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Chapter 9: Awakening


Inuyasha returned to Kagome's side.

The raven haired girl was still slumbering, and it seemed as if she would never awaken from her coma-like trance.

** Kagome...** The hanyou thought, a worried look tugging at his features. which were dimmed by the firelight.

As of this point, a considerable amount of time had passed. Shippou and Miroku were out and about, gathering firewood and herbs from Kaede for Kagome. This left Inuyasha alone with his thoughts and Kagome in his care.

The silver haired boy put a hand up to Kagome's forehead and felt her soft skin against his rough hand.

**It's warm. ** He thought to himself.

The young man slowly got up and walked over to a small basin with some water in it. He dipped a white cloth into the water and brought it over to Kagome, lightly washing her face with the cloth, attempting to cool her body temperature.

** Kagome.... I'm sorry I said those things to you. If I knew you were going to be in this kind of condition...I... **

The hanyou put his head down and sat in silence for a while. Nothing could be heard in the room, but the light crackle of the burning wood and the fire.

After a while, he found himself looking at Kagome once more.

His face softened at the young girl who laid below him on the futon.

** She's helped me, though all I've been through, and she's helping me now, gather the shards of the Shikon no Tama, and now it's my chance to help her. ** The hanyou thought to himself, his face being a bit more determined then previously. ** I won't let you die, Kagome! And that is a promise.**

Inuyasha slowly lowered his head, closer and closer Kagome's face.



He was just inches from her lips. The hanyou didn't know what was coming over him, but he felt compelled to comfort both Kagome and himself. The hanyou reached down to claim her sweet, lush lips. Tasting them for a few seconds. Then he gently lifted his head back up. He was saved in time, because at that moment, Miroku and Shippou showed up in the doorway, Miroku with a handful of wood and Shippou with a few healing herbs clutched in his right hand.

"We've returned Inuyasha." Miroku said as he sat the wood outside of the shoji door carefully, not wanting to wake Kagome or cause a racket.

Just then, something happed that was quite unexpected..............

Kagome began to shift, and she made a tiny noise. All eyes were on the girl in anticipation

"Lady Kagome." Miroku said quietly.

"Kagome! She's waking up!!" Shippou said loudly, throwing up the herbs he held. They fell a few centimeters from his feet.

The young, raven haired girl sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes.

"Huh?...Inu...yasha?" She said sleepily, her eyes were half open and her hair was slightly messy. She still wore the kimono that she was put in.

"Kagome!" Shippou yelled. "Oh, Kagome! You're okay!!"

Shippou ran and jumped into the recovering girl's arms. She hugged the kitsune lightly.

"Of course I'm okay, Shippou."

"I thought you were going to die." He sobbed a bit.

"It hasn't been the same without you around." Miroku beamed, happy that Kagome was on the road to recovery.

The young girl looked at Inuyasha, who was staring back at her with his golden eyes. The two just looked at each other for quite a while, all eyes on them this time.


"Kagome, I..."

"I'm sorry I ran away, Inuyasha. I was being childish, and I shouldn't have ...."

"Kagome." She was cut off by Inuyasha.


"DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" Inuyasha yelled at Kagome.

Then, Inuyasha did something unexpected. He got close and pulled Kagome into a hug. "I almost lost you." Inuyasha hugged her tight.

"I-Inuyasha..." Kagome said, slightly above a whisper, pressed against his chest.

The two sat there, in a tight embrace, happy to finally see each other. Inuyasha was happy that Kagome was well again, and Kagome was just as happy to see Inuyasha.

At that moment, Kagome looked a bit shocked, and after a few minuets, the shock seemed to narrow down.

After the two broke from their embrace, Kagome took a few moments to gather her 'attire' at the moment.

"Huh?" The young girl seemed puzzled.

"What is it, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked softly.

"Where are my clothes?" She threw her arms out of either side. "This isn't what I was wearing at all!"

"Well, you see, Kagome-sama..." Miroku sweat dropped and nervously scratched his head with one finger. "Your old clothes were wet and Inuyasha put you in some dry clothes."

"Well, I wasn't gonna let the monk do it!" The hanyou growled back at Miroku, who threw his hands up.

Kagome took a few moments to process that thought and realized that Inuyasha had seen her with hardly any clothes on.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome, and realized her blushing.

"What?" He yelled. "It's not like I wanted to!!"

"WHAT!?" Kagome fumed.

"Ah, things are finally back to normal." Miroku gave a sigh of defeat.

"Yep, at least for now." Shippou agreed, while both Inuyasha and Kagome argued in the background.

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