Designation: N.B.E. 79

Last seen: The Moon, 13/12/1972

On the final moon landing mission, the crew of the Apollo 17 witnessed something they, or anyone else, were never meant to find and discover. The day before their scheduled return launch, one of the crew members managed to take a few photos, as well as a video lasting one minute and thirty-seven seconds, of a seemingly metallic silver fully-armoured humanoid, estimated at about six to seven feet tall, with glowing red eyes and wielding a unique weapon of highly advanced alien design.

The video itself in question depicts this humanoid confronting and battling another alien of completely different species, described to be somewhat taller, pale-skinned and hunched over, casting what seem to be magic attack spells of some sort. However, the silver-armoured being managed to slay the alien by completely neutralising and disintegrating the alien foe with a thick red laser emitting from his weapon. Aftewards, the NBE took to space again with jet rockets upon its back, but not before briefly glimpsing at the crew member filming just before the footage ends.

This footage has been confiscated and archived to date, hidden from public eye since then. To this day, nobody knows who this stranger is...


Chapter One

Location: Somewhere in England

Earthdate: 4th September 1990

For many Earthyears, this armour-clad being had literally watched over the planet for quite some time, waiting and preparing for his sworn foes to make even an ounce of movement. But for a time, none had, and it seemed that neither ever even will. Until lately, when certain comets came down onto Earth in the past few years, and other strange activity going on the certain parts of the planet's surface, none of which this being could identify as either enemy or ally, friend or foe. They were alien even to him and to the inhabitants of this planet, just as alien as he would be to them and they would be to him.

Even when he himself came down to Earth, he did as sneakily and stealthily as possible, landing atop of a patchy hill and amidst a vast open field of green. With eyes glowing red with valiance and confidence, this man in full shining silver armour stood out amongst the green of rural nature. He looked and scanned about in the countryside until he noticed a few pairs of lights running a curved road in a distance like salmon swimming downstream, eventually choosing to walk his way through the field, and down the hill he went.

His respirator was taking in and adapting to the very air and atmosphere all around him as he quickly analysed for any energy nearby. And so far, nothing out of the ordinary was detected, at least as far as ordinary to him may go. For but a brief moment, the distant yet clear memory of that one-on-one duel on the Earth's moon rang and flashed by through his very mind. The all-too familiar wraith-like enemy creature he fought, and the not-so familiar alien people in white bulbous suits spying from afar. He knew he had made his presence sparingly known to some, but not to all, not yet.

But just then, his mind leapt back into full focus on the present reality at the moment, as he could hear what seemed to be a distant revving coming down from somewhere. He scanned along the road, waiting for any other sign of life again, while the revving grew closer and louder. Soon enough, the source of the revving went by just so clear enough for the being to catch what it might've been, or rather what they might've been. A solid red Countach roadster car, a blue second generation City hatchback, and a similar orange first generation City Turbo hatchback.

While he was clear out of the way and out of sight, the alien being did glimpse something rather offish with these particular vehicles, he couldn't spot anyone or anything inside driving them. A mere illusion put upon him as a side-effect from the gradual adaption to the planet's atmosphere? A small chance of such perhaps, but certainly not the most likely. But one thing for sure, these vehicles couldn't be part of the dire race of wicked sinister shape-shifting aliens, for they could only take on organic forms. But his curiosity for those vehicular lifeforms still remained somewhat peaked for the moment and time-being.

"There's indeed more to this world than meets the eye..." the seemingly robotic alien man spoke, with a deep yet gentle masculine tone.

And so, the bulky pack upon his back soon lit up and high he eventually into the air and he began soaring into the troubled cloudy sky, knowing that a great deal shall be on the road ahead. The SpaceKnight has arrived...

To be continued...