Title: A Bump in the Road Rating: PG 13 - Just to be safe. Summary: Nick and Sara are having a steamy romance, but what happens when Sara finds out she's pregnant? Disclaimer: No one in the CSI cast belongs to me. *tear* Author's Note: This is in response to a challenge posted to the Nick/Sara group. At this point in time I have no idea how long it will be, or who all - besides Nick and Sara - from the show will be involved. I'm also not promising that everything will be "in character".


I woke up to the sound of country music coming from the small clock-radio sitting on his bedside table. I will never get used to that junk. I can feel his steady breathing on my neck. The strong arm around my waist tightens as he slowly awakens from his deep slumber.

In the beginning we agreed that this was just going to be fun. I was perfectly OK with that, too. I didn't need anything deep and heavy to deal with. Neither of us needed the stress of a "relationship". But I really don't know what's going on between us.

We're always together outside of work. Maybe it's just for the sex. To him, I think that's all it's about. But then again, he is the player. I just needed to feel loved, I suppose. And when I am with him, I feel it. More than anything, I just didn't want to be alone anymore.

The sex is great. Best I've ever had. But it's more than just great sex sometimes. We are best friends. Maybe that's why we didn't want a relationship. Neither of us wants to ruin our friendship, and so far, we haven't. When we're making love I feel like I am the most important person in the world to him. He makes it seem like he loves me, and only wants me. But I don't love him. Well, I'm not IN love with him. I do love him as a friend. That's all. I think.


I hate that stupid clock-radio, especially when it is waking me up from good dreams. Sara is still with me. I tighten my arm around her waist to let her know that I am awake. She doesn't move, just lets out a soft sigh. I love waking up with her next to me every morning. And I love how there are no strings attached with us.

I lean into her neck, and place soft and warm kisses on her smooth skin. She lets out another sigh.

"Good Morning," I say. "Its afternoon, Nick," she replies turning her body to face me.

She's so sexy.

I pull her closer to me. Our bodies are crushed up against each other. I can feel her heart start to beat a bit faster, and that pleases me. Even after these past three months I still surprise her.

I move my hand to the back of her head and pull her lips to mine. I kiss her lightly at first. She opens her mouth, inviting me in. My tongue finds hers. I deepen the kiss, and it becomes desperate. I want her so bad, but we both need to get ready for work. Damn. I want nothing more than to have sex with her over and over again.

I roll onto my back pulling her on top of me. She looks down into my eyes. It looks like she's trying to pry into my soul. God, that's so damn sexy. I hate it when she does this to me. She teases me like this all the time.

She leans in and kisses my neck.

"Sara," I start, only to be stopped by her mouth meeting mine.

She pulls back. "I know. I'm going."

With that, she hops off the bed, grabs her clothes, and heads down the hall to my bathroom.


We never go to work together. I left almost 20 minutes before he did, so when he walked into the break room that night, I was already done with my first cup of coffee.

I threw my Styrofoam cup into the trash can, and took a seat on the couch next to Warrick.

Soon Grissom walked in, and handed out assignments. Nick, Catherine, and Warrick were all assigned to a double homicide on the south end of Vegas. Grissom apparently had a meeting with Ecklie to go over a case the night and day shifts had worked on together. Grissom told me to stay at the lab and finish up any paperwork. Wahoo. Just what I always wanted.

I didn't complain. I figure it would be nice to have some quiet time to just sit and think about things. Besides that, I hadn't been feeling well the past day or so, so it would be good to relax a bit.


I walked through the halls of the lab towards the locker room. It was now morning, and shift was over. As I pulled the door to the locker room open, a body came rushing passed me. It almost knocked me down. I turned my head to see who it was just in time to see Sara rushing into the women's bathroom with her hand over her mouth.

"I wonder what's wrong with her," I say out loud heading into the locker room.

"All I did was mention the Chinese food that I had for dinner last night with Lindsey, and she freaked," Catherine said to me. I guess I should stop talking out loud, huh?

"Oh. She was fine when we started shift last night," I said.

Catherine chuckled. "Well, maybe its morning sickness. Do you think her and Hank - ?"

"No!" I said, probably too quickly.

"Whoa there cowboy, I was just joking," Catherine said, holding up her hands in defense.

I sat down on the bench in the middle of the room, and let out a sigh. My heart rate, which had increased at the thought of Sara being pregnant, began to slow down again. Catherine walked out of the room. I hope she drops this subject. I mean what if Sara is pregnant? We said there'd be no strings. Neither of us is in any position to have a baby. They're so much work. Speaking of work, we both have jobs, full time jobs at that. I don't remember when a week went by without having to pull a double.

I quickly stood up, gathered my things from my locker, and headed out to the parking lot, pushing the thoughts of a baby to the back of my mind.



I can't believe this is happening. Here I am at the Obstetrician. I hope the home pregnancy test was wrong. Please, God, let it be wrong! I don't want a baby. Not now. I'm not ready. I wanted to wait until I found the perfect guy, and we got married. I need to be married before I get pregnant. If not, I'm going against all of my beliefs. When I was younger I set out a plan for my life, and up until now I had followed that plan to a "T". Damn it! How could this be happening?

In the past week I hadn't spent much time with Nick at all. We hadn't had sex in a week. He probably thought I was wigging out on him. I just made up excuses to not spend so much time with him, which wasn't hard. I had been sick all week. He probably didn't even want to be near me, let alone sleep with me. So it all worked out perfectly.

Dr. Hewie walked into the exam room, and sat down on the stool by my bed. He flipped through the pages in my chart, and then looked up at me. My heart beat began to quicken, and I could feel the sweat form on my forehead. Oh no. Please no. Not yet!

"Congratulations, Sara. You are indeed pregnant."