A Father's Love

Chapter 18: Finishing

Hogwarts – Seventy Years Later

"Come on Cassie were going to be late!" A bright red haired boy called out to his friend. Their crimson and gold scarves flying behind them as they ran.

"Slow down Ron!" The cute girl yelled out. They reached the classroom and panting for breath entered. They found a seat quickly and not a moment passed before an elder wizard turned to face his class.

"Welcome to fourth year combined History and Defense. Now. We are going to be learning a rather modern part of Wizard history today. Hopefully everyone has done his or her homework. Now someone raise there hand and give me a summary of the chapter."

Cassie raised her hand and was called on. "Harry Snape and Draco Malfoy were two powerful wizards, their magic bonded when they met and through various trials it became evident that Harry had finer tuned powers then several other wizards. Their best friend Ronald Weasley was smarter then he acted in school and helped to come up with many spells that are now taught today. Harry had to battle the Wizard Voldermort when he was just sixteen. With the help of his two friends he defeated the wizard. He finished school and then Harry and Draco disappeared and were not seen for nearly fifty years when they returned and applied as teachers to Hogwarts. Where they got positions as Potions and Muggle Studies. Harry's father Severus Snape is now Headmaster and Draco Deputy Headmaster. Harry continues to teach Potions."

"Very good. Now were going to have a quick quiz so if you didn't read hopefully Ms. Granger's summery will help you." The class let out a groan.

"It's just like your grandpa to give a quiz on the first day Ron." A young Slytherin griped.

"I warned you. It's not my fault if you didn't study." Ronald Weasley III said right back.

"No talking please. You may begin your quiz now."

In Muggle studies a fine blond figure cut the class into two groups and had several articles of clothing in two piles. It was the group's objective to get everyone dressed in a muggle outfit suited for blending in. Besides normal muggle wear Draco had boas and nightgowns, swimsuits and funny hats. This was always his favorite day of class because the blond had to have special instructions when it came to muggle clothing. Second years often came up some of the more interesting outfits. He remembered complaining to Harry about not being able to wear a bathrobe out in public. They were sold in muggle stores he remembered was his argument. So he bought several and would wear them in the house practically all the time. Harry would laugh at him but he didn't mind, often a kiss or two followed the laughter. After traveling and living free for half a century, they decided they could return to the Wizarding world. Minerva was the Headmistress and Severus had been Deputy at the time. There were positions open and Harry and Draco had kept in contact with the Wizarding world but from a distance. Letters from Severus and Remus and also from Ron. Occasionally Dumbeldore until his death and then from Minerva. Sometimes they would stray into a wizard village to eat at a pub and check out the Daily Prophet. Harry wrote a letter to Rita Skeeter occasionally, she was allowed to quote him anonymously but now she was retired but she was the reporter who came out of retirement to put together an article about the return of the mysterious duo. Remus stayed at Hogwarts and was seen doing various things. He would substitute for a professor occasionally. When Minerva died just a few years before there had been a large gathering and she had been buried next to Albus.

Ron had one of the fuller lives. He became an Auror, and advanced quickly and effectively. He married a very smart and pretty witch who died when she gave birth to their second child. Ron raised Ronald II and Gwen while each grew and got married, at the sight of his first grandchild, he retired from the Aurors and was happy to just be a grandfather until a message came from Minerva asking if he would like to teach. He gave it some thought, but didn't take long in deciding to teach, it would be the best way to see his grandchildren each day. He now had a healthy number of nine grandchildren. Gwen had four all older then Ronald III who had an older sister and three younger siblings. With thirteen nieces and nephews and then twenty-nine great nieces and nephews Ron had plenty of family to watch after.

Three Years later

Ronald III and his cousin Gerald were exploring the dungeons when they happened across a room that had been sealed for a very long time. A faint glow of gold filled the room and a painting that hadn't spoken in centuries said in a smooth flowing voice. "Protecting peace is our mission to be." Gerald spun around and got caught on something sharp. He cut is hand and then Ron turned on the lights. He examined the cut and then a green aura came from his hand as the cut on his brothers hand healed.

"It was just a scratch."

"It hurt more then that." The eleven year old protested.

"Sometimes scratches hurt a lot because someone didn't wash their hands and dirt got in the scratch. You're fine now. Come on lets go back so you can wash your hand."

The two boys headed off.

In the headmasters office Severus was passed out in Remus's arms. They sat on the floor and Remus wept as the magic slowly left Severus's body followed by his spirit. Remus picked up his mate and lifted him to the bed they had shared for so many years. Soon a knock came at the door followed by the entrance of Harry and Draco.

"I felt it, the life shift." Harry whispered. His normally bright eyes were dulled in mourning and his green robes out of place. The funeral was a short service. Draco's first priority was to find a replacement for muggle studies, currently Harry was covering the classes as best he could but he taught potions and wouldn't be able to keep up the pace.

Remus disappeared after the funeral. Harry and Draco suspected he had gone back to Snape Manor but they were not willing to hunt him down if he didn't want to be found.

Late one night as Harry and Draco lay in bed, they were caught up in conversation.

"We're too old to fight again."

"We were too young before."

"There is someone else destined to fight this time."

"But they don't know who they are."

"Perhaps, perhaps not."

"Do you know something?"

"It's just a feeling."

"I've always trusted your feelings before, you can tell me."

"A good friend will be getting hurt. We didn't have family easy to hurt. I'm afraid this young man comes with a large family."

"That's sad, how I wish we could have prevented anyone from ever going dark again."

"There are different ideas with how to run the schools and this world."

"We weren't expected to be headmaster this young."

"I hardly think near ninety is young."

"We're still agile, strong, quick, and we can kick ass. Besides you know as well as I do Wizards live near 200 baring some accident."

"Go to sleep."

"Goodnight love."

"Let me see not your face until the morning dew graces the leaves and the pearly sun's rays show your face gentle with heavenly sleep."

"Showoff." The two men fell asleep together dreaming peaceful dreams.


Well kiddies this story has been fun. I'm very sorry it took me a year to finish the last two chapters! AHHH! I should have gotten to it sooner.

I've left it open to a sequel, but it would seem like a Mary Jane to me so I am fairly sure I'm not going to. I hadn't meant to Kill Sev… It just kind of worked out that way. I also didn't want to show Sev setting the spell but I did try to make it clear that he suffered because of it.

Also I am trying to work on some others while writing on a book that will hopefully get published when it's done. I have a little over a year until I have to have one of my two manuscripts finished. My 21st birthday won't wait for me. 3/2/06