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Summary: Ginny Weasley is captured by Death Eaters after an attack on the Ministry that sets all the captured Death Eaters from the end of OofP free. What does Lord Voldemort want from her, and what does it have to do with that cold night in her first year at Hogwarts School? What happens when Ginny falls in love, and can't decide between her family and the one she loves so dearly?


"They've been too quiet. I would think it would be wise to keep a low profile with half their Death Eaters in Ministry custody, but disappearing completly- that's a whole different story. It's not normal." Arthur Weasley, paused sighing, "It worries me."

The room was silent, no one having anything to add to Arthur's truthful statment. With the Ministry finally admitting the truth and believing them, they didn't need the Death Eaters and Voldemort vanishing into thin air. Yet this was only one of the many problems bothering the Order of the Phoenix.

An empty chair sat at the head of the kitchen table. No one dared to even look at it, not without feeling the darkness that surrounded it. The memory of loosing one of their number was still fresh. Hardly two month ago, during the battle at the Department of Mysteries, everything went wrong, and at the same time, everything went right. More then one of them wished that night had never happened.

Upstairs, just above their heads was another problem. Harry Potter remained quiet, reserved and hot tempered. Angered by the death of his godfather, and shocked by the revelation of the prophecy, Harry had taken it upon himself to push everyone away from him. Nothing anyone said was going to help or change that, for only Harry could open up.

"We can't do anything about that can we? We can continue to prepare for what surely will be another attack," Nymphadora Tonks said suddenly, looking around the sullen room.

"And that attack will probably be where the captured Death Eaters are," Moody agreed gruffly. "We caught more then one of their best men."

"So we should up our forces?" Remus asked quietly, turning his head to Albus Dumbledore, who was strangely quiet.

"That is what they'd expect us to do," Dumbledore replied calmly, "Putting more of our number in harm's way is not the best option. If they take back the Death Eaters, they take them back. We can not do anything to stop it."

"So, why don't we just hand them over?" Moody asked harshly, "If that's the way its going to be?"

"Because that would be just as dangerous as moving the guard around them up," Dumbledore explained, "We would loose the Ministry's approval. There is no doubt in my mind that Voldemort is up to something."

"Well then, blimey, can't Snape find out 'bout that?" Mundungus Fletcher asked.

"It is not as easy to gain information from Voldemort then you might think," Snape said coldly. "And I am the most useful, when I'm alive."

"Well then what do you know?" Remus asked. Snape shot him a nasty look.

"I know, what I know." was all he said. Another unnerving silence fell into the room, until finally Molly Weasley stood up.

"Would anyone like some tea?"

"I would love some Molly," Remus said quietly. Voices shot up also asking for a cup, and Molly turned to the stove busying herself with the kettle. Tonks stood up also, the back of her chair hitting the cabinet and sending plates crashes against each other. She blushed a shade of red, and fixed them.

"Can I help Molly?" She asked, once she turned away from the cabinet. Mrs. Weasley frowned.

"No, that's quite alright dear..." She had to turn to grab a dish that went flying out from the cabinet, as Tonks bumped into it. "Why don't you just take a seat."

A quiet talk broke out from the Order members, as the meeting apparently ended. Outside, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, sat on the stairs, listening intently. Ron sighed disappointedly.

"Sounds like they're finished," He said with a yawn. He ran his hand through his red hair unconcernedly. "We haven't heard anything decent in days."

"That's because they haven't had any decent news. They are as in the dark about Voldemort's plan's as we are." Hermione whispered. She stood up, and started back up the stairs. "Come on, before one of them leaves and catches us!"

Ron stood up, and started after her, only to turn and glance back at Harry. "Come on mate," He said, "Hermione's right. We don't want to get caught." Harry glanced up at him, and nodded, getting up slowly and followed.

"Voldemort has to be up to something," Harry muttered, more to himself then anyone. "That's the only reason he's gotten so quiet."

"Dumbledore certainly think so," Hermione agreed, "But it seems like it'll have already happened before any of us know for sure." She paused at her bedroom door, and looked back at her two friends. "I'll see you in the morning," She smiled, and slipped into her room, shutting the door.

Ron turned towards his room as well, "Night Harry. I think we'll probably play a game of Quidditch tomorrow if mum lets us. It would be fun, like old times." Harry nodded as Ron disappeared into his room.

Harry continued on towards his room, his head buzzing with thoughts. Just like old times... Old times seemed like years ago. His thoughts far from his walk to his room, Harry didn't notice Ginny Weasley sitting on the floor outside his bedroom, her ear pressed against the floor. She was listening to what was going on downstairs so intently she didn't notice him either, not even when his bedroom door shut tightly.

Ginny pealed her face from the floor, and removed a lock her red hair from her brown eyes. The Order of the Pheonix meeting was definitly over, and Ginny had made the same revelations as her brother and his friends had. There was no new news, only worries and questions. She sighed lightly, and pulled herself to her feet, heading upstairs. She slipped into her bedroom doorway, pushed open her bedroom door, and entered. It wasn't until she had shut the door that she took off the Extendable Ears.

Fred and George had left her an awfully large amout of tricks and pranks before they had went off to get their own place. Along with that they had left her their room in the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters. Ginny had been very pleased. At least someone was beginning to realise she was no longer a child. She didn't need a bedroom mate, and she didn't need to be treated like a child.

Ginny sighed and sat on her bed, reaching out to the bedside table to pick up a hair band. As she began to plait her hair, she wondered if her mother would ever stop treating her as if she needed to be protected from everything. Ginny knew there was more to it then just being the youngest in the Weasley family. Her mother was always remembering what had happened in Ginny's first year.

If her mother was haunted by almost loosing her daughter to Lord Voldemort, it was nothing compared to how Ginny felt about it. She had spent more then her fair share of nights suffering through dreams of Tom Riddle and the Basalisk. Ginny had been a changed girl since that night in the Chamber.

Yet everyone had still seen her as innocent, sweet Ginny. Tht wasn't what she was at all, and she had devoted last year to showing that to everyone. Her brothers had admitted she was powerful with a wand, and she was already very popular with the boys. She wasn't as innocent as everyone thought she was.

Finishing her hair, Ginny rolled over on her bed, and rested her head on her pillow. As her eyes fluttered closed, she wished that just for a day everyone would treat her as an equal and not as the sweet, innocent girl she used to be. That would really take a miracle, Ginny thought Ginny miserably, as her world dissolved softly around her.


Ginny was woken by the sounds of panic from downstairs. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes and rolled over, the sounds of hushed voices and desperate cries echoing through the quiet building. Though the dark, Ginny desperately tried to see what time it was. She blinked serveral times unable to believe she had been sleeping only a few hours.

She slipped out of her bed, realising she hadn't changed for bed, and crept to the door. As she opened it the sounds from two stories below her floated up, still muffled but as bad as they had been. Ginny sank to the floor, and pressed her ear against the floor. Even with out her brother's trick, she could hear quite well.

"How many were killed?" Her mum was asking hurriedly.

"At least ten," Remus replied. "That's all I know..."

"And the Death Eaters?" Her father demanded.

"All excaped, and a wonderful Dark Mark hanging over the sky to prove it." Moody said, harshly. "We don't have the time to go over this now. Arthur hurry up we have to get back..."

There was a sound that sounded a good deal like chairs being scraped across the floor. Seconds later a door was thrown open and there was the sound of someone hurrying down the stairs in a rush. A crash followed it, and Mrs. Weasley let out a gasp.

"Tonks, be careful! You'll wake up the whole house-"

"Lets go," Remus said suddenly cutting off Mrs. Weasley.

Apparation cracks filled the air, and moments later their was a silence over the house.Footsteps went up the stairs and entered a room, and she was sure it was her mother's. Ginny waited until she was sure she couldn't hear anymore before she got up and re-entered her bedroom. She closed the door quietly, and looked around her dark room.

The Death Eaters that had been captured at the end of last term had excaped, killing ten of the guards that had been watching them. That was the only resonable explaination that could be drawn from what she had just heard. She almost trembled as she made her way back to her bed.

Was that Voldemort's great plan? Ginny wondered, as she lay back down. Everyone had expected it, and yet he still suceeded. Dumbledore seemed to think that it was unavoidable. If that was so, perhaps there was another part of Voldemort's plan? What if the Order member's got there, and there was an ambuish waiting for them? She shuddered at the very thought of her father being thrown into danger.

Ginny sighed, closing her eyes tightly. That was the risk her father had signed up to take when he joined the Order. That was the risk all of the Order had signed up to take, and it was a risk that would save hundreds of lives. She couldn't wait until she was old enough tot ake the risk herself. Then she would be able to prove who she really was.

The thought made her proud, and put a smile on her face. She would rest easier knowing her parents could possibly die helping the innocent. Of course the thought of her parent's being killed was not to her liking, but knowing that made it better.

Ginny hoped sleep would come back to her, so she wouldn't have spend the night thinking about what horrors would await the Order. Just as she began to doze, a sound alerted her and she turned her head towards the window. It sounded like tapping. Perhaps it was an owl with a letter? At this hour?

Ginny sat up, fear making the hair on her neck stand up. The window was suddenly forced open. Panic overtook her fear and she scrambled up. As she backed up towards the door, a figure in a dark cloak entered her room, wand out and pointed at her. Ginny screamed, but it was the last thing she remembered. The cloaked figure muttered a spell, and a red light hit her, making everything around her black out.


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