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"Marie....I've loved you since the first day I saw you. I knew it would be you and me forever. Now I wanna make it official.Marie D'Ancanto....will you marry me!?" Bobby asked. He looked up into her green eyes nervously. Tears brimmed the edges of her eyes. She loved him. Oh yeah she loved him with her whole heart, but she wanted him to fulfill his dreams. His dreams of getting married, having many children, and being happy. She knew she couldn't give him that. For one she couldn't give him children. Second she didn't want to hurt him. She wanted him to be happy with someone who could give him everything he needs, everything he deserves. She looked into his eyes and held his gaze for what seemed like hours."B-Bobby...I....I...I cant." She got up and ran out of the room.
It was pouring down rain outside but she didn't care she just wanted get away from it all. She couldn't deal with this. God! She hated hurting him like this. She saw the look in his eyes when she said no. Little did she know Bobby was chasing right behind her. "MARIE!!MARIE WAIT...." Before she knew it he was only feet away. "BOBBY NO! ALL I CAN DO IS HURT YOU!!I DONT WANT THAT....I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY." He tackled her to the ground and they rolled down a big wet muddy hill. He was on top of her. He whispered in her ear. "Im only happy when im with you Marie..." She looked into his eyes and sighed. He kissed her. The kiss was so passionate and before she even realized it happened she kissed him back. She was lost in the sweetness of the kiss until she realized this isn't right! She pushed him away. "W-What? How did we....." Bobby smiled. Rogue was confused how could this be? Bobby slowly got up and threw out his hand to help her up. She took it. They slowly walked to his car. On the home they didn't say a word. Occasionally he would turn and glance at her for a second and then stare back at the road.
They finally got home, and when they walked in he reached over and tried to grab her hand but she tore away. He looked hurt. "Xavier!Xavier!Come quick." The professor came in mere seconds. "Yes, Rogue, Everything all right?" "Look." She turned and kissed Bobby Passionately. "I think the medicine Jean gave me is working. I-I never thought this would happen." "Rogue that's great! I think you should take a shower and get to bed soon though. What may I ask happened to you?" "Oh...nothing..." "Yes..."The professor mumbled as he went away. Rogue looked at Bobby. He turned to her tears in his eyes. "G-Good Night Marie." "Wait Bobby we need to talk." "No, we don't. Its obvious Marie. You dont love me anymore....*sigh*you proabbly never did." "No, Bobby its not liek that. WAIT! You think I never loved you. could you say something like that?" "Its true though isn't it." With that he turned and left. "No, its not! I love you Bobby. Id love to be your wife, but I guess it will never happen....." He was to far away to hear her and she knew it. She fell to her knee's and cried. She was happy no one was up to see her this pitiful, but she wouldn't have cared anyways. She knew what she had to do. She had hurt him so much. She would not let herself hurt him again. Se walked to her room and began to pack. ~Bobbys POV~ How could I ever be so dumb. She doesn't love me! She sat here and told me the only reason we couldn't be married was because she didn't want to hurt me, but does she know how much this hurts? Now she finally can control her powers but she still doesn't want me. She pulled away when I tried to comfort her. She hates me. What did I do!?......NONONO. God I hate everything. I should just end t now.......Maybe I should. ~Maries POV~ How could I hurt him like that. Im trying to go as fast as I can to get this all together. Im leaving tonight. I wont hurt him any longer. I will set him free. I hope he will find someone to love him the way he deserves. As I pack my stuff I see the necklace he got me a few months earlier.'Forever True' Is what it said. Well, Forever is to short. ~The next morining~ Kitty slowly got out of bed and walked into everyone's room to wake them up. She knocked on Bobby's door and when no one answered she slowly opened it herself. When she walked in she was surprised at what she saw. She looked down and began to cry. ''NO' she was a note. Rogue was gone. She ran to where Bobby lay passed out. "Bobby wake up look." She exclaimed waving the note around." He opened his eyes wearily. "What...." "Look!Look!" He looked down at the note. Dear Bobby,
Oh God this is so hard to say. Bobby I love you so much. With my whole heart. With every fiber in me,.....but I don't want to hurt you any longer. I saw how I hurt you last night. I didn't mean to be so harsh. I was just so worried. It hurt me to think that you never thought I loved you. Oh God that's the farthest thing from the truth. I need you. Im leaving you for the one simple fact that I love you. I want you to be happy. At first I was worried about never being able to have your children. I thought I would never make you completely happy. Now I know its true. I see how much I hurt you. Though it is unintentional I still don't want to be the source of you pain. Hopefully you will find a new love. Someone who can be everything you deserve. Unlike me. I was going to except your offer and become the Mrs.Drake, but now I see that's impossible. I want you to know I will always love you. Forever True,

Bobby shed a tear as he read the note. The page was obviously covered in dry tears of Rogues. He hurt her so badly. Suddenly he couldn't hold the tears back. He let the pain flow through him. She was gone. He let her go. He would hate himself forever, but he would wait for her. If she was true and loved him she would come. If she didn't he would come for her.


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