Washing DC FBI Hoover Building AD Skinners Office Friday 4th June 7:00 am

Skinner was pacing up and down his office. He couldn't believe what he had said. Why'd he call her Dana? He never did that. At least not at work. He remembered calling her that when he had visited her in the hospital after he lost Mulder. Sometimes, when he stopped by her apartment to ensure she was coping ok, he would see how tired she was and he may say 'Dana, you have to rest' but if he usually called her that she would begin worrying that something was wrong. Even though he didn't want to worry her, he knew that when she found out what was wrong she would start to worry straight away. Perhaps she had already guessed what it was. That would make it easier to tell her. If she hadn't then she would hate him for making her wait, while he decided how to tell her, when she could have been with *Him*.

There was a sharp knock an the door, which snapped Skinner from his reverie.

"Sir Agent Scully is here to see you." His assistant announced. Had it been 45 minutes already?

"Ok, send her in please." He said eventually. She nodded and disappeared back into her office. Seconds later Scully walked through the same door. Her expression was blank and emotionless, only her eyes betrayed her true feelings, her eyes were clouded and glazed, almost dull, nothing like the bright blue eyes of the Agent Scully that he had meet about 7 years before. They had been just as bright 8 months ago, just before Mulder had gone, since then Skinner had notice them fade, the only thing that Scully couldn't stop from showing her emotions and her loss.

"You needed to see me Sir." Scully spoke first breaking the now awkward silence between them.

"Yes Agent Scully, I don't know how to tell you this but, well." before he could finish Scully spoke again.

"Sir if it's about the X Files, I won't let you shut them down again. They where, no are, Mulder's life and now they're my only chance of finding him and I won't let you take that from me!"

Skinner had never seen so much fire behind Scully's eyes as he did then. Did she really think he would do such a thing? He would never dream of taking away the last chance to find Mulder, even though it wasn't necessary now. She was still looking at him with hate but most of all betrayal. She felt betrayed by him. How could he have made her feel like that when he had in fact got the news he knew she had been waiting for, from that night in the hospital. She looked close to tears, why wasn't he talking to her, telling her the news.

Finally he got his voice and, he gently told her his news.

"No Dana, it's not about the X Files, you know I would never do that to you our Mulder." At the mention of Mulder's name Scully seemed to relax a little, although she still stared at her superior questioningly.

"Well if it's not the X Files what is it?" She asked.

"Well it is about the X Files in a way, actually one in particular." He paused for a moment before continuing, "They found him on the pavement just inside Georgetown, actually very close to your apartment which is where I believe he was heading. He was taken straight to Georgetown MC, where he is now. Which is where I'm sure you will want to go as soon as possible. Did you hear me Scully? Mulder's back!"


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