Gentaro exited the dimensional veil that the members of Foundation X conjured as he chased them, and the sight of a full-scale battle across an open field greeted him.

The combatants looked like the typical monsters he and his fellow Kamen Riders fought on a daily basis against humans or at least people who looked like the typical human being, humanoids as Kengo had described himself and Nadeshiko.

Up above were flying creatures, a group of them could be called robots, and the others were winged animals that had people riding them. They were fighting gigantic worm-like creatures that wreaked havoc across the battlefield.

The most troublesome in the whole scene were the things that were floating above the flying combatants and flying worms. They were the typical spaceships commonly found in sci-fi movies. There were a lot of smaller spaceships and a large one right above them.

All of the spaceships were firing lasers wherever on the ground, not caring if they hit their friends or their enemies.

Gentaro noticed that the orange circles above some people were protecting the fighters on the ground from the lasers that rained from above.

He nodded to himself and decided to destroy the spaceships in the sky.

He utilized his warping ability and inserted the Drill Astroswitch into his belt and activated it after pressing something on his chest plate.

"Rocket on."

"Drill on."

Fourze's right hand was changed into an orange rocket while his left leg transformed into a yellow drill.

"Limit Break"

"Rider Rocket Drill Kick!" Gentaro shouted

He used the propulsion of his rocket-hand and his suit and the penetrating power of his drill to deal a huge amount of damage to the spaceships, which were promptly finished off by a woman in fire who just plowed through all of them like they were butter.

As soon as the big spaceship and many of the smaller ones were destroyed, Gentaro equipped himself with the Launcher Module with the power of the Freeze Module and began firing missiles that froze anything it touched.

As he entered free fall, he immediately fired some freeze-powered missiles on the waterspout someone was maintaining to keep the place from being flooded and froze it, creating a barrier and pillar of ice between the lake and the ground below.

As soon as he landed he fired more freeze-powered missiles on the water in front of a person and promptly froze the entire lake to keep its pressure from destroying the ice wall that had been made by freezing the waterspout.

The person, someone who was like Haruto – Kamen Rider Wizard, nodded at him to which Fourze responded with his right thumb up.

Suddenly, everyone felt a huge shockwave and it knocked everyone down, including the Wizard that Gentaro had helped a moment ago.

Scanning the battlefield, Gentaro found three people fighting a person, a person who towered over their opponents and was purple all over, with everything they've got.

Another person joined the fray, and it was the lady on fire that had destroyed the spaceships earlier.

"We do not, and under any circumstances, are we going to let that purple giant get that gauntlet." The Haruto-like person floated beside Gentaro.

Gentaro would have asked if he could befriend the towering person, but from the looks of things, that person has already made his choice and Gentaro has decided on his.

Alongside the magician, Gentaro propelled himself towards the five people fighting, overtaking the magician's speed. The purple giant was able to throw all of his opponents away from him, then made an attempt at the gauntlet with glowing rocks on it.

"Giant Foot On."

Gentaro inserted another switch that caused his right foot to transform into an oversized red boot and immediately stomped on the ground. The resulting stomp materialized a construct of a really large boot stepping on the giant's back, knocking him down face-first on the ground.

The purple giant attempted to get up once more, only for Fourze to reapply another large foot on the being's back.

A man in a blue, white, and red suit immediately tried to grab the gauntlet with a lot of glowing ovals on it, only to fail as it was hoisted in the air by an invisible force.

"Winch on."

Fourze's left hand was equipped with a winch as soon as he activated another switch into his driver and clasped the gauntlet with his hook, preventing it from going towards the enemy.

Gentaro found himself out of his Rider suit standing on water in a vast open space filled with orange light. He was facing five differently colored gems floating in front of him, giving off an ethereal glow.

He was in awe of what he was seeing.

He silently vowed to make them his friends.

Gentaro shook his head as he found himself back in the battle with the hook of his winch holding onto the gauntlet with the infinity stones.

A person in red and gold armor, who was most likely this world's Kamen Rider, attempted to get to the gauntlet only to get thrown away by the same force that was carrying the gauntlet.

With Fourze's attention on the infinity stones, the purple giant, Thanos, grabbed the winch and pulled it, forcing him on a direct path to his opponent, and threw him to the man he assumed to be a Kamen Rider.

"Really?" Gentaro could hear the exasperation in the man's voice. "Not only did Space Barney throw me, he decided to throw discount Buzz Lightyear on top of me? I swear, the disrespect."

"Discount Buzz Lightyear?" Gentaro couldn't help but ask.

"Look, Buzz, I don't know who you are but we need to get that gauntlet away from the purple guy."

The man instructed. The man pointed at Thanos who was fighting the lady in flames.

"I have a plan, I noticed that you too have a propulsion system like mine," The man started. "On the count of three, we rush at him and our propulsion should be enough to push him away a few steps."


"The air coming out of your suit?"

"Oh, that!"

"Did you make that su- No that's for later, you get the plan?"

Gentaro simply flashed his right thumb.

"Good, one, two, three." The man began. "Go!"

Fourze and the other Rider propelled themselves at Thanos when a blue portal appeared behind the purple alien, sending the three of them out into space.

In hindsight, Gentaro should have probably told the other Kamen Rider about his ability to open warp gates before using his ability to transport the three of them a bit further away from Earth's satellites, but he didn't.

Gentaro was actually impressed that the other Rider was able to get his bearings and began firing lasers from every inch of their suit just to put some distance between Earth and the alien. He followed the other Rider's lead and was also firing missiles at the alien.

Thanos proved to be a powerful opponent and was able to endure all the hits he took from Fourze's missiles and the other Rider's lasers. He was able to fashion himself something to defend himself from the trash that were floating in space and eventually used them to propel himself, with the aid of the explosions from Fourze's missiles, to both masked warriors.

Gentaro was able to dodge the incoming alien but the other Rider wasn't so lucky. He did not hesitate to open another warp gate back to where they came from because he knew if he did not, the other Rider and Thanos would have burned when they fall back to Earth.

Fourze pushed the two fighting combatants into the portal he just created and found himself rolling onto the ground from where they were fighting earlier.

Thanos was able to gain his composure and saw that the gauntlet was in another person's hands. He immediately grabbed the man in red and gold armor and had forgone beating the man to a pulp in favor of throwing him to the person holding the gauntlet.

Gentaro realized what Thanos was going to do and immediately rushed towards the purple giant in an effort to stop him only for him to be thwarted and be thrown to the other side and two more were thrown on top of him for good measure: one was wearing a red cape and the other was the same man in a blue, red, and white suit earlier.

Thanos grabbed the gauntlet and immediately wore it. He was about to snap his fingers when he was kneed to the ground by the flaming lady.

Thanos attempted to retaliate but the flaming lady was overpowering him. She floated over him while still holding his gauntlet-ed hand and pulled her fist with the intention of punching him to the ground.

Thanos retrieved one of the stones from the gauntlet and enclosed it in his free hand and punched the flaming lady a few yards away towards a huge stone debris, cracking it.

With no more interruptions, Thanos returned the stone back to the gauntlet and fixed it on his hand.

The only Rider in the area, whose helmet had been removed in all the chaos, tackled Thanos to the ground only to be backhanded aside by the purple being's free hand.

"I am inevitable." Thanos declared.

The towering alien raised his gauntlet-ed hand.


Snapped his fingers.


Nothing happened.

Thanos snapped his fingers once more, to no avail. He looked at the back of his gauntlet only to find the stones missing.

"And" The helmetless Rider started as he raised his right hand.

The stones were on the Rider's right arm, slowly but surely snaking their way up toward the man's armored hand.


The helmetless Rider glared at Thanos.


The stones were positioned into their spots and glowed as power coursed through the man's body.


The man snapped his fingers.

The effect was instantaneous.

All of Thanos's forces began to disintegrate to dust that would fly freely with the wind. From the damaged spaceship to the flying creatures to the number of mook soldiers the purple alien had.

All of them turned to dust.

Gentaro watched as the two people who were thrown on top of him regained consciousness and stood up.

As Gentaro watched the enemies disintegrate into dust, he realized something.

He immediately placed a switch on his driver that transformed his left leg into a faucet and then pressed something on his chest.

"Water On."

"Medical On."

"Rocket On."

Fourze flew up and sprayed water all over the battlefield, with the water module equipped on his left foot, and the rocket module on his right hand. He made sure that his fellow Kamen Rider would be doused with water more than the others.

Kengo had explained to him that if he combined the effects of the medical module with the water or even the net module, it could provide cure or relief to anyone suffering, and right now, he's hoping that every one of his buds would be alright once they were doused with water.

The part of the armor that housed the Infinity Stones broke off of the man's armor as the four people in front of Fourze's supposed fellow Kamen Rider were shedding tears with smiles on their faces.

Hopefully, Gentaro prevented the worst-case scenario.

Gentaro woke up and found himself lying on a very comfortable bed. He could hear people talking in English.

This fact confused him, before the only language he can hear was Japanese but now he was hearing things in English.

"Ah, he's awake." A man in a white coat and blue button-up shirt went inside his room. "Tell me, do you know where you are?"

Gentaro couldn't understand a lick of anything that was said.

"Me do not know English." Gentaro replied with the meager amount of English words he knew.

Gentaro could see the confusion on the man's face, if he remembered correctly, he was the person who was like Haruto and did all that magic stuff from the water spout…

Wait, how long was he unconscious?

"Hmm, that's strange…" The man continued on, not that Gentaro could understand any word that was said. "I certainly remember hearing you speaking in English during the battle, I'll have to find someone who's fluent in Japanese."

As soon as the man in a white lab coat, blue button-up shirt, black slacks, and black shoes left the room, Gentaro was able to get a look around the room he was in.

The room was all white, it looked like he was in the hospital. There were hints of color inside the room, from the painting beside the door to a gray or silver thing right in front of him.

The clothes he wore while he was in the Kyurangers' world were gone and were replaced by a white gown.

Suddenly, a bald woman entered the room and greeted Gentaro, holding up a silver tablet.

"Hello, I'm Aneka, I was told to help you with the language barrier."

"I'm Kisaragi Gentaro, do you all know I was the one inside the sky-blue rocket-like suit?"

"That's correct," Aneka nodded as she swiped on her tablet. "Nice to meet you, Kisaragi-san."

"Let me introduce myself, I'm Kisaragi Gentaro, Kamen Rider Fourze." He ended his introduction by slick-ing the side of his hair backward before offering his hand.

Out of courtesy, Aneka took the hand only to be flabbergasted when she was subjected to Gentaro's signature handshake. It was like the special handshake that the King and Princess had.

"If I may be so bold to ask, Kisaragi-san, what were you doing at the Avenger's compound?" Aneka asked.

"Ah, that? I was chasing some bad guys from another universe and the next thing I know was getting involved in the fight against Thanos." Gentaro answered. "My friends were having so much trouble and I could, not, just not help."

"I see…" Aneka hummed when something from on her body rang. "Sorry, I need to attend to other matters."

"It's fine." Gentaro offered a smile.

Sometime later, Gentaro met with some of the universe's heroes, and was introduced to them, and were also subjected to Gentaro's signature handshake. Everything was made possible with Aneka's assistance of breaching the language barrier.

With his translator's help, Gentaro was able to tell everyone what he had told Aneka earlier.

"Eh? He's not a Kamen Rider?" Gentarou exclaimed.

"He's called Ironman," Aneka translated for her king. "Although I can see why you'd mistake him as one considering you wear armor similar to his."

"We need to rebuild the machine and return the stones from when we took them." A hulking green giant stated.

"We know, Bruce, but with Tony out of commission, it's going to have to take a backseat." The man in a blue, white, and red suit shook his head.

"Besides, when the Japanese's belt fell off, it stuck to the stones like glue and anyone who tries to remove one from the other will get shocked."

"Belt? What about my belt?"

"So when your sky-blue suit disappeared, the ornate belt you were wearing fell off from your waist and was stuck to the hand armor that housed the infinity stones," Aneka translated for the green giant. "Anyone who tries to remove the belt from the hand armor was getting mild shocks."

"Can I take a look?"

"Dr. Strange did say he was in good health, just exhausted, we should consult him before making a decision." T'challa stated.

"The king says that we need to see someone and ask if you could look at the stones and the belt." Aneka summarized her king's words.

As soon as Gentaro looked at the Fourze Driver, he immediately knew what his next move was, and that was to remove the Fourze Driver from the table, which he immediately did.


"Oh, everyone's speaking in Japanese now."

"Interesting," The Hulk hummed. "So that belt acts as a universal translator for you and enables you to speak the language of who you are talking to."

"I can hear him speaking in Xhosa." T'challa nodded his head.

"That certainly proves a point." Dr. Strange nodded.

"As I understand, you came from another world and were chasing your brand of villains to this one before getting involved in the fight against Thanos." Captain America voiced out.

"That's right," Gentaro grinned. "I wasn't aware of what they were doing until they kidnapped me so that I could aid in their escape in the future."

"It's no doubt because of that blue portal that appeared during your fight with Thanos." Dr. Strange concluded.

"Do you have an idea on how to track the villains you were chasing?"

"Sadly, no." Gentaro admitted. "I'll only be able to track them once they use their ability to travel to another universe."

"It's not magic?"

"No, it's not." Gentaro shook his head.

"Tell us about these villains that you were chasing." Falcon prompted.

And with that Gentaro told everyone in the room about an organization called Foundation X and how they were called the merchants of death.

"So Hydra wannabes." Falcon stated his distaste.

"It's bad enough that they have access to things that revive monsters and generals that have already been defeated."

"Rest up, Gentaro," The Hulk patted the Japanese teacher. "We'll help you in tracking this Foundation X."

Days passed, and Gentaro finally got a lead about Foundation X. They had claimed to be members of Damage Control but they matched the clothing Gentaro said they would wear as their uniform.

Some people had contacted the Avengers and the King of Wakanda about suspicious individuals who fit Gentaro's description of Foundation X.

Both Captain America and Ironman, once he was briefed on what's happening, suggested that they inform the US government about this group of white-clothed men because Foundation X has a chance of being capable of replicating what was done to Captain America.

Apparently, Captain America had relatively the same story as the first among the Kamen Riders, Kamen Rider Ichigou.

"Fighting an army of America's ass isn't my kind of hobby." Ironman quipped.

Once everything got settled, including making sure that Ironman stayed in bed, Dr. Strange made a circular orange portal that led them back to the Avengers' compound.

The battlefield where the fight against Thanos happened.

"Of course, Fourze is here!" A man in white clothes cussed.

"The sample we got should be enough." Another one yelled. "We need to go!"

"Oh no, you don't!" Gentaro exclaimed. "Henshin!"

Gentaro transformed into Fourze Base states and rushed towards the Foundation X grunts when monstrous beings erupted from the ground.

"This time, they're using Yummies?"

"I believe you haven't told us about Yummies." The Hulk prompted.

"They're not the enemies I faced back when I was really active in fighting against them but from what I've been told, we are fighting against white Yummies and they're born from human desires."

"Does nothing happen to the people they're born from?" Dr. Strange questioned as he blocked a strike with a solid magic circle.

"No, no side-effects to them."

"They're not sentient?" Hawkeye asked.


"Very well."

What followed next was the destruction of the white yummy army that the members of Foundation X haphazardly made. Their numbers thinned before any of them could step off of the Avengers compound.

They were cornered.

Surrender yourselves, we have your group surrounded," Captain America stepped forward. "We promise nothing harmful will come to you if you surrender."

"This is a good experiment as any," One Foundation X member hissed at his companion. "Quick give me one vial of the blood."

"But sir, it'd only be destroyed with Fourze around!" The other hissed back.

"I know that, we're just stalling for time."

As the Avengers and Fourze waited for the cornered Foundation X members to respond, they were immediately on guard when one of them smeared some red liquid onto a Cell Medal and inserted it into his head.

A blue, red, and white yummy was born from the foundation X member. It staggered forward before it shouted and rushed toward Captain America.

"This one is quite strong," Captain America grunted. "A lot stronger than the ones we fought earlier."

Suddenly, more yummies erupted from the ground and distracted everyone from the fleeing Foundation X members.

"They are weak but they are harder to destroy." Black Panther commented.

"They get knocked down but they stand back up." The Hulk agreed.

"I'm worried about the Yummy Captain America is fighting," Dr. Strange blasted one yummy away from him. "They did something for it to be able to match his strength."

"Go!" The Hulk grabbed the three yummies that pursued Dr. Strange. "Analyze it."

Dr. Strange nodded as he flew towards Captain America and the yummy he was fighting and moved his magic-circle-engulfed hands in an attempt to make sense of the enemy Captain America was fighting.

"No!" Doctor Strange gasped.

"What's wrong?" Black Panther kicked two yummies away from him.

"That yummy is the same as Captain America, a super soldier." Doctor Strange assisted the star-spangled hero and blasted it away, giving Captain America some kind of breather.

"What do you mean?" Hawkeye shot three yummies in their heads.

"The red liquid it was smeared with earlier contained Captain America's blood."

"Which means it's the same as a Super Soldier." The Hulk concluded.

"Cosmic On."

"Leave him to me." Gentaro stated as his suit changed color from white to sky-blue.

Fourze spun in place and slashed the yummies he was fighting, destroying them in an explosion. He then rushed to the yummy Captain America was fighting as a blue portal opened up behind the yummy and it inside the portal.

As they exited the portal, Gentaro found himself in space, with his opponent flailing to get to somewhere but to no avail.

An orange rocket was equipped on Gentaro's hand and a yellow drill was equipped on his leg.

"Rider Rocket Drill Kick!" Gentaro exclaimed

Fourze used the propulsion of his rocket to rush toward his enemy and used his drill-equipped leg to pierce through his enemy.

As soon as Gentaro was back on Earth, he was greeted by the Avengers destroying the yummies in fiery explosions as a team, ending it with the Hulk punching them.

Gentaro scanned the field, and sure enough, he found the foundation X members scurrying toward a helicopter.

However before any of them could even board the helicopter, Gentaro saw The Hulk leap and landed on the helicopter's tail all the while grabbing the pilot and co-pilot's clothes and pulling them to safety.

Another orange portal opened and came out another person.

"Col. Rhodes," Black Panther greeted.

"King T'challa," The suited man nodded. "I got the okay for keeping these foundation X stooges in Wakanda custody."

"You can refer to Ayo on securing these people."

"As you wish, King T'challa." A voice gave her ascent as multiple women in red and gold garb began taking the members of Foundation X away."

"That was a nice save!" Gentaro grinned.

"All in a day's work for a military personnel," The named Col. Rhodes shook his head. "I still haven't thanked you for saving Tony's life."

"Of course! Anything for my buds!" Gentaro grinned as he stretched out his hand.


Col. Rhodes cautiously accepted the offered hand only to be thrown for a loop when he wasn't greeted with a normal handshake, but rather a unique one.

"Don't worry, Col." Hawkeye stepped forward. "We were just as surprised as you when we were subjected to his brand of handshake at first."


"So what have we got on the canvasses here?" An unarmored Ironman walked into a room watching an interrogation of Foundation X members.

"Canvasses?" Captain America, wearing civilian clothes, questioned.

"Them?" Ironman pointed at the people getting interrogated with a raised eyebrow. "These men in white doing some voodoo shit or something.

"They're tough nuts to crack," Hawkeye commented. "They haven't said a word, not even in a different language."

"Are we sure they didn't take any pills to silence themselves?"

"One attempted but Dr. Strange managed to get all of the pills inside their mouths and destroyed them."

"What about you, rocket head, what's the deal about them?"

"Rocket head? Me?" Gentaro pointed at himself at the new nickname he received.

"Who else? You're the one who looks like a rocket with your armor on." Ironman replied cheekily.

"Weren't you informed?" Captain America frowned.

"I was, but I want the story to come from him." Ironman pointed at Gentaro.


Tony nodded.

Gentaro obliged a retold everyone how he came to this universe.

"So a multiverse, huh?"

"I don't know about whatever-verse, but they took me from my Earth so that they can try to control me and help them escape every time."

"That is a good strategy," Ironman nodded. "You have the power to create portals to wherever you want to go, you would make a fancy getaway person."

"How did you escape them?" Dr. Strange asked.

"My friends in that universe saved me." Gentaro grinned.

Before any further discussion could occur, a Wakandan interrogator was slammed to the wall as an aurora curtain appeared in front of Gentaro and the others.

"What in the-"

"Did you lot at least get the samples I asked of you?" A person exited the veil and broke the captured Foundation X member free from their restraints.

"Had to use one of the American Captain's," The captured member rubbed their wrists in an attempt to ease the pain on them. "Fourze's here and he's given the heroes of this world intel about us."

"I knew we shouldn't have even attempted to use a Shocker Rider for this," The other member growled. "No matter, we still have more blood samples from the American Captain to use, where are the other samples?"

The captured member simply pointed at the table that was littered with small vials of debris, that presumably contained DNA samples of the world's heroes.

"On no, you don't!" Gentaro burst through the wall, after transforming into his white suit, and immediately grabbed the hand that was going for the vials of debris.

"Kamen Rider Fourze," the man observed. "I knew it was a mistake attempting to use one of you Riders for this operation."

"And I'm thankful for it, this way you can't hurt any of my buds any longer." Gentaro growled out.

"Grab the vials!"

"Oh no, you don't!"

The Avengers made short work of the attackers and neutralized all of them.

T'challa made sure his subject was okay before asking someone else to bring the interrogator somewhere to be treated.

"Tch, these white yummies are so weak." The Foundation X member fighting Gentaro clicked their tongue. "No matter, we just need to overwhelm them with numbers."

As if on cue, more and more yummies, filed out of the aurora veil and began attacking the Avengers. Whenever one of the yummies fall, three more took it's place.

"We need to cut through them!" Black Panther called out as he unleashed the stored kinetic energy from within his suit, blowing the yummies away from him.

"What about the people inside them?"

"They're separate from their hosts." Gentaro assured Iron Man.

"Is it alright?" Ironman couldn't help but ask.

"We'll suffer more casualties if we don't."

"You asked for it," Iron Man stated as he fired a laser blast through their enemies, piercing through the wall of the interrogation room.

"We need to get out of here!"

"Not until we get those vials."

As the combatants fought, someone sneakily walked past everyone who was fighting and went toward the pedestal where the vials were deposited.

Captain America immediately noticed that someone was by the pedestal and immediately threw his shield towards the wall and made it ricochet towards the pedestal, forcing the Foundation X member to duck, and destroyed the vials as a result.

"No!" The Foundation X member Gentaro was fighting kicked Fourze out of his way and made his way back to the veil, releasing the captive Foundation X members along the way. "This was a failure, we need to fall back, now!"

"Wha- but!"


Everyone in white uniform nodded as they escaped to the veil.

The Avengers attempted to give chase but a new wave of yummies exited the veil and began to overwhelm the Avengers.

"Decade on."

Fourze's one leg turned magenta with Decade's face on his knee. He stomped once and stopped the decay of the curtain. As soon as he made sure that his ticket of following the enemies was in place, he immediately helped the Avengers clean up and defeated all of the yummies until nothing came through.

"You should follow them," Black Panther offered.

"Don't worry about us, we'll handle things here." Iron Man assured.

"Are you sure?"

"Buds help each other out, right?" Hawkeye gave Fourze a big smile.

"Thanks a lot!" Gentaro bowed at the heroes of this world before chasing after the members of Foundation X through the aurora curtain.

"So, Gandalf, what do you think?"

Everyone was finished fighting their respective sets of monsters, which soon caused mini explosions, leaving nothing in their wake.

"I am a sorcerer, not a wizard, Stark," Dr. Strange rolled his eyes. "As for your question, I know that their means of travel to different transportation isn't mystical in nature."

"Alien origin, then?" Professor Hulk offered.

"He did claim to be rescued by aliens." Hawkeye added.

"No," Dr. Strange shook his head. "It's hard to pinpoint, but that power originated in a different world. It's like there's a rift in space and you just arrived at your destination."

"So it's like your means of transportation, then?" Black Panther asked.

"Yes, but instead of places in this universe, it's other universes." Dr. Strange nodded.