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Summary: Naruto is harassed by Gaara one day. Over the course of the following week, the panda-eyed boy doesn't let up, and is scaring Naruto just a little. Naruto goes to Sasuke, for an UNKNOWN (!!!HINT!!!HINT!!!) reason.

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Even The Cold Burns

by Inari and Yami Rin

Chapter Nine

[Gaara's POV]

My leg came up and nailed him straight in the chest. That stupid boy who dared touch my gourd!! He had no idea of who he was dealing with....

The force of my kick sent him flying through the air. He it a nearby tree and started to choke. I raised a confused eyebrow as the look on his face changed to one of extreme pain. He pushed himself off of the tree and fell to the ground. I noticed with extreme satisfaction that he had a large sized hole in his lower back. I looked to the tree to see that blood covered a rather large, and rather sharp broken off branch.

He slumped over further onto the ground and blood continued to poor out of the wound. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he didn't have much longer to live. I had seen that look all too often.

I crouched down beside him and spoke as he glanced at me weakly.

"Do not worry," I said, grinning like the madman I was. "I shall take excellent care of Naruto and make sure that he never leaves my sight. Because no one shall ever touch him again once I return home." I ruffled his hair, as you would a small child, and stood up to leave.

I took one step before I felt a hand lightly grip my ankle. I looked down to see that Uchiha had somehow managed to find that strength to lift his arm and grab me. I scoffed at him.

"D....don't you.... touch N...Naruto..!!!" he choked out.

I laughed and kicked his arm off of my leg. Such a foolish boy. "I will touch MY Naruto however I may wish to." I mocked him and he knew it. I could tell by the look in his eyes. I walked off to the moss patch that I left my kitsune in and slowly picked the smaller boy up. My hand ran longingly down his thigh as I picked up his legs. No. I had to wait.

Throwing him over my shoulder, I headed back onto my path.

Before I made it too far, I heard a strangled, "Naru..to...!!". I glanced back at him to see him fall face first to the dirt.

I kept on walking.


4 YEARS LATER.........

[3rd Person POV]

The blonde sixteen year old lay there, lithe, small, naked body half covered by blankets. His sky blue eyes were closed in sleep, as he dreamt of better days, when the boy he loved was still with him. The whisker-like scars on his cheeks were ever so noticeable, and if one looked hard enough one could see the side of something like a seal present around his navel.

A door slamming woke the whiskered boy with a start. Slowly, he sat up, fleetingly hoping to see a crop of raven hair, but saw only crimson. His hope died yet again.

Gaara walked with pride down into his rather large room. His father had died the year before, in a rather unfortunate "accident" and it was now up to Gaara to rule over the Sand as the Kazekage. His eyes fell upon the golden haired wonder that sat up in his bed, lean arms barely supporting him. The red-head smiled tenderly at his beautiful lover and made his way over to the bed. He sat down on the edge of the black silk sheets.

He reached out a large hand and stroked the other's face softly. Naruto didn't flinch; he had stopped flinching a long time ago.

"Sorry I'm late, amai," Gaara said, still smiling. "But there was something that needed my full attention, and it couldn't wait. Amai, look at me." He gripped the kitsune's chin between his fingers and turned his face to his own. He placed his lips over the soft pink ones presented to him.

Slowly, Gaara's hand left Naruto's chin and trailed down his neck. He pushed Naruto back onto the bed and continued to kiss him. Naruto kissed back hungrily, accepting all the affection that he was getting. It was the ONLY affection he got. None of his friends had bothered to come look for him, and neither had Sasuke....

Inside he flinched at that name. He had loved Sasuke, and still did, but why hadn't he come to get him yet? Didn't he know where he was? It should have been pretty obvious. He didn't understand..... The last time he had seen Sasuke, the real Sasuke, had been after that weed-pulling mission and their kiss.

Naruto lay still as Gaara started to kiss and suck his way down his neck. He put his hands onto Gaara's shoulders, fingers digging into the older boys shoulder blades, silently egging him on. He closed his eyes and envisioned that it was Sasuke of whom was making him feel so much pleasure. That it was Sasuke of whom was groping his hips so tightly, Sasuke who was biting into his shoulder and marking him as his own. No one else would own a place in his heart so large.

His eyes shot open and his back arched when a warm hand was tightly gripping his thigh. He looked at Gaara and saw the love and lust in his eyes and leaned up to kiss him. If Gaara wanted his heart so badly then he could have it; Naruto was through waiting for Sasuke to save him. He should have come by now. The blonde would always love him but if Sasuke didn't want him back....

His smaller hands almost ripped Gaara's clothing off of the older teen. They were both nude and still kissing and groping like mad when one of Gaara's hands went southward. Naruto gasped and arched into the touch. Warm tears flowed down pink cheeks.

It was the start of something beautiful.......


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