC members were supposed to have keys.

Yolei glanced around at her fellow suspects as they arrived at the office and the secretary told them to take a seat, that the principal would be ready to see them momentarily. Davis and Jun looked at each other and glared before looking away. Yolei figured she knew why they were there, too. Their mother was a teacher at Odaiba High, so they would have been two of the only students in school with access to the school keys.

Yolei then glanced over at Takeru. The blonde looked at her with a small, awkward smile and shrugged. Yolei knew why they were there.

~~ "Because he lives in the apartment two floors down from mine..." ~~

Mr. Fujiyama's car would have been parked beneath the very apartments TK and Yolei lived in, probably not very far from TK's own mother's car, and the two would most certainly have had the security codes to get into the parking lot.

It wasn't very long before they were called, one by one, into the principal's office to defend themselves.

An hour later, after they had all finished stating their whereabouts for the day before, Mrs. Motomiya, Davis and Jun's mother, who had been helping with the inquiry, came out.

"Sakura, Yolei, Erin, Jun, you four can go. Sorry for disrupting your schooldays." She then glanced at the three boys remaining as the girls left. "Ken, Davis, Takeru, we're going to call you guys back in there in a few minutes, just to clear some things up. Okay?"

Receiving the expected grumblings of "Whatever," and "If you say so," Mrs. Motomiya turned around and went to go back in the back room to speak with Mr. Fujiyama. But as she got to the door, she turned and looked at them again, her eyes narrowing as she examined her son. "Davis," she warned quietly. "If I find out you had anything to do with this, I promise you, you'll regret it."

She then turned and retreated into the back room, leaving the three boys to silently study each other.

* * *