Thanks for the reviews. it's set two days before the Kamiya/Soryo wedding. This story is mainly about Aoshi/Kaoru, and M/K won't be in it much. 

Battousi parts will be mysterious and vague, mostly dealing with his emotions. He has just started his journey, and this is before his first fight. 

Whatever it takes

Chapter four


Kaoru closed the door quietly behind her. She inhaled sharply, and tried to block out the voices on the other side of the door. She walked down the hallway, and slide open the back door. She saw a figure sitting on the back porch, and plopped down beside it. Her brother Yahiko looked at her then continued to stare at the stars.

A/N – I just had to add him in!^^ Sorry, I know I said it was just her and her dad, but I couldn't resist!

Yahiko had been away at boarding school for must off his life. Her father had tried to get her to go, but she refused, and quiet loudly at that. She didn't get see her brother often, and it was nice to have him home. Kaoru knew he didn't want their father to remarry, but kept it well hidden. Only she knew, and that was only because they were so close.

"What are you doing out here, Ugly?" he asked grumpily.

"I got tired off hearing about the wedding, and needed some fresh air." Kaoru answered for once ignoring her brother's 'fond' nickname.

"Me, too. Hey can I ask you something?" Kaoru was surprised, Yahiko never asked for anything, he was too proud. Seeing her face, he shook his head, "Never mind."

"No, what is it?"


"Come on Yahiko-"

"Do you think Papa would let me stay here? Ya know, after the wedding?" He finally blurted.

"Sure, I don't see why he wouldn't. He always thought you liked school."

"I do its just.." He suddenly stopped, his cheeks taking on a pinkish hue. Kaoru knew what was bothering him. He missed home, papa, and her. She reached out and hugged her brother, and to her surprise, he didn't push her away.



It's hot.

Too hot.

I feel like I'm suffocating in my own skin.

My sides are battling for control, and my good side is losing.

In a vain attempt to revive itself, my good side pushes pictures of the ones I love in my brain.

My deceased parents

My Sensei


The battousi pushes those memories back, and quickly kills his other half.

All that remains of him is a promise, and an inkling of hope that a better day would come.

I sense people up ahead, and they are waiting.


For me.

Unsheathe my sword.

Let the games begin.