Always The Brightest Star
By: Angel
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
A/N: Harry thinks about Sirius as he does a little stargazing...

The veil
so mysterious
Carries a hidden truth
of Fate and Destiny
of Life and Death

I saw you fall
The fear on your face
I screamed
Unshed tears in my eyes
I stretched my hand
To get to you

But, no
I couldn't reach you
Though I really wanted to
A strong arm caught me
A crying arm that
bore a terrible pain

I saw you dissapear
behind the veil
I waited
for you to come back
I refused to believe
Refused to understand
Why you?

I only just found you
A million words unspoken
A thousand tears unshed
I'm scared
I'm alone
It's so cold here
and I'm freezing
Where did you go?
Why did you leave me?
I never had a chance
to tell you
to show you
how much I love you

You're like a father
More than a brother
Greater than a friend
But now you're gone
Leaving me alone

Wherever you are
Please trust me
You'll stay in my heart
Look up
See the stars?
The brightest one
on the northern sky
Alpha Canis Majoris...
Like the star
You're always the brightest star...

R.I.P - Sirius Black