I sat on the stone bench, gazing at my old high school, recalling how it all started.  Trowa has been part of my life for five years now.  Today would have been our fifth year anniversary.  Yes you heard me right, would have been.

Towards the end of our relationship there was a lot of tension.  We hardly saw one another what with work and me going to graduate school.  So in the end we just broke up.  That was about three weeks ago.

I remember the day when I ran all the way to his house and said I'd never let go.  He promised me he wouldn't let go either, he bought me a gold ring with Q and T entwined around each other to further prove his promise. 

I took it off and rolled it around in my fingers, it was a little worn around the edges now, but u could still read the letters clearly.

"Some promise." I whispered.

As I've grown older I've realized that not all dreams can become realities.  In high school Trowa was the love of my life, and I thought we'd spend the rest of eternity with one another.  But reality isn't like that; I guess it was stupid of me to think that the first guy I ever kissed and had sex with would stay with me until my last day.

Its sucks that some people seem to have their lives perfectly planned and carried out.  Take Heero and Duo for example.  They were married two years ago and adopted twins, a boy and a girl.  I wonder how Heero is with kids…scary thought.

I sighed and kicked the ground.

"I curse the man who invented Valentine's Day." I mumbled.

"That would be Saint Valentine." A voice answered from behind.

I nearly jumped out of my own skin.  But since that would be fatal, I just spun around really fast instead.


My ex approached me, still as hot as ever.  A bit taller, a heck of a lot more muscle, but basically the same.

"Hey Cat…er, Quatre."

I couldn't help but smile at hearing my pet name.

An odd silence passed.  I haven't had one of those in a long while, still as annoying as ever.

"So…how have you been?" I ask quietly.

He shrugged.

"Okay I guess.  Yourself?"

I shrugged in return.

"I've survived."

He nodded and the silence continued.

It was a long time before anything was said.  I wanted to ask him why he was here and scream at him for all the suffering he put me through, but I decided it was his turn to break the silence.

And let me tell you if I'd had known how long it would've taken I would've started.

"What happened to us?" he asked, staring at an invisible speck on his shoe.

"Things got rough.  We didn't see much of each other, job pressure.  I guess things got so hard we just gave up." I answered, finding my own invisible speck.

"I didn't want to you know…"

"Me neither…"

"I thought we'd be together forever…or at least a lot longer than we were."

I nodded in agreement.

"You promised me once that you wouldn't let go."

A strong hand lifted me chin to meet his deep green eyes.

"I never broke that promise Quatre, I never did let go."

"Then why did you leave?" I asked, feeling tears well up in my eyes.

"It's like you said, pressure, never seeing you, I felt like we were growing apart."

I sniffed, I'm such a baby.

"You think we could try and come back together again?" I asked, hopeful despite all the doubt that seemed to surround me.

Trowa gave one of his lazy lopsided smiles that I had come to love so much.

"I'm sure we could."

He extended an arm.

"Mr. Winner, I've been meaning to ask you…would you care to go on a date with me for Valentine's Day?"

I giggled and locked arms with him, playing along.

"Why Mr. Barton I'd be delighted."

We walked down the stone path and as we were leaving I saw a pair of young girls apparently having a similar transaction.

They exchanged pink cards and when one of them jumped into the others arms to kiss her I couldn't help but smile.  Things had definitely changed around here.  Gay couples were being accepted more and more these days; no longer did people have to hide their sexual preference.  Which brings me to another point in my story.

As my father told me, the day of my 18th birthday, I moved out of the house and went off to college.  I haven't been back since.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't lost all touch with my family, I still get together with those of my sisters who supported me. 

When Trowa and I announced our living together two years ago, both sets of our parents shut us out completely, unable to accept what we had.  It was hard, but the happy memories that I spent with Trowa were more than enough.

Now it seems that making my life as miserable as possible is off the universe's top priority list, finally.  I am getting my third chance to live the life I have wanted for so long, maybe this time I'll get it right, then again maybe I won't.  Who knows?

All I know is I am gonna get me some good sex tonight.


*~Author's Notes:*~

All right all right, so maybe I ended that on a slutty note, but I was going for humor!  And if you are wondering why I broke Cat and Trowa up for the second time, I will tell you.  I wanted to make it more realistic, I wanted it to seem that there was actually more going on in theirs lives than each other and just to tell you, I hate happily ever after, it just doesn't work for me.  But I put them back together, maybe this time they'll stay that way, who knows?  Life doesn't sit still.  ^  ^ But at least they boinked each other right!!?? Lmao!  Just kidding I love those two to death, not just the sex, but it is a damn good bonus.  Sayonara!

Always, BlackStar