A song parody by Lemonsmoothie based upon "We're Tudors" from Horrible Histories, originally a parody of "One Step Beyond" by Madness

Disclaimer: Big Hero 6: The Series belongs to Disney. No profit motive is intended.

(We open with several of the villains – the Supersonics, Baron Von Steamer, Momakase, Di Amara, Sirque, Hardlight, and El Fuego - on a stage, who part as Trina comes forward and begins to sing)


Anyone who has lived around these parts,

Or ever knew'd us,

Is aware that you should never mess with us evildoers!

My creator, Bob Aken,

(gestures to a picture of young Bob Aken)

That's him pictured

After explosion injured,

Matched wits with the tyke

He liked his name so much that,

To keep alive his memory,

He called himself "Obake"!

What was he like?

Everyone said Obake was a baddy,

I have to agree,

Even though he was my daddy.

(Obake climbs out of the portrait in his adult form)


Were you trying to perform a villain song without me?!

[El Fuego]

Yay, El Fantasma's here!

[Trina and Obake]

Cause we're evildoers,

SF's biggest feuders,

And just like barracudas,

We fight with methods sleazy


None will preclude us!

At least we're not as rude as

Kevin O'Leary…


My arc was quite notorious

The city I planned to level


They called you the pale devil!


It was a son I wanted badly,

So I kidnapped Hiro


He said you were psycho


Not as much as the one who supplanted me!

[Di Amara, clearly unamused]

Oi! That's me you're talking about!


And who came next?


Fugitives Arc started

And then came Cruz

He had a short fuse

So all hail meeee!



Superior to you, duh!


Who followed you as Big Bad?


Best not to ask.


It must have been your brother


Yes, sweet little NBB

Was bad at it and got sappy, bleh!



The fandom reviewed us

As nutters and big bruisers

Who'd kill and cull.


Show was canceled then,

So our reign ended there,


We may not have been fair,


But we were never dull!