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Something woke Riley from her deep sleep in the pre-dawn hours, some tiny feeling in the back of her mind that something was off in her world. She tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it kept creeping back into her mind like ivy into the cracks of a brick wall, until it became apparent that sleep was impossible. She shoved the covers off and tiptoed down the hall, straining her ever-sharp senses in an effort to pick up the source of her feeling.

The first thing she noticed as she entered the living room was that someone had left a window open- a chilly breeze was blowing that made her loose sweatpants and thin tanktop inadequate covering. Pushing her discomfort out of her mind with a grimace, she headed into the wind, looking for the offending window.

Except it wasn't a window. The front doors were wide open. That wasn't right, and the hair on the back of her neck shot up. Eyes darting around cautiously, she tugged at one of the doorknobs. It didn't budge. She took a breath and felt her arm's muscles contract, and was about to yank the door shut when she heard footsteps approaching. Thinking quick, she transferred the energy to her legs and lept upwards, onto the ceiling, and skittered into a shadowed corner, grateful for the mutation that, while it looked strange, kept her eyes from glinting with reflected light.

Two figures appeared, carrying a bodybag between them and trying hard to be quiet, one of them a handsome boy in his late teens, the other a strange blue woman with yellow eyes like Kurt's. They carried the bag out the door, and then another person rounded the corner, moving casually and making no effort to be quiet, wearing power like the trenchcoat that swirled around his leather shoes with each step. Instinctively, Riley held her breath to wait for him to pass, but he stopped and raised a hand.

Her dogtags lept towards him, and her quick reflexes kept her neck from breaking as they flew towards him. He inspected them slowly. "Spider, eh? Why don't you come out and fight like a man?"

"Because I doubt you fight like one," she said frankly, but she moved anyways, matching him for drama as she slowly moved out of the shadows into the circle of light made by the chandelier on the ceiling. "What are you doing here?"

"Collecting something of use to me," he said cryptically, pocketing her tags, and she felt a spurt of rage. Those were hers, goddammit. "Ah, Logan," he said, turning behind to see Logan, who had been trying to sneak up on him.

"He's got Rogue," Logan said through a clenched jaw, and she realized that the stranger was somehow holding him immobile. He was asking her to act for him.

She dropped to the ground, blocking the entrance. "You can't take her," she said, clenching her fists and preparing to attack.

The man simply smiled. "I already have." A flick of an eyelid was all the warning she had before a blue arm dropped into view, and she flinched down just in time to prevent being locked in a chinhold. She lept straight back, catching the woman behind her in her flight out of the mansion. They landed a good thirty feet down the path, the blue woman considerably harder than Riley, and Riley turned to administer a swift kick in the stomach before her opponent had time to catch her balance. She ran towards the man who had her dogtags, but was brought up short as she had to dodge a flying disk of metal about the size of a coffee table that probably would have cut her in half. She tracked it with her eyes as it made a wide return arc, and jumped aside so that it was headed straight at the helicopter's blades, but the man controlling it was too quick for that and stopped it before it could destroy his transportation. The blue woman dove into the helicopter and the man climbed in as the boy leaned out and flicked a lighter on: a wall of flames rose in between her and her target, and the chopper rose above the mansion.

Thinking fast, she shot a stranding of webbing up, and held onto it as it stuck to the underside of the copter, so that she swung into the air with it. She hurriedly wrapped it around her hand several times, and glanced back at the mansion just in time to see it disappear from sight.


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