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Ryan stares at Punky disbelievingly. "You're late!"

Punky nods. "I took the home test last night," she says, pausing to take a deep breath. "Ryan, I'm pregnant."

"You're pregnant?" Ryan repeats, stunned. "Are you sure?"

"Definitely." Punky answers firmly. "But I have an appointment with my gynecologist after work, to double check."

Ryan puts his hand to his forehead in shock. "How did this happen?" he asks. "We were careful. I used a condom and you're on the Pill, right?"


"So how could this happen?" demands Ryan, his eyes flashing with anger.

Punky shrugs her shoulders. "What can I say? These things happen."

"What are we going to do now?" Ryan asks worriedly. "There is NO way you can have this baby! Absolutely none whatsoever! You've got to get rid of it. Immediately!"

Punky narrows her eyes, becoming livid. "ABSOLUTELY NOT! I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE AN ABORTION!" she hisses, her face red and purple with rage. "IT'S OUR BABY & I AM HAVING IT! I'M NOT GOING TO KILL IT! NO WAY IN HELL!"

Ryan stares at her anxiously. "Punky! Keep your voice down!"

"Why?" demands Punky. "So no one will find out that you've been screwing your resident?"


"What?" Punky snaps crossly. "It's true! This is just as much your baby as it is mine. Whether you regret it now, or not, you were just as much a willing participant in the process as I was, and now we're both going to have to just deal with it!"

"LIKE HELL I WILL!" barks Ryan. "There's NO way in HELL that I am going to let you and your bastard child ruin everything that I have worked for by risking everyone finding out that I've slept with my resident."

Punky stares at Ryan incredulously. "Everything YOU have worked for? Everything you've worked for?" she repeats, in disbelief. "What about everything I've worked for? Unlike you, I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I worked really hard to get where I am. I didn't have everything just handed to me on a silver platter."

"Oh c'mon, not this again!" Ryan snorts contemptuously. "Here we go again with the 'You're a lucky rich kid, and I'm not' argument!"

"It's the truth!"

Ryan shrugs his shoulders. "Okay, so my family is loaded, so what? It's not like you're exactly homeless, and starving, you know!"

"No, I was just deserted by my father, and abandoned at a Chicago shopping center by my mother," replies Punky evenly. "After that, I had to stay in a vacant apartment for a few weeks, living on handouts, and whatever food my best friend Cherie could sneak out without her grandmother noticing. Then Henry found me, and fortunately he took me in. He fought for me, and he became my foster father. Henry was a photographer, and though he was almost old enough to retire, he worked really hard to support me. It wasn't easy, but we managed. But then Henry's photo studio burned down, he got a bleeding ulcer from worrying so much, and when he was hospitalized, they took me away from him."

"Yeah, but he got better, rebuilt his business, got you back and adopted you. Then later when he lost his photography business after Glossy's took it over, he opened 'Punky's Place'," interrupts Ryan impatiently. "I've heard all this before. What's your point?"

Punky sighs. "The point is that I have worked very hard to get where I am. I didn't have someone paying my entire way through college and med school like you did. Henry was 60 when he took me in and even older by the time I started college, and med school. He's done the best he can and he's worked really hard to support me, and help me out financially, but I still have to pay off thousands of dollars in student loans and financial aid." Punky sighs heavily. "I can no more afford this child, than you can for a different reason. But it's too late. Its here now and we're going to have to deal with it. Together!"

Punky is so wrapped up in what she is saying, that she doesn't see Ryan's hand flying through the air, towards her. As his slap across her face connects, the force of the blow immediately knocks her to the ground. With a gasp of shock, Punky stands up shakily, clutching her cheek.

"Like HELL I will!" Ryan snarls angrily. "If you don't have an abortion, then it's all your responsibility! I'm going to have nothing more to do with it. You want this baby, then you deal with it!"

"Ryan, I am NOT going to have an abortion! You know that even though I'm pro-choice, personally, I don't believe in abortion except in a few specific and extreme circumstances, and this is NOT one of them! This is your child too!" pleads Punky. "Your son or daughter! How can you do this? To me? To them? How can you kill your own child?"

Ryan snorts loudly. "First of all, it's not even a real person yet. It's just a developing fetus!" he says, with a sneer. "Besides, how do I know that it's even mine?"

Punky stares at Ryan, shaking her in disbelief. "You, BASTARD!" she yells furiously. "Because you were the first and the only person I've ever slept with, that's why!"

"How would I know?" Ryan shrugs his shoulders. "I mean, if someone is such a slut as to sleep with her superior, what's to say they haven't done it before?"

"You son of a bitch!" roars Punky, enraged. "YOU were the one who came on to me, practically from the day I started here. In fact, as I recall, you've been trying seduce me from the very first moment I walked into this hospital!"

"Whatever!" Ryan snickers. "Be that as it may, either you have an abortion, or you can take care of this baby all on your own. I'm not taking any responsibility for it, whatsoever!"

"You want to bet?" Punky challenges, very determined. "This is YOUR child! Don't even THINK of skipping out on your responsibilities! I'll take you to court for child support and I'll sue you for everything you've got! By the time I'm done, OUR CHILD will be the one who is LOADED, and you won't even have the 'proverbial pot' to cook in, you'll be that broke!"

"Go ahead!" sneers Ryan derisively. "Just try it. My family will back me up all the way, and we have the best lawyers on our payroll. Most of them are as slick as they come, and they'll see to it that you're painted in the media, as a gold-digging, money-hungry tramp who slept with her superior at work just to get access to his family's fortune. By the time they're through with you, forget about your career, you won't have even a shred of credibility anywhere!"

"Gold-Digging?" shrieks Punky loudly. "Gold-Digging! I could care less about your stupid fortune! I grew up without much money, and I can just keep on living without it! I just want to make sure that OUR CHILD has a decent life! That he or she will be provided for, and that they will have all the things they need, and deserve to have – a safe area to live in, nutritious and healthy food, adequate diapers, clothing and shoes, proper medical and dental care and a good education. This is your child too! YOUR son or daughter! Don't you want them to be taken care of?"

"I told you already, I'll pay for an abortion, if that's what you need." Ryan declares evenly. "But that's it!"

"Oh, how noble of you! What a perfect gentleman! Where do you want me to go to get it done? Should I go to some back alley, or is it okay with you if I go to a legitimate clinic?" Punky retorts sarcastically, as she turns to leave. "Go to HELL, Ryan, and ROT there for eternity!"

As Punky is about to stomp off, Ryan grabs her by the arm. There is a sharp glint in his eye, an evil gleam, that sends shivers down Punky's spine.

"I mean it, Punky," warns Ryan, menacingly. "Don't mess with me! I promise you, you'll regret it!"

To Be Continued…………………………………………………………………………………….