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Whatever it takes

Summary~ Kenshin and Misao are in love. But war and overbearing parents split them apart. Kenshin vows to her that no matter what it takes they will be together. 200 yrs. Later will his reincarnation keep that promise? A/K K/M

Ch. One

The snowflakes fall freely, and they swirl and twirl in the light wind. A young girl stands in the middle of an open field, basking in the wonderland around her. She grins happily while hugging herself. Only one thing could make this picture perfect.

A man of about eighteen stands, unseen, watching the girl, and smiles to himself. He watches her for a while, before wanting to apart of the scene. His red hair blows softly in the wind, as he walks to her.

Misao sings quietly, and hears footsteps behind her and turns around to see Kenshin! She throws her arms around him, and he hugs her tightly back. "Kenshin what are you doing here?"

"I came out here to enjoy the snow, and then I saw you. I wanted to come be with you, is that alright?"

"Of course it's alright!" She says with a smile on her lips.

"What were you singing? Please sing it for me. You have a lovely voice, that you do." Misao blushed slightly, and then gathered her courage and sang with all her heart to her love.

You brighten up the moon and stars at night

You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky

You bring new meaning to my life, now

I believe in miracles and I'm forever yours

I was lost.. Till angels brought you to me

I'm yours.

I never knew love until


"Why'd you stop? Your voice is wonderful to hear." Kenshin asked, puzzled.

The young girl's cheeks became very red. "I can't remember the rest."

"I hope you'll sing for me again." He whispered into her ear. She smiled up at him and nodded.


Bring! The school bells rang loudly through the vast campus. Kamiya Kaoru jumped up from her sleeping postion on her science desk. A few of the kids laughed, and her sensei gave her disapproving looks. Her face burning with embarssement, Kaoru collected her textbooks, and ran out of the room.

That was the third time she'd fallen asleep in science class! Pretty soon she'd start bringing a pillow to class. It wasn't her fault, science just wasn't her thing, as a matter of fact it put her to sleep!

"Kamiya! Wait up!" Kaoru turned to see her best friend, Megumi running up to her. Megumi's glossy hair shone in the fluorescent lights and her pretty figure caught the eyes of most of the boys. She ignored their more than obvious stares, and caught up with her almost sister.

"Did I tell you that Mom is going to invite all her college friends to the wedding? She said that it wouldn't be a true wedding without them." Megumi said after a few moments.

"Yeah, Papa told me. It still feels strange, you know? Papa and Ms. Soryo-"

"Mom." Her best friend corrected.

"Sorry, it's still kind of strange calling your mother, Mom."

"You'll get used to it. I'm already used to calling Mr. Kamiya dad. You don't mind?" Kaoru shook her head.

"I think it's pretty cool that you and I are going to be sisters, and I'm more than happy to let you use my dad." "Same with my mom. Anyway, back to my mom's college friends, one of them, Mei, has two really cute sons. The oldest is Aoshi, and the other is Siho. I like Siho, better though. Aoshi is so cold, and he never talks."


Aoshi shot up in his bed. He had that nightmare, again. He'd been having it for almost all of his life. When he was little it would keep him up at night. Aoshi climbed out from under the covers, and sat on the edge of the bed. He wiped away the beads of sweat that was forming on his forehead. He shuddered, remembering every single detail.

There was a lot of smoke everywhere, and he could barely see. In the background, he could hear people cheering, and he knew it was for him. For some reason he didn't feel as happy as they sounded. He had this eerie feeling that something bad was going to happen. He then would see flashes of blood and gore. He could see mangled bodies, tangled together, and he knew that he was the cause. That eerie feeling came back, and then he felt a deep pain shoot through him, and then he would always wake up.

What did the dream mean, and why was the dream getting more vivid with every time he had it? Would he ever be able to sleep, without fear of that horrible dream?


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