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Timeline: Not long after the end of the film.

The Countries Call

By Rigs


"Gentlemen and fair lady" The Phantom Phreak ignored the glare he received from the only woman at the gathering as his voice echoed around the park. He raised his hand. "I hereby present, to reside over proceedings, My Lord Nikon."

A hooded figure entered the circle, his voice, deep and menacing, silenced the whooping and clapping with a wave of his hand.

"Fellow Elite, we are here to add another to our ranks. As is the custom we require four Elite witnesses and a sponsor."

"I am the sponsor my lord Nikon" Phreak slapped the head of the boy standing next too him and whispered hurriedly into his ear "Don't screw up."

"Enter the circle." Nikon nodded to the injured initiate. "State your given name."

"Joey Mason"

"You have been chosen as Elite for the skills you showed during the Worldwide Plague Ellingson Hack, witnesses and sponsor step forward."

This was what Nikon looked forward to most. Each initiate had to go through this to become recognised, accepted. It made the initiate realise that they had real world friends as well as online partners in crime.

Phreak stepped up and spoke; his tanned skin glistened in the glow of the street lights which lined the park on all sides. "I, Ramon Sanchez, Elite Hacker Phantom Phreak, sponsor Joey Mason"

The three that had thus far remained silent approached. The first was tall lanky with four braids in his hair.

"I, Emanuel Goldstein, Elite Hacker Cereal Killer, witness this initiation" The next was about average height, build but the red body warmer bulked him out. From his short hair to his shoes he radiated intelligence and attitude.

"I, Dade Murphy, Elite Hacker Crash Override, witness this initiation" he flashed a smile at Joey.

"I, Kate Libby, Elite Hacker Acid Burn, witness this initiation" Nikon suppressed the reflex to jerk with fright. He hadn't seen this woman step forward, though this was understandable, she made a habit of being quiet in private to make up for being so loud in public.

He looked at her; tomboy was the first thing to spring to mind. Attitude was the second. Third was beast: tamed. Her hand was entwined with that of the tamer. She and Dade were meant to be. They just ... fit.

Nikon himself spoke. "I, Paul Cook, Elite Hacker Lord Nikon, witness this initiation." He turned back to the boy. "All former names and incarnations are secondary. You are now, first and foremost, an Elite Hacker. Introduce yourself."

This was the moment Joey had been waiting for; he had racked his brain for a handle which would work. "I am Joey Mason, Elite Hacker Cold Fusion."

All eyes turned to The Phreak. "Cold Fusion" He rolled it around his mouth in the same way a connoisseur would a new wine. "I like it!"

"Welcome to the fold my friend!" Cereal clapped him on the back. "I say we all head for Cyberdelia and grab some fries."

This was met with a chorus of cheers from the group but Dade glanced up at the tall hacker. "Cereal, you're buying your own right?"

The laughter could be heard from the street.



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