"My three weeks"

It's been a while since I came back from the states to study. It's been four long years since I last saw them. And may be its time for me to take a break, adult life is sinking in and when that starts, I won't get to see any of them. Life is more miserable than I have expected. These three weeks will be my hope. I'll cling in to these next three weeks. Just this chance to see some thing to change me. To change my life completely.

Life was too dull. I was a bit shaken at first, but when you get used to it, it bores you. And suddenly whips out the best of you. Or maybe, for me, it imprisoned my true self and gave me a new fresh start. My human existence will probably be like a fa├žade. A closure to the once horrible past I dwelt upon. But then, it's all over. I have chosen this illusion, this plot called human life.

"Shuichi? My dear boy I missed you!" my mother hugged me fiercely. With her age, I can really sum that she's happy with him.

Him. Yes. Him. The man responsible for me flying over a distant country. Responsible for the feeling of emptiness I feel now. The man, who reminds me of a vampire who greed for blood. Him, on the other hand a glutton for money and wealth. I was hoping after the wedding that he'd start showing his true colors in front of my mother. But not once did I catch him. By the way my mother smiles at me now, I can see how he truly cherishes her. With this I began to trust him. Even promised him my full responsibility in his business.

"Onii-san!" Shuiichi greeted me formally. He had grown to be a diligent young man with an eye for exquisitely beautiful young women, as I took a fast glance at the young lady behind him.

Well, my day didn't end there. I was hoping to get a long rest after my jet log but instead here I am wondering on how to buying off stocks from bankrupt stockholders. What the hell is happening? I'm void out from my own privacy. May be, this isn't a vacation. This is Japan after all.

Japan, where it all started. This is my home. This is where it all started. This is where I got to see them. Them. My friends. Often times while writing a five page essay about stock analyzing, I often drift to the happy thoughts where we we're still together. And I often wonder where they are now? Are they still here? Several letters got to me while I was still in the states. Like, the wedding invitation for Yusuke and Keiko's wedding. Or to Genkai's funeral. How I wished to see all of them. Be there with them to laugh and cry with. And now, probably they're mad at me...

The next day I decided to stroll around to get my pale and restless self for some sunshine. Then it came to me. Why not stop by the ramen house? I could use a little chat with the Urameshi couple.

Just when I was about to cross the street to the restaurant, I heard a distinctive sound of a flying oar fast approaching. After several seconds, I duck and it flew past over me.

It's her. I ran as fast as I could to reach her, until from a distance I saw her dismounting her oar and walks in to a small alley.

After some time, I caught up to her and tapped her slowly at the back. Where she gave out a small screech that made me laugh. God I missed her voice.

"Huh?!" she tried to know who I was, and just then she looked straight at my eyes with her light violet eyes.

"Nani? Kurama-kun!! It's been a long time!! Gosh you didn't change!!" Botan gaped at me then looked away... is she embarrassed? I didn't know.

"Really now? For a 500 more years old deity you didn't change at all!!" I joked around, that made her chuckle a bit.

After some several puppy eyes, she agreed to have some ice cream with me. She just drops by the hospital to check Keiko, who just had a delivery yesterday. She even told me that it's Yusuke's second girl. With this news, I grinned evilly to myself, Yusuke doesn't waste time!

We wandered off back to the park where I started my day, we shared some few talks and she decided to go back to Reikai.

"Hey, wanna come?" she asked me with a whisper. She really didn't change a bit.

"Where?" I replied back with a goofy expression. Trying to make her laugh again.

"To Reikai! Koenma-sama would really like to see you and someone wants to see you too..." she whispered with a wink. Who ever that someone was, it made me curious.

When was the last time I went here? I didn't know. It's been a while, I wouldn't call it finally reached peace, but surely it's a good thing the three realms are doing well with out any war. With me back here in Reikai, I remember our missions and the first time I become a Reikai Tantei.

And here I am back here again. We finally stopped by in front of a huge double door. She winks at me again and opened it.

"Koenma-sama!!!!!" she greeted her employer jovially, that gave him the shock of his life. Does he even get used to this? Botan probably does this to him every time but...

I abruptly ended my musings as a soft hand guided me inside. I smiled warmly to myself; her small gestures never cease to amaze me. As she guide me towards the end of the room, where I get to slowly unveil a little silhouette of a boy.

"Kurama? It's been a long time!!" Koenma greeted me as he jumps down from his chair and stood and approached me.

"Botan, why won't you fetch her and tell her who came to visit." Koenma ordered her.

Her? The someone Botan was talking about is a she? Who could it be? I wonder.

"So, Kurama-kun..." Koenma startled me as I slightly shocked myself from the realization that he has change into his adult form.

I gave him a questioning look to urge him to continue, from the sound of his voice I can tell this is something important.

"You've been doing well being a ningen?" He asked will looking at me observantly.

Doing well. Hmmmm... if he's talking about my financial status, then I am, I tried to ask him specifically what actually meant that... but wouldn't count on Koenma to tell me what I want him to ask. Am I happy being a ningen?

"Probably, I'm contented." I replied, cautiously picking out the words.

"Then, you're ready to choose?" Koenma asked back.

Am I? I remember he asked me the same thing before I went to the states.


"I'm not ready to choose yet Koenma." I replied with irritation.

"That's fine Kurama-kun. I'm not forcing you to answer this." Koenma replied giving me encouragement.

"I can't choose right away if I'll accept my Humanity and turn my back on what I am." I said to him seriously.

With a smile, he slowly nods and waves his good bye.


"Can you ask me this when I reach my 70th birthday?" I jokingly replied, giving him a light chuckle before he replied.

"Then wouldn't be weird that you still look like 50 years younger?" Koenma half laughingly replied.

Yes, probably it is true. I still am Youko Kurama, not a ningen that age.

"May be before I go back to the states I'll tell you my answer." I replied as we finally approached our destination.

"Well it better be longer... Botan wishes to see all of you in her wedding." Koenma startled me with the news. Botan getting married?

"To who?" I asked back, it pained me... but why? With this, Koenma answered me with a smile. And I knew whom he was pertaining to.

We entered a garden, and couldn't help but smile. I can feel the plants around me giving me a warm welcome. It's strange to feel this again. I can see from where I'm standing Botan waving her hands urging us to come there. From where she stands I can make out a child like shadow sitting in the veranda beside her.

"Genki-baasan." I respectfully bowed as we approached them.

"It's been a long time isn't it?" Genkai replied with a smile as she made eye contact with me.

Several hours pass by, and I decided to go home. Botan made it an effort to escort me back to Ningenkai to my home where I thought of a splendid idea.

"Why not stay for dinner? I know Koenma wouldn't mind." I smiled encourage her to stay, he wouldn't of course! Why would he... he just made his point a while ago?

"I'd love too. Why would he mind?" She replied with her cheery smile. Exactly what I knew she would say.

I don't want to admit it, but this 'splendid idea' is a scheme for me to know what happened to everyone. It's a good thing no one's home this night, that made me realize...our family decided to have dinner together, and probably they got tired of waiting for me.

Botan babbled non-stop. She had even got the chance to tell me about how Yusuke and Kuwabara fought over what would Keiko name her second baby. Shizuru had found out that the man behind the first tournament is still alive and they we're engaged, and are currently on a vacation. Kuwabara finally found out that Hiei is Yukina's big brother that made him gag of disgust for several hours.

The dinner ended happily for her. But for me, it left me more questions. To admit the truth, not that I don't care about the others, but I was waiting for her to tell me about her engagement.

"Well thanks for the dinner!" She bid me as she soars to the sky.

Not that I mind her being engaged, but... I don't know I just feel weird. Maybe because, every single one of my friends had finally made a big turn on each of there lives. But did I make a big turn in my life? Is being able to graduate from college and run different businesses a big turn for me? I don't know. I just don't know. May be this three weeks will not change me... or is it?

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