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Michael "TheZorch" Haney's

"The Warrior and the Peacemaker"


Chapter 8 - "Enter Noike"

Part 2 of 2


"How have you been Tenchi?" the young cyan haired woman asked in a gentle voice.

"I," Tenchi tried to say but be couldn't believe his eyes, it was her, he knew that face better than anyone. Tears began to stream down his face blurring his vision.


"Tenchi, its not like that ..." the woman said coming over to him as he fell to his knees in front of her. A few tears well in her eyes as well to see him this way.

"Mom, you're alive," he sobbed and the woman held him close also on verge of crying.

"Its not like that," she said again, then she heard the sound of someone else crying and look up at the stairs. Several people were standing there, she knew who most of them were, but the young couple standing further up the stairs she didn't know. The young man was handsome, and the young woman leaning on his shoulder sobbing was beautiful.

"I'm go happy for you Tenchi," Ryoko sobbed.

"Tenchi-niichan," cried Sasami. Ryu-Ohki always on her shoulder spewed out a torrent of tears.

"I don't really get it but ... whaaaaa!" Mihoshi wailed hosing the place down in a manner that would have made Tendo Soun proud.

"Isn't it wonder, Ranma?" Kasumi asked the man she loved wiping away the tears.

At that moment Noboyuki came down the stairs commenting about the computer saying that Tenchi would be surprised once it booted up. Once the reached the middle landing offering a view of the living room he froze. His eyes looked onto the visage of the woman holding his son in her arms, a visage he thought he'd never see ever again.

"Kiyone," he breathed, stepped forward and slipped the rest of the way down the stairs. Ranma had to pull Kasumi out of the way to keep her from being dragged down with the man. When he landed at the bottom Noboyuki repositioned his glasses.

"Kiyone so you're come back," he cried.

The woman holding Tenchi had a strange edge to her face when she replied, "Long time to see. I'm glad you seem well." It was like she really wasn't all that happy to see him.

"Kiyone!" the man clamored over to her and grabbed her in a tight hug.

Looking annoyed the young woman said quietly, "Hey, cut it out."

Noboyuki pulled back some and looked the woman whom he knew as his wife and said, "Now, since its been a while give me a big kiss ..." He puckered up really big and leaned in. He didn't get very far. The young woman delivered a punch first to his gut which doubled him over then a swift uppercut that sent him fly towards the ceiling.

"Cut it out already!" she yelled belting him in mid upward flight sending him out of the house through the open patio doors, over the deck, and into the lake. Everyone look including Ranma just stared in surprise and blink blinked.

"Not another Akane," Ranma sighed heavily.

Noboyuki climbed out of the water and made his way back to the patio doors. "You're so mean, Tennyo!" he cried. Everyone went "Huh?" and gave the young woman another glance.

"That's what you get for being out of line," the young woman said, her hands on her hips. On her beautiful face she wore a very angry scowl which would have made even Akane wince.

"Tennyo?" said Tenchi looking up at the woman he thought was his mother with confusion.

"Well, to clarify matters she's your older sister, Tenchi." said Noboyuki pointing his thumb back at the young woman. Tennyo took a rather embarrassed pose and started laughing behind the long sleeve of her kimono.

"NANI!" everyone all exclaimed except for Kasumi who smiled happily.


For the next half-hour Tennyo, Tenchi, and the rest of the Masaki household sat in the living room. The revelation that he had an older sister was something of a shock for Tenchi. Learning that she used to fill in for his mom when she began to grow ill had also been something of a surprise. Saotome Ranma watched the exchange between the two and found himself wishing that he had a sister. He wondered what his life would have been like if he'd had one and she was a part of his life when he returned from the training trip with his father. Ranma decided to stop dwelling on things that would never happen in a million years. He'd been submerged so deep into his melancholic daydreaming that he barely registered what Tennyo said next. She was kneeling on the coffee table hugging her little brother affectionately.

" ... hand you over to an iinazuke yet!"

Ranma paled. The room had suddenly become very cold and it wasn't because of his Soul of Ice. Knowing that Tenchi's suitors were far more proficient at massive property damage than his own the young pig tailed martial artist operated on pure survival instinct. He grabbed Kasumi's hand and headed for the nearest exit when Ayeka and Ryoko both leapt to their feet in protest.

"Oh man, what is it contagious or something?!" he exclaimed as they continued to run from the house. Kasumi, suspecting what was going through Ranma's mind, could only laugh as she allowed herself to be lead away. She really couldn't blame, he was probably in full panic mode right now. The eldest of the Tendo sisters knew what was needed to calm him down though.

"Ranma-chan, can we slow down?" she begged, not used to running this fast her legs were starting to tire. Instantly concerned for her Ranma slowed and then stopped letting her catch her breath.

"I'm sorry," he turn to her in concern.

"Its alright, I know how you must have felt in there." she said with a concerned smile on her lips. She'd watched Ranma's life from the sidelines for a long time since he came to Tendo-ke. Unlike the others her view of his world wasn't skewed by preconceived notions nor a failure to accept reality. It was this unadulterated view which slowly lead her to fall in love with him.

Ranma scratched the back of his head, not out of nervousness but out of pure habit. The nervousness was gone replaced by a different feeling. That feeling was love.

"Brought back some bad memories," he admitted. It had been months since they left Nerima-ku, and the only trouble they faced was the recent appearance of Shampoo and Cologne, but that wasn't such a problem anymore.

Kasumi could feel in her heart what Ranma needed, she moved close to him and wrapped her arms around him resting her head on his shoulder. He didn't hesitate to hold her this time, in fact he hadn't hesitate to return her affections in a long time. Ranma enjoyed the softness of Kasumi's breasts pressed against his chest, and was reminded of their first time together in the onsen. A certain part of his anatomy started to react, Kasumi felt it press against her leg and smiled happily. She felt pride in herself for being able to get a reaction like "that" out of him, and she'd been longing for a repeat of that day in the onsen. Like her mother, Kasumi had inherited a strong libido, only she'd had the strength of will to suppress it until now. Many of the Tendo women had it, and the more boisterous they were the worse it was. Which meant Akane was going to be a full blown nymphomaniac assuming she actually allowed someone to get that close to her to become intimate without killing them.

Ranma shivered and held Kasumi closer. "You know, nobody's in the onsen," he said softly. Kasumi kissed him gently and the two of them walked towards the lake. Neither of them saw Tenchi and Ryu-Ohki in her child-like form sneaking out of the house and head off towards the carrot fields.


"We should go back," Kasumi said softly. She didn't want to leave, laying there in the arms of the young man she loved so much and the warm water felt so great. Her legs had just stopped shaking, aftershocks from the orgasms her lover had given her. Ranma was slowly drifting off to sleep, a combination of the warm water and the wonderful sex induced exhaustion were taking their toll.

"Yeah, at least to see if the house is still standing," Ranma smirked and shrugged off the tiredness creeping through him.

Kasumi laughed, "I don't think Ayeka-hime and Ryoko-san would do anything too rash." Ranma laughed at that, she hadn't been around for one of their really bad fights. Those girls really knew how to throw down, and all he could do was run for cover with Sasami, Ryu-Ohki and Tenchi and hope for the best.

After getting out of the warm inviting pool, some petting and a make out session they finally dried each other off and got dressed. Hand in hand they went back to the house which was still standing, to Ranma's surprise. Everyone was outside watching Mihoshi clutch onto a rather uncomfortable looking green haired beauty. The young woman saw them coming and for a moment there was recognition in her eyes when she looked at Ranma. Ever keen of his surroundings, especially when he was with Kasumi, Ranma noticed the look and got that nervous feeling again.

"Oh, Ranma-niichan, Kasumi-neechan," Sasami said cheerfully upon seeing them. "This is Noike-neechan, Tenchi-niichan's iinazuke." Ranma wasn't usually prone to such feelings, but being in a more normal, assuming you could call Masaki-ke normal, environment did have a positive effect on him, and he smiled at the child princess' infectious cheerfulness.

"Oh my, its a honor to meet you," Kasumi said bowing demurely.

"Hi," Ranma said with a wave, but what he wanted to say was "Welcome to chaos ground zero." At least Tenchi was the one who was the center of attention in stead of him. Kasumi was all the attention he needed and desired.

Noike looked at him with that strange expression again then said, "Are you Saotome Ranma?" she asked him. His iinazuke early warning system just went to stage two of three.

Reluctantly he replied, "Uh, yeah."

"We've been watching you for a while now," she admitted to the surprise of everyone there including Ranma. "Despite earth's non-interference status we've been considering approaching you for special recruitment."

"Recruitment into what?" Ranma asked, his iinazuke early warning system alert was canceled but he was still wary.

"Into the Galaxy Police, of course." Noike said. Mihoshi became excited at the idea as did Kasumi and everyone else just looked on in surprise.

They retreated to the house and it immediately became apparent that Noike was not like the other girls in the house. She knew how to handle people and was manipulating Ayeka, Ryoko, and Mihoshi like they were kids and she was the older sister. It made Ranma want to laugh when Mihoshi came out of the kitchen crying that she'd been scolded for breaking a dish, and at dinner Ayeka and Ryoko were completely at this woman's mercy. It took all of his will power to keep from falling over laughing his ass off at the absurdity of it all. Noike seemed to really know how to take care of Mihoshi. As they talked he learned that they'd once been partners together in the GP, a position he didn't envy the poor woman.

As the waning light of the sun crept slowly below the distant mountains Ranma sat in the back with Tenchi helping him fix some the farming tools he used in the carrot fields. The young Saotome pounded out the dents in the metal as Tenchi held the tools against a large wooden block which was really a cut off tree stump. With his abnormally high strength Ranma was getting the dents out of the metal much faster than Tenchi could have done so by himself. Inevitably the engagement came up in their discussion.

"Guess I should say 'welcome to the club' buddy," said Ranma when he stopped to look at the edge of the hoe he was working on.

Tenchi sighed, he'd heard many tall tales about Ranma's life before he came to live with them. It wasn't that he didn't believe them, considering his own chaotic life, but he never imagined he be in the same situation.

"Thanks that makes me feel so much better," he replied sarcastically.

Ranma laughed, "At least it wasn't me this time." Tenchi just glared at him for a moment then laughed despite himself.

"Turn it over," Tenchi flipped the implement over and Ranma continued. "What the heck did you use this thing for, to break up rocks?" He banged out the last of the dents in the metal and examined the blade to make sure it was smooth, or at least as smooth as he could make it.

"This whole place has rich volcanic soil, but its also a little rocky," explained Tenchi. "I noticed that you and Kasumi have gotten a lot closer." Tenchi wasn't oblivious to things going on around him like certain other people, and he noticed the change. Before it had been subtle but recently it was pretty rapid.

"Ya noticed," Ranma replied. "Kasumi's special ya know. She's sweet and gentle like Sasami, but she's different. I don't know I can't really put it into words and stuff, but ... I love her. I'd do anything for her."

Tenchi could understand that, any man would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to fall for someone like his beautiful, demure cousin. "I wish I could make up my mind like that," said Tenchi.

"I don't envy you," Ranma said sincerely with an apologetic smile.

Tenchi smiled and said, "At least I only have 'one' iinazuke." Ranma winced, and admitted defeat for this round.

"For now," he said, not satisfied with letting the boy have the last salvo.

Tenchi looked around nervously, "Don't give them any ideas."

"This is a political engagement," said Tenchi with a sigh. "And to think I've got a big sister I knew nothing at all about. Things are going to get lively around here again."

Ranma looked up at that moment and noticed the young woman whom had been introduced as Tenchi's big sister watching them. In the short time he'd gotten to know her Ranma decided that he like Tennyo. She was like a mix between Kasumi and Akane in some ways, gentle and demure at minute then raging lion the next. He also liked Noike too, she was the same way and watching Ayeka and Ryoko squirm was priceless.

"Tenchi," she said in that gentle voice. "Would you like to take a walk with me?" And, Ranma, please come too, there is someone who wants to meet you."


The three walked together up the long winding stairs that ran up the mountainside to the Masaki shrine. Ranma walked slowly with the two, he could have easily reached the time in no time but decided to just this once walk normally. Often he ran up and down these long stairs for exercise. It was one of the reasons why he really like Masaki-ke so much, there were endless ways for him to train around here.

As they reached the top Ranma noticed Katsuhito standing with a very beautiful green haired woman who appeared to be a bit older than Tennyo. She embraced the old priest's arm until she saw them.

"Oh, Tenchi-chan," the green haired woman said. Guessing from her appearance Ranma assumed she was Tenchi grandmother. She looked nothing like the old ghoul, must be an alien thing.

"Um," Tenchi began, uncertain of what to say. "Its very nice to meet you baachan."

Ranma did not miss the sudden panicked look on Tennyo's face and her gasp of "Oh crap." The hairs on back of his head stood up on end and his instinct for self-preservation kicked in. Airi was no longer standing beside the old priest and was right up in Tenchi's face with an evil expression.

"Don't call me baachan!" she said menacingly. "Listen well, Tenchi-chan. Even if a young and sexy lady is you're mother's mother ... there's no she'd be happy being called 'grandma'". She stood with her arm around him patting him on the shoulder.

Tenchi looked towards his grandfather for support but the old priest was looking away indifferently. Staying out of it, eh, thought Ranma, the old man has brains.

"Uh, then what should I refer to you as?" he asked.

Airi clasped her hands together sweetly and said, "Lets see. How about Airi-neechan?"

"Eh!" Tennyo blurted and immediately regretted it as the green haired firecracker turned her angry gaze upon her. Ranma stepped back a little further, this woman was way too much like Akane for his comfort.

"What? Do you have a problem?" Airi asked in an irritated tone.

"Oh, no, no not that all," Tennyo replied with raised hands. "but Airi-sama, I'm the big sister."

"Oh, what's wrong with that?" Airi asked her. "A beautiful pair of sisters and their cute brother. It'll be perfect." She finished with a thumbs up pose.

"That would be bad," said Katsuhito. "but, wouldn't it be troublesome if Seto-sama found out you were having him call you 'oneechan'?"

A suddenly very alarmed look came to the woman's face before she said, "Well then, you can just call me 'Airi'."

"Ok, well then how about 'Airi-sama'?" Tenchi asked. Ranma senses were screaming at him to run but he stayed right where he was. He watched as Tenchi grandmother grabbed the boy up in her arms.

"What a cute little boy." she said lustily before suddenly tearing herself away breathing heavily. When she recovered she turned towards her grandson with a dismissive gesture. He could hear her say something about it being dangerous for Tenchi to call her that.

"You can just call me Airi-san." she laughed.

"I understand," Tenchi sighed.

That was when she focused her sights on Ranma making the boy feel rather uncomfortable. "So, this is the famous Saotome Ranma I've heard so much about." she said to him.

Ranma could only looked nervous and scratch the back of his head when he replied, "Hai."


Sometime later they were all in the Katsuhito's small apartment next to the shrine enjoying tea. The gathering was quiet. The two girls spoke for a while about Tenchi and how cute he looked when he'd been crying thinking Tennyo was his mother. The subject soon came around to the subject of the royal family and earth. Ranma listened to Katsuhito's explanation that the Masaki clan used earth as a place to raise their kids, they raised them as earthlings, and later told them the truth of their heritage. Most went into space and later returned to live out the rest of their lives here on this planet. Which meant there was more aliens than just these people living here in Japan, to Ranma's thinking.

As a part of his explanation Katsuhito lowered his disguise showing his true younger self underneath to Tenchi's utter surprise. Ranma though wasn't shocked at all.

"I was wondering when you were gonna lower that mask." he said.

Airi, Tennyo and Yosho looked at him in surprise. "What do you mean?" Yosho asked him.

"That disguise, I was wondering when you were gonna take it off." he replied.

"Wait a minute," said Airi. "Are you saying that you could see through his disguise. That shouldn't be possible."

Ranma shook his head. "Sorta, its like it wasn't completely there and stuff, and the thing made his aura go all weird too. That's what tipped me off."

"Wait, you can see people's aura?" Airi asked him.

"Yeah, I learned how a long time ago," Ranma explained. "Helps out in a fight a lot, and it helps me if I gotta fight in the dark."

Tennyo looked at Airi and asked, "Are we absolutely certain he's one hundred percent human?"

"Earth was once a colony of Jurai," Airi surmised. "If he is of Juraian descent he's not descended from noble blood because he doesn't have the power of the noble clan, but instead could be descended from one of the high clans who made earth their home for a short time. The high clans are rich well to do families who are not of noble lineage but have a lot of financial power on Jurai."

Ranma's eyebrow went up. "I'm part alien?" he asked.

"No," Tennyo shook her head. "Its only a guess. We've never encountered a earthling with any of the abilities that you have, which is why we've been watching you."

"There was one other earthling who was accepted into the Galaxy Police, by accident," said Airi. "That's a long story, but we have been keeping tabs on you and you've gotten our interest. I'd like for you to join the Galaxy Police." She saw the look on his face, he seemed to be mulling it over, it looked like there was hope that he wasn't going to turn the offer down.

"I don't expect an answer right away, I'll give you time to think it over, but don't wait too long." Airi added.

"Let me think it over," he said.

"Ok," Airi smiled.


Things calmed down considerably after Airi and Tennyo left. Well, they calmed down a little. Back in the house Ranma could hear Noike yelling at Mihoshi. He winced, glad that he wasn't the blond ditz. Kasumi squeezed his hand to reassure him. They sat together at the end of the wooden patio that stretch out over the water holding each other and looking up at the stars. It was a cloudless night and there were no street lights so you could see the hazy line of white clouds and stars that made up the Milky Way in the night sky.

"Kasumi-chan, what do you think about someday going out there?" Ranma asked Kasumi. He gestured towards the stars.

Kasumi laid her head on his shoulder and said, "I would love to go see the stars, if I can see them with you."

"I was offered something, and I still thinking about it but I might actually do it." he told her.

"You mean join the Galaxy Police?" Kasumi asked.

"Hai," he replied. "Before she left Airi said that she could pull some strings and make it so you could come with me."

"It would be a noble cause, Ranma." said Kasumi. "And you would still be protecting the weak."

Ranma kissed her forehead and said, "I didn't want to make up my mind until I talked to you about it first."

"I like the idea," Kasumi told him. "I think you should do it. Getting away from earth would give us a fresh start, and there would be no chance of running into someone whom you father promised in marriage to." That made Ranma wince.

"I haven't made up my mind yet," he said, but after what Kasumi just said he was really starting to like the idea. "But I think I'll do it. Lets not leave right away though, there are some things I want to do before we leave. I don't wanna leave, ya know, loose ends and stuff behind."

She kissed him and said, "Whatever you decide to to, wherever you decide to go I'll be right by your side. I love you, Ranma-chan."

He returned her kiss. "I love you too Kasumi-chan."


To be continued...

Coming Soon Chapter 9 - "Operation Rescue Mizuho"

Mizuho's people have discovered she's back on Earth and have kidnapped her. However, due to early warning devices setup by Washu their attempt to wipe the memories of those she knew including Kei failed. Tenchi, Ranma, Ayeka, Washu, Ryoko and the rest of the Masaki residence guests team up to rescue Mizuho from the Galactic Federation mothership in Earth orbit and put this issue to rest once and for all.