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Chapter 8: Getting acquainted


A tug from Junko's rope made Seras walk again.

"Let us go before they reach us," she pointed out when soldiers were starting to rummage around.

They set out quickly and ran further into the thick coat of snow that slowly erased headquarters from her sight. She bid farewell to Hellsing and foolishly hoped that Alucard would find her. She also hoped she wouldn't die too soon.

AlucardI'm sorry.


It was… easier than she thought it would be.

Leaving Hellsing, that is.

The fact that it was pretty much the only place she could call home had nothing to do with it. It was quite unsettling, really.

They had fled through the thick forest surrounding the manor and had reached a vehicle parked nearby. The stranger quickly sat Blake in the back who had been grunting from the effort of running, fastened his seat belt, and closed the door. He bypassed the car and stopped in front of Junko and her captive. Harshly, he grabbed Seras' elbow with a death grip and, to Junko, jerked his head in the general direction of Blake. He carelessly shoved Seras in the passenger seat and she had enough wits to fold her legs in the car before he slammed the door on them. When he heard his younger partner get inside the car, he ignited it and rolled down the street casually so as to not attract unneeded attention to themselves. While he drove, Junko was carefully tending to Blake's injuries.

In silence, Seras had watched the faint shadow of the ominous Hellsing headquarters disappear behind a curtain of snow with her enhanced gaze. Poof! Just like that. As if it never existed in the first place.

She could hear the rustling of paper and gauze and Blake's soft gasps that he tried to hold in. She wasn't sure, but she thought she also heard the driver growl deeply each time he shifted the car as though he was angry at her.

After rolling a few miles, Seras began to feel light-headed. She looked at her wounds and tried to slow the blood loss with no success. Her still wet eyes drooped of their own and her limbs became numb. Furthermore, the buzzing sound of friction between the tires and the road lulled her into sleepiness. Finally, she let herself go and fell into unconsciousness, uncaring about where she was going to end up.


Seras was still wandering in a sea of darkness when her subconscious noticed a change of pressure on her body as the car slowed down. Awake yet unaware, she realized she felt hands grabbing at her and a change in the temperature gave her goosebumps. The sleepy woman no longer had to wonder if she was in her dreams or in the reality because she was suddenly flying and met with the cold and wet compact dirt. She barely groaned, the sound muffled by the floor, and shuffled her legs more comfortably.

A harsh voice was screaming orders that her mind didn't want to understand. She heard and felt the rising intensity in it, almost violent. It wanted her to wake up so it could laugh at her.

Seras didn't want to wake up.

Because it would mean that she'd be face to face with her nightmarish reality.

That her treason would be real.

Ice cold water was splashed onto her face and Seras was startled into consciousness. She sat up feeling a little drowsy and very sluggish. Confusion settled on her young features and the ex-cop peered up at her captors, her lips slightly apart as though they ached to ask an important question.

"Welcome to your new home, princess! We may need to redecorate but it's still our very own mansion," said Blake with a flourish of his hand.

They were in a large cave where tunnels upon tunnels opened up at different heights. The rounded ceiling ended at the very least fifty feet high and, furthermore, there were two openings that led even lower into the ground. The floor was made of compact dirt and was sprinkled with tiny rocks that merrily dug into her delicate skin. Some of the large cavities had burning torches on both sides as though they traced the path to get from one place to another. The odd lighting in the giant room gave Seras the impression of a sick and parodied romantic dinner.

Seras attempted to stand up but Blake forced her to lie down with his foot applying pressure on her torso.

"Not so fast, birdie... I haven't shown you your room yet! I wouldn't want to tire you out after such a drastic move in!" he cooed gleefully.

"For a guy who was crying in pain not so long ago, you seem quite well recovered," Seras taunted him with a scratchy voice.

Unfazed, Blake grabbed her wrist and began to drag her across the floor without giving her the chance to stand up, "I'll show you the necessities and let you rest afterwards! You'll find it very accommodating to your needs I'm sure!"

As she was carried away by the enthusiastic master of the 'house', the blonde-haired woman caught a glimpse of Junko and the cowboy walking away; the Asian girl not even giving them a second glance and the tall man taking his time to light a cigarette and gaze despicably at her before leaving.

"Let's see! Here, we have the first bathroom. This is Junko's room, and this is another bathroom…"

Blake launched himself into a long monologue about every area and giving her hard tugs whenever he insisted on some special feature in one room or another. He also made sure to pull her over all of the protruding rocks, their sharpness slicing through her shirt and their tips glistening with her blood after each passage. Each time she tried to stand up on her own, he violently twisted her wrist and shook her from left to right to destabilize her.

By the end of the free tour, Seras' wrist and shoulder were aching terribly and her back was burning. He stopped in front of one of the basement's room, the thick door hanging barely onto its hinges and creaked painfully at every move. Inside the relatively small room, it was empty except for muddy walls and disgusting remains of dead bugs.

"And this, my dear, is your room! Of course, we didn't have time to buy you anything for your comfort since you didn't warn us about your moving in with us. So you'll have to be patient and endure for the time being. So sorry," he apologized jovially as though it wasn't that much of a big deal if there wasn't any coffee in the pantry for tomorrow morning.

The idea of remaining in this room all alone for days to come scared her. She was a fool to think she could handle this situation. She still needed someone to shield her from such occurrences, someone to be her pillow whenever she fell… She was hurt, hungry, tired, alone, and so, so scared. Where in England was she? Was it day or night? What was going to happen to her? Was Hellsing looking for her? And what about Master Alucard? What will his reaction be? Angry that she let herself get caught so easily or happy to finally be rid of his failure of a fledgling? Unbidden tears sprang in her eyes and her face spoke volumes of sorrow at the thought.

Was she… expendable?

Her aggressor lifted her chin with his finger after sitting her against the back wall, "Aww… my sweet, sweet princess… what's wrong? Crying already? But I haven't done a thing yet! Do you need some comfort first? Here, let me give you a hug!"

Blake eagerly dove for her neck with his arms spread out, but Seras angrily shoved him back from her, not amused by his antics, and he fell on his rump. Grabbing at his bandages, he sneered at her with a devious glint in his eyes as he stood up condescendingly.

Unsure of herself, Seras asked in a broken voice, "Will you really leave Sir Integral alone?"

He put his hand over his heart in all seriousness and bent slightly to her, "Of course, you have my word on that."

Seras almost believed him, searching for a tiny shred of good news in all of this. His posture, his words, his eyes, they all looked so real and genuine. She wanted it to be the truth.

What a trustworthy fool she was.

He suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he placed each of his leg beside her hips and lazily sat on her, his second hand tracing the contour of her jaw and chin.

"You stupid girl. Did you really think I was after such trivial cattle? Miss Integral Wingates Helling? Oh, please!" he laughed, "I wouldn't even have half as much fun with her than you! The 'Woman of Steel' is too boring for someone like me! Besides, your curves are much more entertaining to look at."

He roughly grabbed her right breast through her shirt and kneaded it. She fought back but he only backhanded her when he released her hair and clasped her wrist together single-handedly.

"My lovely thing… What I truly want is you. All of you, body, spirit, and mind," he caressed her inappropriately, "until you are completely reduced to my personal slave and obedient doll."

Forcefully, he claimed her lips, swallowing her yells of protest as he started to get very intimate with her body.


Releasing his hold on her arms, he ripped parts of her uniform which seemed to turn him on even more, ignoring her weak protests.


He began to work his hips onto her own, noticing his arousal straining through his pants at the prospect of raping her and still devouring her mouth that began to bleed when his fangs grew.


When he released her trembling lips, he hid his nose into the left side of her neck where he promptly drew back when he smelled and saw her first marking. Snarling inhumanly, he finally bit into her right side as she screamed for death.


A burning and searing pain exploded in her head as something broke inside her mind.

He sucked on her virginal blood feverishly, trying to widen the holes by biting further into her soft flesh, and kept on rubbing himself onto her with more strength than was necessary while her body involuntarily slackened and was disgustingly bouncing lifelessly at his actions.

Seras thought she had finally died when his touching unexpectedly stopped. Her mind had gone elsewhere for a fraction of a second and came back.

Junko had ripped Blake from her and stood between the two. She seemed to try and reason calmly with her master. The words were lost to Seras as she stared ahead, in shock. After much arguing, Blake left enraged with blood still dripping from his chin. A grey blanket was carelessly thrown over her and Junko also stepped outside the room without so much as a glance, leaving the newly acquired weapon to cope with her near rape and her very real new ownership.

The battered girl slid sideways from the wall and roughly landed on the floor. Her eyes were wide with fear and sorrow. She assumed a foetal position and hugged her knees.



Dull and rusty coloured-eyes cracked open.

Seras didn't remember falling asleep. But somehow, as though it was a vampiric instinct, she knew day had turned into night. The side on which she had slept on was numb and uncomfortable. She started sitting up but her burning back refused to let her rise more than a few inches and she gave up by slumping back on the cold, muddy ground. Just then, her stomach growled softly in her ears. It seemed even her hunger wasn't strong enough to emit a louder noise.

The traitor of Hellsing felt destroyed and utterly defeated. She had tried calling her Master, her true Master, and had only received a buzzing sound that gave her terrible migraines. In vain, she had mentally called over and over, harder and harder. Desperate, she yelled his name in her empty, rocky cell, sharp echoes striking right back at her as if they condemned her further for her actions, until her voice was reduced to a rasp.

He never responded. And, she feared, he would never, ever answer her again.

She pitifully laid there for minutes, hours, barely registering the passing of time; conscious but always the same train of thoughts running through her mind. Her hunger was gnawing a hole through her stomach but she didn't care. She oddly believed that she deserved such pain. Many times, she thought about getting up and running away from this wretched place, but, every time, she never moved a finger to follow the idea. And she went back to thinking how much of a failure she was if her Master didn't want to answer her pleas.

After a while of this vicious circle, she was suddenly aware of the presence of another person when a small pair of feet stopped in her peripheral vision. Seras wanted to look up but thinking about the simple effort of lifting her head left her more tired than the actual motion would have made her. And so, only her eyes traveled up to see the white calves of a young child. A bucket was dropped near her face.

"Drink," ordered the monotone voice.

The japanese accent made the word sound more like 'dlink' than 'drink' but it gave away who the owner of such an accent was. Seras didn't react and Junko presumed the older girl wanted to know what it was.

"It is fresh blood from this morning. Drink it."

Seras had to try twice before her vocal cords finally croaked out, "…M'not hungry…"

"Do not be ridiculous. You need sustenance," came the high pitched answer.

Seras simply closed her eyes as a sign of denial, too weak to say anything more. Junko grabbed Seras' front shirt and righted her carelessly against the wall, ignoring the hiss of protest.

"It is our master's order to have you fed. Drink. Now," she said more forcefully, a hint of annoyance in her tone.

Angry at the presumption that she would submit to Blake's will, Seras lowly remarked, "He's your master, not mine."

Junko could care less as she shoved the bucket right under her nose. The reaction in Seras was instantaneous. Her heart rose in her throat but there also was a distinct sweetness in the smell that made her mouth water. Her trembling hands rose to take hold of her meal. The asian girl let her take it and tentatively let go. Seras slowly raised it to her lips but then she sluggishly threw it to the side, all of its contents sloshing on the floor.

A small frown appeared on Junko's face.

"You are a stupid woman."

She dipped two of her delicate fingers into the ruby liquid, smeared them across Seras' lips, and licked the digits clean. She left afterwards, uncaring that Seras was not going to eat.

Seras resisted the reflex of licking her wet lips but her body pleaded for her to have just a taste and, finally, a hesitant tongue darted out. A terrible hunger awoke itself and her tongue moved of its own volition. It searched every crevice, every corner for more blood. Her nose directed her to the spilt vitae and the famished girl threw herself on the crimson puddle and licked the floor feverishly, almost possessed.

The taste was incomparable to the blood packs she used to take. It was lukewarm and preservative free. It was sweeter than chocolate and bitterer than wine, a strange mix between the two although it was a little pasty because of the mud. After, she switched to the bucket and tried to suck all that remained. When there was nothing left, the exhilaration diminished and Seras was breathing hard, her light cuts healing away with a puff of smoke.

Her stomach mildly satisfied, a light-headedness overcame her, the aphrodisiac quickly getting to her head, and once again, she succumbed to sleep but not before cocooning herself around the blanket.

She never wondered where the blood came from.


It had been a week since she had arrived in this cave. She has never left her room since her arrival. It wasn't because she didn't want to. Heaven knows she would kill for a shower… Actually, the battered door that looked like it would fall down any minute was tightly shut. Probably held by an invisible force. Oh, she had tried tearing it down but she was awfully weak. They kept her underfed, obviously. She tried resisting the call for blood but being so deprived of nourishment made her crave for it.

Tonight she had an interesting visit from the cowboy vampire. It was rather awkward. She woke up with an empty stomach and sore muscles. She had expected to see Junko with her nourishment but to her surprise she saw nothing except a tiny ring of red light that flared up unexpectedly in the darkest corner of her cell. It lowered itself then after a moment it moved back up and flared up again.

"Um… hello?" she greeted in the shadows.

At her voice, the figure walked into clearer view and she recognize it as the third member of Blake's little team. She realized the glowing red ring was a cigarette as he blew out smoke.

A smoking vampire… That's strange in itself.

The young vampire was rather intimidated by his presence. His height was imposing and his glaring eyes made her feel oppressed. Why was he so hateful towards her? She hadn't done anything yet! She remained silent, afraid to even ask his name. And besides, he was the one who came to her. He probably had something to tell her.

"Jack," came the low voice.

"…Excuse me?" she asked perplexed.

"My name, it's Jack."

"Oh," she answered dumbly.

He seemed rather reluctant to be here. It was as though someone forced him to see her and introduce himself. And he bluntly told her his name without any greetings. He probably wanted this to be over quick. But other than that, he remained silent. Minutes went by and he hadn't moved an inch except to take a drag on his cigarette.

After a few moments, she couldn't stand any more of this waiting game and decided to blurt the first thing that came to her mind, "Why do you smoke?"

Seras felt like slapping her forehead in stupidity. What kind of question was that!

Surprisingly, he answered her.

"It…cuts the hunger," he explained uneasily.

Finally, someone who showed some emotion around here! Junko was getting tiresome.

Gingerly, she held her stomach and asked, "D-does it work?"

He carelessly threw his half-emptied pack at her with a yellow lighter. And as though he had had enough of her, Jack left with one of his glares. Taken aback by his hasty departure, Seras collected the items. Curious and naïve, she tried one.

Nothing happened. Was she doing it the right way?

Half-way through the cigarette and after some coughing accidents, the inexperienced smoker was getting light-headed and let's just say, a little buzzed. Sick of it, she botched it. She didn't understand how Jack could smoke that. It smelled awful and tasted atrociously bad.

Although the hunger had mysteriously disappeared.


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