Summary: A mission to a strange mutant prison underneath the Atlantic ocean reveals a piece of Logan's past...

Pairings: Mostly Logan/Riley, implied Storm/Kurt(Nightcrawler). Some Rogue/Bobby.

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Professor Charles Xavier sat in the center of Cerebro and gazed at the cluster of two red dots off the coast of Maine. A minute ago, there had been three.

He'd been searching for a hint of Jean- despite all the evidence presented, he was unable to believe that she was really, truly gone- when a mind had reached for his.

The contact had been fleeting, and the body supporting it was terribly weak. It had been a final stretch beyond the empathic mutant's means, a desperate call for help. They were starving, dying, unable to escape. And while he delved deeper into the contact's mind, trying to establish a secure link, the mutant had expired. The shock of death was not a new one, but he would never get used to it.

He pulled the Cerebro helmet off and turned around, moving slowly to pay tribute to the strong mind that had reached his.

Storm was waiting outside the chamber, as he'd known she would be. Nowadays, someone was always there while he worked, usually Storm. Scott would usually be sobbing by the time he exited, and Logan had no patience for it. The watcher was occasionally joined by Kurt, also known as the Incredible Nightcrawler, who was crouching beside Storm now, running his rosary beads through his fingers and muttering prayers in german.

Both were in their pajamas, and he spared a second's amusement at Kurt's pinstriped garments that were not unlike a pair he himself occasionally wore, the normality at odds with the strangeness of his appearance, and yet, like everything about Kurt, they were in perfect harmony. Storm's sweatpants and tanktop always struck him as too normal for the exotic elegance the elemental mutant possessed. Try hard as she might, Storm would never fit into society. A beauty like her was born to stand out.

They both straightened as he exited the chamber, Storm reacting to the look on his face, Nightcrawler reacting to Storm's reaction.

"I'll wake Scott and Logan," Storm said, a hint of her african accent coloring her words. Xavier loved the richness of his students' cultures- Storm african, Kurt german, Scott all-american, Rogue southern bell. It made for interesting listening.

"And Rogue too, I think," Xavier added before she had a chance to walk away. Storm nodded and turned into the elevator.

"I will watch the children," Kurt said softly.

"No." Nightcrawler looked startled. It was usually a given that the indigo mutant was on baby-sitting detail. The students adored him, and he them. "You'll be needed," he explained "Scott and I will stay."

Nightcrawler said nothing, but Xavier knew he was aware of the implications of that statement. Scott- Cyclops- was, or had been, the leader of the X-men. Leaving him behind wouldn't sit well with the rest of the team, but Scott's mind needed time to heal. Jean's death was two months past, but Scott still broke into sobbing fits at irregular intervals. He was more depressed than the others realized...

"I will make coffee?" Kurt asked after they reached the door to the map room.

Xavier smiled, glad for the subtle nudge back to the present. "That would be nice. It is rather early." One a.m., to be exact. Logan would be grumpy. This would be not be fun.

Nightcrawler disappeared with his trademark `bamf` just as Rogue padded quietly around the corner, fully dressed except for her feet, which were still sporting fuzzy slippers, pulling her hair up into a knot at the base of her skull. "Good morning, Professor," she said around a yawn.

He smiled affectionately. "Good morning, Rogue. Sorry to wake you."

She shrugged and leaned against the wall, blinking her green eyes blearily. "S'ok. It must be important." He loved the way the young woman trusted him, fully and whole-heartedly, enough not to get mad when he had her woken up when she'd only gone to sleep three hours ago. "Besides, Storm's so nice about it, you can't really get mad, you know?"

He nodded and the room lapsed into silence again, until heavy footsteps sounded down the hall. Rogue, rather smartly, moved to the opposite side of the room.

It was a pity the doors slid open automatically, because a slammed door would have completed Logan's disgruntled entrance. He scowled at Xavier and at the world in general. "What is it, Chuck?" He hadn't bothered to get dressed, and was wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants.

"I'll tell you when the others get here. In the mean time, take a seat." Mercifully, Nightcrawler appeared just then, bearing a tray laden with coffee mugs. He silently handed one to Logan, who downed half of it in one gulp. Xavier sent Kurt a grateful thought, and the teleporter blinked yellow eyes solemly in return.

Two more minutes, and Storm reappeared, trailed by a slouching Scott, who had visible tearstains on his cheeks. Storm had apparently had to coax him into coming. He didn't even bother probing into Cyclops' mind, knowing what he'd find and not needing the distraction right now.

He moved over to the map and entered the data he'd gotten from Cerebro, and the empath's contact. The map's computer was quite brilliant, if he dared say so himself, and instantly uploaded satellite images of the coordinates. Since it was the Atlantic ocean, the surface stayed still. He turned to his team.

"I was contacted during my session with Cerebro, by an unknown mutant with some telempathic gift, off the coast of Maine. From what I could discern, he was at a secret research facility code-named ATLANTIS." Logan twitched slightly, but Xavier pretended not to notice. "The facility had apparently been abandoned, with several mutants still inside, unable to escape." Storm gasped, the first to realize the cruelty that lay in that. "The empath was sending out a mental distress call, hoping someone would hear. I heard, and was able to get his coordinates before he died."

He stopped and took a breath. "There are still two mutants alive, and we must rescue them." Collecting himself, he continued. "The X-jet can submerge to within three feet of the facility's entrance, but I can give Kurt a mental image of the inside, and he can transport the team in."

Kurt drew himself to his full height of over six feet, and nodded regally, but Storm frowned. "Who will stay with the children?"

Xavier sighed. "Scott and I will stay." Instead of the argument he expected, Scott simply nodded and proceeded to shuffle out, throwing a 'good luck' behind him as an afterthought. Storm watched him worriedly, and made eye contact with the Professor, who nodded. He would talk to Scott.

"Do I get a uniform this time?" Rogue asked, trying to break the tension, which Xavier appreciated, even if she didn't have the finesse Kurt had.

"Yes, Rogue," he said with amusement. "You get a uniform."


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