Always My Starlight
By: Angel
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
A/N: Remus thinks about Sirius as he tries to sleep...

Nothing but pain
So terrible
Yet so pure

You dissapeared
Behind the veil
My wonderful friend
Now forever gone

Memories kept flooding my mind
Your laughter
Your smile
Your comforting words
Stabbing my heart
Tearing my soul
Rendered me speechless...

Years ago
I lived in pure fear
Fear of those
I consider friends
Finding out
Who I am
And indeed
They found out
You found out

I expected an insult
Expected to be left out
You told me to stay
By saying 'it's okay'

Now that you're gone
I'd have to carry on
In this world alone

You're always the one
More like a brother
Greater than a friend
Thank you...
Thank you for everything
You made me who I am
Even through the darkest night
You're always my starlight

R.I.P - Sirius Black