"How about this one!?" Rogue asked as she looked towards her friend Jubilee, holding a very VERY blue wedding dress to her body. "Uhh....Rogue? Are you completely sure about that?" "What you dont like it?" "Uhh....No offense Rogue but not really...." "Oh...Ok! How about........THIS ONE. Oh my god its perfect. Dontcha think?" "W-WOW! Rogue. This is it. This is what you have to choose." Both girls smiled and turned to the man at the cash register. When they got there the man smiled at them. "Oh...Its so nice to see some lesbians finally around here..." "Oh well...We are just friends..." "Oh..So sorr girlfriend....Now lets see. OH! This is just lovely! This will be gorgeous on your slim, petite body. Oh girl how I would die to have this figure.." The girls tried to stiffle down their giggles. his man was obviously...GAY! Jubilee handed him the money and they turned to leave.

So far they had gotten the brides maid dresses, the cake, and now the wedding dress. So far so good. Everyone in the school was helping Bobby and Marie pay for there fantasy wedding. Everyone was invited. All the teachers and students, some friends, and...Bobby just sent invitations to his family. Rogue hoped that they would R.S.V.P for Bobby sake. She didn't want him ot be depressed on their big day. Kitty, Ororo, and Jean were all brides maids, and Jubilee was the maid of honor. They were so excited. They were making their way back to the school. It was already...what time was it anyway? "Hey Jube what times it?" "Umm...Its....7:00!" "WOW! We really need to get back." They began to run to the car.

~In Rogue/Bobbys Room~

Rogue laid on the bed and watched Bobby sleep. He was so peaceful...so...innocent. Nextweek was the wedding. This was perfect. She slowly drifted off to sleep thinking of the future...their future.

~Next week~

Rogue Smoothed her dress out. "Ok you can do this...You love him..." She turned and slowly began to walk out the door. "ROGUE! There you are. Hurry we are about to go.." "Ok..." Maire watched as the brides maids and then her maid of honor made their ways down the path way. "Woo....." Then she slowly stepped to the music. She walked down towards him. Bobby thought hse loked lovely....After the wedidng they had the best night of there lives. They would eb together forever.

The End

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