Love and Hate

By: Shinigami Alison Black

Chapter One: This is Draco's obsession

I can feel it.





You're sitting across the room, looking so innocent and confidant of whom you are, what you do. I'm looking at your back as lust covers my mind, the tension across the room is unbearable. I can feel myself daydreaming as the fogginess floats across my face.


Yes, there is desire. It keep growing in my head more and more every time I see you. I've been watching you for seven years. I know your moves, when you're happy, scared, angry, lonely. I'll tell you I kept a notebook under my pillow writing your moves, what they mean. I have every inch of your body drawn in that notebook; its almost like your soul; your life.

Your eyes.

Your eyes make me wild, uncontrollable. Every stare and glare we share it drives me to another world, to the world inside your eyes. They're infinite, long and narrow roads. Each step I take fills me with desire, with wishes and lust. But I keep holding myself from those green eyes.

Your hair.

It's so wild and smooth. Such an unnatural color; black as the night. It makes me want to grab it and touched it, play with it. So indifferent from mine; light but yours makes you look more sexy and sinister.

Your skin.

Tan. Creamy tan. So delicious to lick, eat and taste. If you were a sundae, I might have eaten you up. I would love to touch that skin with mine as we make passionate love. When I can fell your breath in mine as I breath in yours.

Your Scent.

I know when you step inside that room. The scent of mint and strawberry catch's my nostrils. It makes me dream and travel away where I can touch you, I can see you so close and hold you in my arms.

Your body.

I can see those lined strong muscles behind those robes and Quidditch robes every time we play against each other. Did you know you are savage? So aggressive? I see it in your eyes every time we play.

It is plain that you drive me wild. You know how much I want to kiss you and fuck you every time you grip that broom? When you look at me with that sexy and hatred glare? Chemistry sparkles and mixed at every glare you give me, when I mock you, when I sneer at you. I can feel your hair tickling my face as we rolled around the corridor gripping each other's neck trying to hurt each other every time we fought. I smelled your scent as you leaned over and whispered with this aggressive and threatened voice that made exciting shivers run down my spine.

I love the way my fingers tickle as I curved them around your muscular and creamy tan neck. You laid your legs at each side of my waist as you gripped my neck and it excited me as I felt your erection press at my stomach; you have me at your mercy.

I realize this is Love and Hate. They may be both different but at the end they're the same, they're meant to be together.

I was shook away from my daydreaming as the teacher dismissed the class. You and I were the last one in the classroom. As I passed near your table your quill fell to the floor and I picked it up for you.

You looked at me confused, you've never seen me doing such a move. I know you're surprised. I gave you your quill as our hands brushed.

It was the warmest touch we ever felt. I know you feel it as well as I did. We looked at each other, as we both held the quill, with an intense stare and then you gasped. I know what I did. I scratched the center of your palm as I signal I what to fuck you as I looked at you with lust and passionate eyes.

I let go of your hand and walked off to the door. I saw it in your eyes. I know somehow, you wanted it to happen.

"What you may be thinking Harry Potter," I whispered as I walked down towards the dungeons.