"Winner, Quatre."


Yeah, that's me.  Quatre Raberba Winner, Taylorville's richest high school student.  And of course, life couldn't be any better.  I have all the friends I could want, tons of hot babes at my disposal, every high tech gadget under the sun, and we use hundreds for toilet paper.  Yeah, maybe in the Twilight Zone.

In truth, I am Taylorville's richest kid, but all that other stuff is a load of shit.  Instead I'm a homosexual outcast with two friends, Duo and Heero, who are gay as well, and Taylor High's cutest and most envied couple.  How that works I have no clue.  I have 29 sisters and no brothers, no wonder I'm gay.  And I've fallen for one of the most popular, STRAIGHT, guys in school.  So cliché I know.  His name is Trowa Barton, he's on the football team, and just to lessen my chances with him further, he has a cheerleader girlfriend named Catherine.  In short, my life sucks.  Did I mention I've been labeled a snob as well?

So, here I am, living in Taylorville, West Virginia, sulking in my own business when in walk my friends Heero and Duo hanging all over each other and all the girls go crazy.  Just how stupid can you get, they're gay, as in not into girls, get over it already.  Though I have to admit, I find Duo rather attractive myself, but that's not the point.

"Heya Quat!" Duo practically sang at me.

"Hi." I mumbled back.

Duo gave one of his patented smiles.  "Aw, come one Quat, cheer up.  Look, here comes your boyfriend." 

In walks Trowa. 

"Hey Tro-" 

I clamped my hands over Duo's mouth as Trowa looked over at us and stared.  I felt my face turning red.  "Dear God please tell me he didn't hear that."  I pray desperately to myself.  Then, when I had a chance to talk to the love of my life, all I do is stare.  Yup, you heard me, I just stared back at him like if had air for brains.  After a few more minutes of our staring, I feel something wet on the palm of my hand.

"AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"  I screamed and jerked my hand away from Duo's mouth.  "You freak!  What are you licking me for?  That's disgusting!"  I yelled at him.

Duo took on a hurt look.

"What are you calling disgusting?  Some people would pay to have that spit on them." He said and winked playfully at a few nearby girls, they practically faint.

Heero decides to add his two cents.

"Like me." he said, planting a kiss on Duo's lips.

I roll my eyes and retake my seat. 

"If anyone wants me, I'll be shooting myself in the bathroom."  I mumbled to no one in particular, trying to ignore the sounds of Duo and Heero's make-out session, and the laughing of our homeroom class.

I layed my head on my desk.

"I wish I was dead."

~~After School~~

I walked  down the street, on my way home.  Yes, I walk home, I'm not that spoiled.  Aside from the fiasco in homeroom this morning, the day went normally.  I was ignored, Duo and Heero are mushy at lunch, I was ignored, Duo and Heero are mushy after school.  Call me slow, but I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

I sighed heavily, wishing desperately that I could be at least a little normal, or at least have a boy friend.

"Hey you!" I hear someone call. 

I keep walking, I don't answer anonymous calls because the person never means me.

"You! Rich kid!  I'm talking to you." it calls out again.

I start walking faster.  A yell that has the phrase 'rich kid' in it, never ends well.  Someone suddenly spins me around from behind. 

It was Trowa.

"What are you, deaf?" he asked, and if I'm not mistaken, there was a humorous meaning buried behind that emotionless face he always wore.

I again stood there, staring at him stupidly, not saying a thing.

He began to look uncomfortable. 

"Um…you…uh dropped this.  Here." he said using that they're-no-brighter-than-a-toddler voice and handing me my math book.

I took the book, still silent.  Trowa stared at me again, getting even more uncomfortable.

"Okay then, well…uh…bye!" he said and walked in the opposite direction.

Even as I watched him go, it was like I couldn't talk until he was out of hearing range.

"BYE TROWA!!"  I yelled about five minutes after he had left.

I turned around and continued walking home.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!"  I scolded myself, hitting my head on my book with every word.

By the time I had walked in the front door, I was pretty sure I had convinced half the town that I needed psychotherapy, and was in serious need of Tylenol.

I quietly walked into my family's huge house, and made my way to my room.  My father sat reading the news paper in the big living room, and I tried to sneak past.

"Hello father."  I said quietly at the exit, hoping he wouldn't hear me.



"Yes father?" I ask, turning to face him.

"How was school today?" he asked.

"Fine father.  Can I go now?  I have homework." I said.  This excuse always worked, nothing was more important to my father than academics.

"Oh, alright then.  I'll tell you at dinner." he said.

"Yes father."  I said mechanically and walked up to my room.

I slammed the door and dropped my first onto my bed, hoping I would suffocate.  I rolled on to my back and stared at the ceiling.  I remembered how Trowa's voice sounded, his cool, smooth, sexy voice.  I felt my face turn red, and giggled.

I groped the floor for my math book.  I grabbed a hold of it and held it close to my chest.  Then god damned reality began to set in again.  Trowa had a girlfriend, I was a loser, and Trowa had a girlfriend.  I sighed in frustration and threw my math book half way across the room.  I pushed Duo's number on my speed dial.

"Hello!  You've reached the Pentagon.  My I sell you a government secret?"

"Hello Duo." I said, ignoring his stupid comment.

"Hiya Quat!  How's the love life?"  Duo said happily.

"Shut up, you know perfectly well how it's going.  It isn't!  That's how my love life is!  It doesn't exist!"  I yelled into the phone.

"Jesus Quatre!  Calm down!  What happened?" Duo said in a more sympathetic tone.

"He spoke to me."

"He what!?"

"The sexy beast spoke to me!"  I said loudly without thinking.

Duo snickered over the phone. 

"He's a sexy beast now?  Quat that doesn't sound like you.  Were you abducted by naughty aliens?"

"Do you want to hear this or not?"

"Sorry.  He spoke and you did what?"

"Stared at him like an idiot."


"Thanks for the comforting words Duo."  I snapped.

"You stared at him…"

"Yes I stared at him, and he gave me my math book, and then I stared some more!"

"Hmm…well don't worry Quat.  Everything will be fine by the end of Friday.  You have my word."  Duo said, sounding smug.

I froze.  You know how I said a sentence with the words 'rich kid' in it, never went well.  Well the same thing applies here.  You never, ever want to hear Duo Maxwell speak the words 'you have my word'.  You just don't, it's written in the laws of the universe; you hear these words, and you're screwed.

"What are you planning Duo?"  I ask slowly.

Duo gave a small chuckle. 

"Just wait until Friday and see!  Bye Quat!"  Duo said in an over happy voice and hung up the phone.

Fear over took me and I smashed the redial button.  The phone rang numerous times, I got the answering machine.  I wish I had never heard that overly informative message.

"Hi, you've reached Duo!  I can't answer the phone right now because I'm being fucked senseless by my hot, sexy boyfriend Heero Yuy.  If you want a video tape of this, contact me at school.  Have a nice day, leave a message after the sounds!"

I picked a spot on the wall and tried to focus all my concentration on this one little spot while the rest of the message was filled with moans and other noises that I couldn't identify.

Slowly I put the phone back on the receiver, scared for life.  "Note to self, never leave Duo a message."  I sighed and began to walk to one of the smaller dining rooms to eat dinner.  On my way out I passed my calendar.  I took a small glance at Friday and then walked out the door.  I stopped suddenly and walked backwards to my calendar to get a better look at Friday.

"Hell no…"  I said to myself.

This Friday was the fourteenth of February….Valentine's day.


~~*Authors Notes*~~

Hi!  I hope you liked my first shot at a fic that takes more than one chapter. ^  ^  I have a little self esteem problem, and think that everything I writes sucks, so please review and tell me what you think of this…and I'm looking for a better title, please give me suggestions.  *sniff sniff*  Ja!