Crystal Tokyo

Sixteen year-old Caleb strolled silently in the palace gardens, taking in the view of the newly spouted flowers. With the moonlight casting its silver glow onto the crystal palace, the gardens almost seemed unreal. He looked up into the night sky, his eyes riveted to the dark spot in space. His parents had told him of the threat that Nemesis provoked. He sighed and shook his head. Not all the people on Nemesis were bad, he thought stubbornly.

"Sapphire." There was a low voice behind him. With out looking around he spoke.

"It's about time Diamond. You had me waiting out here forever." Caleb replied.

"Sorry, but you know how Wiseman is." Unfortunately, Caleb knew how Wiseman was. There was something about that cloaked man that made him uneasy. "I wish we had flowers like this on Nemesis." Diamond spoke up a bit wistfully coming up to the side of him. Caleb looked at his childhood friend. Ever since he had stumbled upon Diamond ten years ago snooping around the palace gardens, they had been meeting secretly. Diamond was different from the rest of the people on Nemesis, he was a dreamer. But he was caught between a rock and a hard place, torn between his duty to his people and his yearn for acceptance with the people of Earth.

"Do you want me to dig up a rose bush so you can plant it on your planet?" Caleb asked, caressing a healthy petal. His dad loved roses. They were his trademark. Diamond looked from the flowers back to Caleb. His light blue- purplish eyes hardened a little.

"If I did, then Wiseman would know I was here." He said and sat down on a white marble bench. There was silence between the boys, but Caleb needed so information from him so he broke it with a sigh.

"Is it true that you're going to start a war with us?" That was the reason Caleb wanted to talk to his friend. Diamond stood up and turned away from him. Caleb saw the tension in his posture and his dread grew ten fold.

"You knew this day would come soon Sapphire. I tried to hold back Wiseman's demands, but he has rallied so many people to fight with him I was unable to stop it." He said softly.

He shook his head, unwilling to believe it. "Can't you do something? You're the Prince of Nemesis after all. Can't you order it be stopped?" Being friends with Earth's biggest foe wasn't something Caleb could help In fact, if his parents ever found out he would be dead. He had thought that if he talked to him, this whole war would be avoided. He thought wrong.

"It's not that simple. You should know Sapphire. A prince can only do so much." Diamond turned back to him, his platinum hair brushing the side of his face. His eyes held pain, but determination. "This planet will pay for what they did to us." He said icily. "Fair warning Sapphire. We will go through great lengths to take over Crystal Tokyo." He paused. "Why don't you join me? We could do great things and the people of Nemesis and Earth will be united."

Caleb stood as well. "You know I can't. I'm Prince of Earth and the Moon. I won't turn my back on my people."

"Then you know how I feel Sapphire." Diamond said and began walking away. Tinkling laughter caught his attention and Caleb saw Diamond look up. He looked up as well and saw his mother and father kissing on the balcony. His mother's flowing white nightgown caught a breeze and floated around his fathers legs. "She's so beautiful." Diamond said. His eyes locked onto the sight. Caleb felt a little embarrassed that his parents were doing this in front of them. Ever since Diamond saw his mother, he developed a full blown crush on her. "Your father is so lucky." Diamond said, his eyes going dark with something Caleb didn't care to see.

"I guess." Caleb muttered and turned away when they began undressing each other. Jeeze, don't they know people could see them? "And would you quit looking. She's my mother after all, and you're making me uncomfortable." Diamond laughed behind him.

"I will have her one day." He said smugly. Caleb glanced sharply up. Didn't Diamond know that nothing could tear those two up?

"You will never have her. She and my father can never be separated. It was destined in the stars." His voiced iced over in protectivness.

Diamond's eyes iced over once more and Caleb narrowed his own eyes. "Destinies can be altered. She will be mine when all of this is through, make no mistake Sapphire." For a moment, Caleb was a little frightened by Diamond's promise and he didn't like that feeling.

Caleb took a menacing step forward. "That sounds like a threat. Do you threaten me my friend?" Caleb asked his with steel in his voice. He clenched his hands tightly together.

Diamond held his own under Caleb's glare. "Of course not Sapphire. I only make promises. Prepare for battle." Diamond said and walked away with his cape billowing behind him.

Caleb wanted to stay mad at his friend, call for the Guards to capture him, but he felt guilty the moment the thought was formed. He knew that Diamond needed help. He needed help to see the good in himself the good Caleb felt when they were together. He sighed and looked back up to his parent's balcony. The light was off and the glass doors were closed. He needed to talk to his father. From the corner of his eye, he saw a dark shadow standing on the third floor of the palace. The hairs on his neck stood up. Who were they? Did they see him talking with Diamond? It was too dark to see who they were. The person stood there for mere seconds before turning slowly and entering the palace. Who ever it was, Caleb needed to talk to his father before they did.


The next morning, Caleb awoke to a glass breaking outside in the hallway. He sleepily turned his head to see his nightstand clock read that it was a little after eight.

"Rini you pest! Look what you did!" He heard one of the maids scream.

"You'll never be a lady like your mother if you keep bumping into things!" Another hissed at her. Caleb sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Says who? You?" He heard Rini snickered back. A smile tugged Caleb's lips. His little sister was a little nuisance, but he loved her to no end.

"What is it?" A sleepy voice beside him murmured.

"Nothing Prizma, go back to sleep." He said and leaned down to kiss her forehead in assurance. Dark green hair spilled over his pillows and his white sheets barley covered her naked body. Silently, he slipped out of bed and took a shower. When he entered his room again, Prizma was gone. She always left before anyone saw her he mused and opened the door.

"Caleb!" Rini cried and the pink haired little five year old dressed in her white princess garb launched herself into his arms as soon as he walked into the hallway.

"Whoa, good morning to you too." He said and picked her up.

"The maids were being mean to me again. I told them it was an accident. Luna P slipped out of my hands." She lifted her small hands innocently. He nodded and tickled her until she begged for him to stop.

"Where are mom and Dad?" He asked and let her down.

"Eating. Come on!" She said and grabbed his hand, pulling him along with her. Caleb resisted rolling his eyes. His little sister and mother had bottomless stomachs when it came to food His mother and father were talking quietly when they entered the room.

"Mommy!" Rini cried and ran to her.

Neo Queen Serenity laughed and lifted her into her lap. "Good morning Small Lady. I noticed you didn't have any bad dreams last night. I'm so proud of you." She said softly and kissed her cheek. Rini beamed at the compliment.

"Father, I need to talk to you when you're finished. It's important." Caleb whispered to King Endymion. King Endymion studied his son for a bit, and then nodded.

They ate breakfast in silence. Soon, the Scouts filed in, talking very animated to one another.

"...and I told him that he would never deprive himself from me." Mina giggled. Is that all they talk about?

"He really doesn't know what weapons to use does he? I mean, deprive you of—"

"Lita!" His mother hissed at her friend while covering Rini's ears. Rini's reddish-copper eyes were wide with curiosity.

"Oh sorry." She blushed a little and sat in one of the chairs.

"Where are the guys at?" His father asked. They all shrugged.

"Jadeite and Nephrite went to get something in town." Raye spoke up and helped herself to some eggs. "Thankfully they took the boys with them. I swear the twins ate sugar this morning." She muttered with a scowl.

"Or Jadeite gave them doughnuts." Lita said cheekily. Raye rolled her eyes, taking a sip of orange juice.

"He probably thinks the jelly filled ones and a glass of milk is a well balanced breakfast." She replied dryly. There were laughs around the table

"Kunzite is practicing in the crystal arena. He said something about how the new soldiers were pipsqueaks and needed toughing up." Mina said in an airy tone buttering a piece of toast.

"Zoicite is still sleeping." Ami said busing herself by cutting her pancakes into little triangles. An infant was lying on her chest, strapped snugly to her in a baby sling. Caleb caught a small blush on her cheeks and leaned down and lazily propped his head on his hand with is elbow on the table.

"He's usually up by now. Zoi is an early riser." He teased. She blushed more and avoided his gaze.

"Caleb!" His mother hissed and threw a piece of bread at him. Her blue eyes that mirrored his own told him to shush, but he saw the amused light in them as well. All the light talking had him temporarily forgetting Diamond and his warning last night. Later, after the girls had left, his father called him into his office.

"What is it you wish to speak to me about?" He asked, sitting lazily in his chair with a foot propped on the table.

Caleb hesitated. He was going to get in big trouble for not telling his parents about his friendship with Diamond. Taking a deep breath and hoping his father wouldn't kill him he relayed his story. King Endymion listened quietly with no show of emotion. Caleb always wondered how he did that. After he was finished, he waited tensely for the yelling.

"When will this attack happen?" He asked finally. Caleb let out a little sigh of relief, but he knew that wasn't the end of it.

"He didn't tell me, he just told me to prepare. I'm sorry I didn't tell you of our association earlier, but I knew if I did you and mom would forbid me to see him again. But dad, I know there is good in him. I saw it, he's just confused. Wiseman is behind all of it, but when I try to tell Diamond about it, he doesn't listen to me." His father looked at the small letter opener in his hand.

"And he asked you to join him?" Caleb nodded. The chair scooted back and his father stood up and looked out the window. The light of the sun was caught in his hair and made it look like the deep purple blue it was turning. "Maybe you should." He finally said. Caleb sat motionless and stared at his father with his mouth wide open. Did he hear him right? He wanted him to betray his own homeland?

"Excuse me?" He asked. His father turned to him.

"You're just like your mother do you know that? She always sees the good in other people and when she does her mind is set on changing them and protecting them. I always have trusted her instincts on matters like that. Caleb, if you do see a way to help Diamond, then you should. Go and join with him. Besides, with an inside person, we'll know his plans. Maybe we could save a lot of people."

"A spy?" Caleb asked.

King Endymion shrugged. "If you wish to call yourself that. This is up to you Caleb. I trust you'll do the right thing." It was a final note. Caleb sat there for a while, soaking in what his father said. "Your mother wants me to go with her to the park. Tell me what you decide son." The king said and clamped his hand on his shoulder. Caleb nodded slowly.


Caleb kissed Prizma one last time and slipped out of his bed.

"Are you really going to join with him?" Prizma stretched under the blankets.

"I know there is good in him, and I need to protect him." He said stubbornly and pulled the rest of his clothes on.

"Well, good luck with that." She said and lifted herself off of his bed like a cat. He heard her reserves in her voice. He was a little skeptical as well. Fear ate at him. He thought he could forget when he invited Prizma over, but it didn't help at all.

"You're leaving?" He asked absently, looking for his other shoe.

"Mmhum. My sisters and I have a shopping spree to prepare for tomorrow. I have to be strong in order to fight my way through the rowdy crowds." She said and dressed quickly. She went to the open window and blew a kiss to him before she leapt out. Caleb smirked a little.

Outside, he hiked a leg over the balcony railing to his room and lowered himself down the side of the palace. He dangled off of the thick branches that snaked up the walls and swung there for a moment before falling to his feet. He didn't know why, but when he reached the ground, he turned to see if that shadowed person he saw the other night was watching. No one was there. Just nerves, he thought still looking, half wishing that they would come out. He supposed that the idea that someone else knew about he and Diamond's association made him feel a little better because he wasn't alone in the knowledge. As if in cue, the door opened, the glass flashing in the moon light. They were dressed in grey, but he couldn't see their face once more. Still, he felt the unease lessen and he turned away from them, feeling like he had a guardian angel watching his back.

Silently, he crept to the back of the gardens where he and Diamond usually met. He was waiting there for him. Caleb studied his friend for a while. Diamond was studying a white lily. He touched the petals gently as if they were made of glass. Caleb cleared his throat and Diamond turned around slowly.

"What is it you wish to discuss Sapphire?" He asked calmly, his face was set in stone.

"Are we really at a disadvantage in this war?" He asked. Diamond smiled a little smugly.

"You are."

Taking a deep breath, Caleb met his friend's eyes. "I'll join with you if you promise that my family won't get hurt." He finally said. Diamond looked a little surprised.

"Why the change of heart?"

Caleb shrugged. "If the war is hopeless, then why stay with the losing side?"

He nodded. "True. Well, my friend, this is a war, and casualties do happen, but I'll do my best to keep them from getting killed." He held out his hand and Caleb took it with unchangeable determination.


King Endymion fell against the wall, grasping his side as blood seeped through his fingers. Damn monsters he thought bitterly and killed another that was after his foot. It's like they're attracted to blood, that's why so many are after me he thought with a touch of dismay. Suddenly, the monsters all dissipated and King Endymion looked up to see Sailor Pluto with her rod in hand.

"Come with me King Endymion." She said and helped him up. They made their way through the ruined halls of the bottom Palace. Soon, they were battling their way through the masses of monsters that tried to block their way. But Pluto took care of them.

After a torturous trip up a billion stairs, they were in the safety of Central Command.

"How was the trip?" He asked and winced when a stinging pain cut across his side.

"She made it there." She said softly. Sadness touched him. His brave little girl was gone for real. Weary eyes traveled to the next room where his love was sleeping. Breathtaking, still as death. He never felt this lonely for a long time, not since Serena had left to America that time so long ago.

"We'll watch here from here. Help me to the recovering pod." He said and struggled up. While leaning on Pluto, he hobbled to the clear pod and laid down on the cushioned pad. The cover slid down and began humming. The blue beam began roaming over his body. Soon, his holographic image appeared before Pluto. "It's time for the test." He said.

"Must you have this test?" She asked looking away. He knew she hated the thought of the test he had to do, but it couldn't be helped.

"They have to be strong for this upcoming battle. It's the only way and you know it." He said stubbornly.

Pluto sighed and switched her rod to the other hand. "Alright, I better get back to the others." She said and shimmed away.


AN: A little revision with this first chapter, still not totally happy with it, but all writings are a work in progress.