Kator Hol/Carter Hall/Hawkman, Chay-Ara Hol/Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl, Bashari/John Stewart/Green Lantern


Carter Hall/Shayera Hol/John Stewart or Kator Hol/Chay-Ara Hol/Bashari

Author's Notes

1.) This rough draft of a short story is based on the Egypt flashback scene between Katar Hol, Chay-Ara Hol, and Bashari in the JLU season 3 episode "Ancient History."

2.) This was an attempt to get into Katar Hol's head when he sees his ally and his wife kiss each other, to describe his inner emotions of anger, bitterness, betrayal, feeling of loss.

3.) A slight rework in some parts, though mostly the same story. I am something of a perfectionist, though. And if I ever come back to this – and I probably will – I'd rework this whole short story into something that isn't so... I guess... dry and soap opera-esque in my eyes.


I don't own any of the characters used in this story. They belong to their respective owners.

Am I wrong?

It was all Katar Hol could ask himself at that point.

Here he was, a former law officer from Thanagar turned ruler of Egypt, only because of a complete accident that brought him to Earth.

He helped to show these humans the benefits of Thanagarian rule upon their culture, bringing the advanced technology that made their home planet prosper. The once barren land full of nothing but rising sand dunes had been transformed into the empire it had ultimately become. In turn, the natives had treated him like a God for doing so, declaring him and his wife Chay-Ara Hol their King and Queen. He'd managed to conquer the nearby kingdoms and convince them of his kingdom's ways.

Yet none of that mattered now.

The image before him that early evening in the private garden below... his wife and his friend...

This couldn't be real. Not to him.

It was enough to make his heart slow down to a dead stop. The blood in his veins ran cold. Being informed of this infidelity by his high priest Hath-Set was one thing. It was another thing to actually see unfold before his very eyes. His mind struggled against what he was seeing. No matter how much he didn't want to believe it, it was real and it was happening.

The King's hands clutched the rung of the balcony from where he stood. How could he have not seen this? And how long had this been going on between them? Weeks? Months?

One thing was for certain in Katar's eye: he could never view Bashari the same way anymore. To think that his own Army general, his own best friend, would have a wandering eye towards his own wife, his life partner. His lover. His life. If he were truly his best friend, he wouldn't have stabbed him in the back by doing... this.

More significant, he knew he could never see his wife Chay-Ara the same way. Not the same way he did when they were younger. Not when they met each other for the first time on Thanagar, long before they became husband and wife, long before they landed on Earth in the River Nile. Not when she only had eyes for him and vice versa.

Yes, she was feeling left out. Yes, she wanted a child and wanted their bloodline to continue, that much he knew. But... he felt it more important to focus on expanding his kingdom across the entire nation of Egypt first. It was his duty to do so, after all. Never in his wildest dreams did he think she would do something like this.

To go so far as getting herself involved in some kind of affair. That she'd sleep with Bashari behind his back.

All I wanted was to help bring peace and stability to these human beings, to this world. To teach these humans how to live in perfect harmony with each other. Teach them our way of rule and life, to help make their life better. Am I so wrong in wanting this all this time that I was blind to my wife's loneliness?

Was I so ambitious in my duty to these people who view us as godlike that I neglected to see that she wanted my attention?

Am I so wrong in wanting to help these savages understand our way of living, that I failed to give my wife what she desires most at this point?

These questions wouldn't stop spinning in his head. If he were honest with himself, he would say that the one to blame was himself. He should've seen it.

Now Katar stood on the balcony, his posture stiffened as he stared down at his wife Chay-Ara's betrayal. His bottom lip quivered as his close 'friend' Bashari pulled her closer to him in their illicit, passionate embrace. Their tongues danced on top of each other like a pair of snakes in the sand. His hands ran down her back, stopping just above her waistline almost concealed by her wings. Each hunger filled kiss the two shared, felt like a dart, the tip laced with poison, piercing through his chest.

Crushing the railing of the balcony, the King's eyes looked downward. He could no longer bear to see it, on the verge of either crying or crumbling in bitter rage.

The injustice was the ultimate cruelty for him. And there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

"I wish they were dead."

As he turned and walked away, little did he know that an extra pair of ears had listened to his request.

Additional Note

What do you think? Is there anything to be taken out, or added? Suggestions or constructive criticism would be appreciated, thanks.