Without One
Isabel Night

Sage, the Warrior of Light
You are my opposite in everything.
While I exist in the Darkness,
You thrive in the light.
While you live in the summer heat,
I hide in the winter snow.
They say you will defeat me,
However, that is not true.
For without my darkness,
How can you know light?
Without my cold,
How can you explain warmth?
Without my winter,
How can you explain the joys of summer?
Our struggle will never end,
For if it did, then the world would cease to exist.
We counterbalance each other,
For without darkness, how would one know if there is light?
Many do not understand our battles,
And I don't know why.
After all,
Without your opposite,
How can this Universe exist?

1. This poem follows the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang. According to the Yin-Yang Theory, opposites rule the universe. These opposites are constantly at war with each other, but without them, the Universe would not exist.