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Whodunit? : Odaiba High School Incident File #5197

By Android Eleven


Kari went to visit TK at work that night, avoiding Tai as she left, because he, like Matt seemed to have suddenly developed an intense dislike for any mention of Kari's boyfriend. By now Kari had heard several times that Tai and Matt had been the ones to steal the principal's car, kidnap his dog and ransack the gym and were now being punished for it.

Kari wanted to ask TK what Matt had meant by the things he had said that afternoon. "Tell your boys congrats for me." What was that supposed to mean? What had "her boys" done?

Kari was still wondering what the blonde had meant when she approached Wanda's Coffee Shop late that evening. She could hear the oldie tune blaring from the jukebox before the door even opened and, from what she could see through the windows, there weren't any customers there.

She soon saw why as she put her hand on the door and looked up and saw the sign which normally read, "Come On In, We're OPEN!" had been flipped over to say "Please Come Back Later, We're CLOSED."

Kari knew for a fact that Wanda's didn't close until eleven on weekday nights and it was only a couple minutes past nine. And so, ignoring the sign, she pushed open the door, heard the little bell above the door tinkle softly, almost inaudible, and followed the sound of the voices singing along to the Turtles song playing on the jukebox, which had been cranked up to full volume.

"...Invest a dime

And you say you belong to me,

And ease my mind

Imagine how the world could be,

So very fine

So Happy Together!"

Kari's investigation led her to the back storage room, which TK had always said was only used for cups, napkins and plastic spoons. Cracking open the door, the brunette was met with a sight that almost made her wish she had brought her camera.

"I can't see me lovin' nobody but you

For all my life!

When you're with me, baby, the skies'll be blue

For all my life!"

TK and Davis were singing and dancing along with the music as they dumped piles and piles of what looked like wrappers, packages and even what appeared to be a number of spray canisters into a pair of garbage bags. Kari cleared her throat loudly as the two boys started to sing the next verse.

"Me and you, and you and me No matter how we-oh, Kari! Hi!"

The brunette raised her eyebrows as Davis, startled by her arrival, dropped one of the canisters he'd been throwing out, but before she had a chance to ask what was on her mind, another voice from behind her continued the second half of the verse.

"The only one for me is you, and you for me!

So Happy Together!"

Ken Ichijouji entered the room, grinning, carrying a pile of papers in his hand. "Hey guys, I finally found the plans! They were in...my..." The grin slipped off of Ken's face as he caught sight of Kari, replaced by a questioning, rather anxious look. "Hello Kari, what are you doing here?"

He ended the question with a nervous sort of chuckle and Kari looked around the room one more time. The wrappers and packages and canisters TK and Davis were trying to stash away, the plans in Ken's hands. Kari picked up the mysterious canister Davis had dropped and examined the label. Green silly string.

"*I* came to visit my boyfriend at work," she replied, tossing the canister to Davis, who almost dropped it when he tried to catch it. "I think the question is," she continued slyly, "what are YOU guys doing here?"

Davis laughed shrilly. "We're here to help our dear old buddy throw out the trash, of course. I mean, what, a person can't help out a friend in need anymore without having accusations thrown at him left and right? What's the world coming to?"

Kari gave him a look that clearly said that she wasn't buying it. Ken saw it and sighed. "You don't believe us, do you?" he asked, rather needlessly. Kari shook her head.

After a moment of quiet contemplation, she just had to ask. "Tai and Matt weren't the ones who pulled that giant prank in the gym, were they?"

TK tried to give her a wounded look, but the effect was ruined because he couldn't stop smiling. "Of course they were," he replied, now wearing a grin. "It says so in Odaiba High School Incident File #5197. And as it is now down in writing, signed by the principal at that, it is the absolute, unchangeable truth, and it shall forever remain that way.

"But, you know, hypothetically," he continued, "it could have happened differently..."


~~ Eight O'clock: Ken wakes up to the blaring of an alarm clock, half an hour earlier than usual, so that he'll be sure not to miss the nine o'clock train into Odaiba as he comes to aid his two best friends while they even the score against a pair of trouble-makers, even though his elevator was broken. His parents, who are still asleep, never even notice the difference.

Nine Thirty: Ken arrives in Odaiba on time, but hides in the men's room until 9:45 for fear of seeing someone who recognizes him before he wants to be seen.

Nine Thirty-seven: Takeru leaves his apartment, purposely forgetting his bus pass. Once he's in the elevator with Yolei, he pretends to have only just remembered his pass and hits the button for the nearest floor, Mr. Fujiyama's floor, so he can run up the stairs and get it. Once he says good- bye to Yolei and the elevator door closes, TK proceeds to the principal's door. He knows it's safe because Mr. Fujiyama always goes to Denny's on Sunday morning from nine until ten thirty. He reaches up above the doorjamb, up where Ken, several inches shorter than the blonde, wouldn't be able to reach, to where he knows the spare key is hidden and unlocks the door. He then replaces the key above the door and goes upstairs to grab his bus pass.

Nine Forty-five: Ken leaves the rest room at the train station and heads straight to TK's apartment building. Passing him along the way, TK nods casually, the signal that the door's unlocked and everything's clear. Ken heads up to the apartment and, pulling a couple of hotdogs from his bag, manages to convince the dog not to bark as Ken takes him for a walk to a park about half an hour away, near the riverfront.

Ten Fifteen: TK gets Tai to take him to a party shop only a block away from Matt's place. He knows that his older brother was always bored on Sunday morning and if he saw Tai's car nearby, he would rush over to see if there was something he could do to keep himself entertained.

Ten Thirty: Ken arrives at Davis's soccer game after leaving Keiko tied to a bench in quiet spot just outside the park. He makes sure to be seen be as many people as he can.

Ten Forty: TK, Tai and Matt leave the party shop. TK finds the keys Davis hid under the car seat the night before and pretends he found them lying on the seat.

Eleven Forty-five: Ken goes into Wanda's to order a drink and gives TK a bag containing the dragon mascot costume, which he had taken from the Student Council Office on Friday afternoon.

Noon: Davis goes downstairs to find Matt with his keys. He knows that Matt has been waiting for a while, but was unwilling to come up in case he ran into Jun.

A Few Minutes Later: Davis goes to Wanda's and orders a Hot Chocolate. TK writes the security code for his apartment building's parking lot onto the back of the receipt, along with the news that Mr. Fujiyama drove a blue 1996 Honda Civic with the keys hidden under the floor mat, that was parked in row ten.

One O'clock: After quickly purchasing a twenty dollar gift certificate at the camera shop, Davis takes the bus over to TK's apartment complex. He enters the building and takes the elevator down to the parking center. He types the code into the security gate and goes to row ten. Seeing the unlocked Honda Civic, he gets in and pulls the keys out from under the floor mat. A flood of anxiety fills him for a moment, but, remembering the feeling of falling asleep while sitting beside Lila Nauru and spilling pop all over her, the feeling of just standing there while the Senior girls laughed at his teddy bear boxers, helped push it aside and he started up the car. He left the parking lot and drove down to the waterfront, not far from where Ken left Keiko tied up, and parked the car. As he walked back to the mall, he pulled a couple more hotdogs out of his own bag and tossed them to Keiko as he passed by.

Five Twenty: Ken is starting back home after tutoring Cody. He waits just outside the apartment complex until Matt drives by. TK had assured him that Matt would be there because he always came to visit his mother at five thirty every Sunday evening. A few minutes later, after waiting by the entrance to the subway station, he sees Tai walk by, swinging a pair of large bags containing party supplies. Tai had asked TK if they could keep the supplies at his place so there would be less chance of Kari stumbling across them accidentally before her party.

Six Thirty: TK leaves work on time, but elderly Wanda hardly notices when he leaves. He walks directly towards the Waterfront, grabbing Keiko and untying her from the bench as he goes by. He gets to the car and tempts Keiko into the back seat with more hotdogs. He checks to make sure Davis left the bags of streamers and silly string, purchased the week before, in the back seat before tossing Ken's dragon suit in back with them. Praying the police wouldn't stop him for being an underage driver, TK drives the car to the school, arriving at six forty-five, almost an hour after all the janitors had left. Using the school keys Davis had given him when he stopped by Wanda's that afternoon, he opened the equipment room entrance, the only one big enough for the car to drive through, and went directly into the gym. He parked the car, grabbed the bags in the back, made quick work of the decorations and pulled out the mascot costume. He grabbed the last few hotdogs, unzipped the costume, threw them into the bottom, got the dog to go after them and zipped it back up. He left a newly opened bag of dog food and a bowl full of school-fountain water in the back seat in case the dog got hungry and quickly left the gym, locking the equipment room behind him.

Seven Forty: TK arrives at Davis's apartment building and leaves his mother's keys underneath the potted plant beside the elevator on the sixth floor before rushing out to catch his bus home.

Eight Twenty: Davis's baby-sitting session ends and he heads down to the sixth floor to get his mother's keys before going back up to his own apartment and giving them back to Mrs. Motomiya. By this time, Ken, TK and Davis were all back home and nothing was out of the ordinary. ~~


TK's grin widened. "But that's only hypothetical, of course," he said. "Pure fiction."

"The truth," Ken added, "obviously, is that Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida were the perpetrators of this shameful crime and they had no extra help whatsoever."

"Yep," Davis concluded as he hefted a garbage bag full of silly string cans and hotdog wrappers onto his back. "The three of us were just innocent bystanders, accidentally tied to the investigation through no fault of our own."

Kari just shook her head. "You guys are pure evil, you know that?"

TK just shrugged and grabbed the other trash bag, making to follow Davis to the dumpster out back. "Maybe next time they'll think more carefully about who they lock out of the changing room during a Senior girls gym class."

* * *

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