"Jasper, no." Alice commanded. She traced his jaw lightly as he was on his knees, his hands tied around his back.

"You do as I say."

"Yes, Alice." Jasper whispered, bowing his head.

Alice grinned as she ran her hands through his messy blonde locks. Jasper and her had been together for over five years now and Alice had experimented long and hard on their relationship.

Alice had been attending college for a little less than two years now, and she had dipped her feet into open relationships. Her and Jasper had been in monogamy for long enough, Alice decided to start having relationships with other men. Jasper, who was madly in love with Alice, to a degree that he seemed to love her more than she loved him, could not refuse.

Alice had been dominating Jasper in and out of bed. He was on her leash. He did everything she asked, even if it broke his heart. Alice slept with any man she wanted. Namely, her brother, Edward, her best friend's father, Charlie, and her best friend's ex, Jake.

Alice bounced between those three collectively at a moment's notice.

"Good boy. Now lick." Alice commanded, opening her legs and revealing her shaved pussy to Jasper. The blonde craned his neck up and closed his eyes shut as he attached his lips to Alice's burning flesh. Alice whimpered as Jasper darted his tongue in and out of her expertly.

"Okay enough. That's all for today." Alice smiled harshly. Jasper pulled his tongue out and watched Alice closely.


"Don't talk to me without being addressed! I said that was all for you today. No jerking off either."

"B-But, Alice."

Alice said nothing else as she shoved Jasper back and strutted out of their room.

Jasper and Alice shared a room in the Cullen mansion to which they both stayed. Alice's biological father, Carlisle Cullen, was a self made millionaire and spoiled Alice endlessly, offering for her to stay at the mansion while she attended college.

Jasper was adopted into the family during highschool after he met Alice. He was an orphan, losing his parents early and had a rough home life until he met the Cullens. He attended the same college as Alice, studying business and English.

He loved Alice, he truly did. But, he truthfully hated the change in their monogamy. He wanted to marry Alice, eventually. He wanted to buy her things that her father never did. He wanted to become successful and be the person he was always doubted to be. So, he was fully committed to his studies and his sex life with Alice had deteriorated.

With that, Alice cheated on Jasper for the first time in her first year of college. She slept with Jacob Black, a frat boy and football stud that had slept around Alice's circle of friends. Alice had been enamored and refreshed. She started to dabble with her step brother, Edward, who also attended the school. She moved onto handsome boys who would flirt with her in the halls, then older men, like her friend's father who had always kept an eye on her.

She had opened up to Jasper about her idea. She wanted to keep Jasper as she did love him as well, but her love for sex was just about as much. She wanted an open relationship and Jasper willingly accepted. But as time passed, he regretted it more and more.

One day, Jasper snapped. He had gotten home from a long day of work, just wanting to sleep in his bed next to Alice. He was home at midnight and knew everyone had been fast asleep. He snuck upstairs until he was about to open the door to his and Alice's room.

"You're my number one, Jakey! Jasper can't compare!"

Alice had been prone on their bed, being fucked from behind by Jake. His large, toned muscles flexed as he pounded into her from behind. Jasper clutched his chest and slowly backed away. How could Alice- He knew that Alice was doing it with other men, but at home? The only place he could feel safe?

Jasper's eyes changed that day. He rushed downstairs, grabbed a red bull from the fridge and went back to his car. He texted Alice that he'd be home late and he began to plan.

A few days later, Alice had arrived back home from school with a pout. She dropped her bags and fished out her phone. Jasper had still not come home. She began to grow worried as it had been extremely unusual for Jasper to have not come home for a few days. He had no other home, where could he have gone?

Alice had called Jasper's number periodically since morning, but no answer. It was the middle of the evening now, and she tried once more. Thankfully, it connected.

"Jasper? Where are you?!"

"I'm sorry, who is this?" A female voice answered. Alice felt chills run through her spine.

She was stunned for a moment before answering. "Um, this is Alice. Jasper's girlfriend. Who are you?"

"Ohh, girlfriend. Right. I'll get Jasper for you."

"No, wait a sec- Who are you?" Alice snarled.

The woman passed the phone off to the missing boyfriend and after a moment, he spoke.


"Jazz! What's going on?! Where are you?" Alice was just relieved to hear Jasper's voice again. She had been worried sick.

"Oh, Alice. I- I just got my phone charged up. I'm sorry if I made you worried." Jasper said gently. He truly felt strange hearing Alice care for him so deeply despite what she did to him that night.

"Why didn't you come home though? You said you'd be back late, not this late. A few days isn't just late, Jazz." Alice mumbled.

"My car died on the way there and I lost my keys. A friend of mine drove by and offered for me to stay with them for a bit til my phone got charged." Jasper whispered. His lies were practiced and rehearsed. Alice simply believed him.

"Oh. You could have knocked, honey. I'm sure someone would have let you in." Alice huffed.

"I know, I know. I should have. I'll be home later tonight, okay."

"Okay, I'll see you then, Jazz." Alice let out a deep breath. She ended the call and laid back. She checked her group texts, and she set up a threesome with some boys later that night. If Jasper got back, she would have to see him first before leaving for the party.

Alice waited until 8 o'clock, and Jasper still had not come home. The party was soon and she really thought Jasper would be home by then. She fiddled with her phone that was being blown up with texts from her threesome partners. She was even thinking of inviting Jasper but he had never done anything like that before.

She called Jasper's phone but nothing. But, she was really horny. She said fuck it and dressed up for the party instead and left on the dot at 9.

Alice dressed in nothing but booty shorts and a pink tank top as she raced upstairs and got blasted with booze and weed and got down and dirty with her number one man, Jake, and some of his football friends.

"Ima get a drink." Jake snorted as he pulled out of Alice for the fifth time that night. Alice was on her back, her toes curled and her mouth wrapped around another man's cock. She whipped her head away and smiled and nodded.

"'Kay. Me too." Alice said. She wiped some cum off her face and neck so she was semi representable, though she reeked of sex. Jake put his hand through hers and they walked downstairs together, occasionally making out on the rails.

Alice and Jake made their way to a table with a cooler of chilled beers and started making out on the table. Jake placed Alice on the table, clearing away half empty cans and solo cups.

"Hey boss, can I get a drink or nah?" Someone tapped Jake on the shoulder as he was about to start dry humping any second. He looked over his shoulder and jolted back. Alice lazily looked up as well and her lips closed into a thin line.

Jasper raised an eyebrow. Alice hadn't seen him in a few days and all of a sudden he shows up at a frat party? She knew for a fact Jasper never went to parties.

"Jazzy?" A voice called from over his shoulder. Alice internally screamed. She had never once heard another woman call her Jasper that nickname. She thought only she could call Jasper that.

A red headed girl with a nose ring appeared over his shoulder. Jasper turned to her and said something before laughing much to Alice's dismay. She immediately postured herself up at Jasper's sudden appearance.

"Wait, Jazz." Alice coughed. She was still completely out of it, as she nearly stumbled over. Jake caught her by the waist.

"Alice, I'll catch ya later." Jasper murmured, before disappearing into the crowd with the red head.

"Wait- Damn it." Alice grumbled. "Asshole."

"That was your boyfriend, right?" Jake asked, holding Alice up to her feet.


"He knows about us, don't he?"

"Yeah, of course. He's just been a dick lately. I'm going to go find him, I might be back. Don't count on it though." Alice stated.

"Gotcha, let me know. I wasn't done with that ass." Jake snorted, slapping her butt roughly.

Alice went out to find Jasper, not before heading to the bathroom and puking up a storm. She stared at herself in the mirror and attempted to fix her hair and the stench off of her. She straightened her necklace before heading out to find her lost boyfriend.

Alice knew for a fact that Jasper couldn't handle long and crowded social environments, so he was probably outside. Unluckily, however, it was absolutely freezing outside. She stood around the patio and backyard, and nobody, not a soul was outside. Alice didn't want to give up though and continued her search.

She was out there for twenty minutes before Jasper appeared behind her. Alice's eyes lit up with love as Jasper took off his jacket and put it around Alice's petite and exposed body.

"Jazz!" Alice jumped and put her arms around her lover.


Jasper noticed that Alice was whipping her head left and right, looking for someone else. Jasper's curious face beckoned Alice to respond.

"Just looking for your little minion. Who is she?" Alice glowered.

"The artsy girl? That's Liz, the friend I told you about."

"Friend?" Alice repeated. "Whatever, why are you here? Did you know I'd be here?"

"No, Liz dragged me here. I thought we would stop by a bit before I'd go back home."

"Oh. Okay, we were having some fun upstairs, if you want to join, you can." Alice smiled radiantly. Jasper bit his lower lip. To Alice, she had always thought Jasper enjoyed or rather felt indifferent to the openness of their relationship. To Jasper, he had grown to hate and resent Alice for this.

"No, I'm fine. You have fun though."

"Okay. I will see you at home, right? No more ditching." Alice giggled.

"You have my word."

Alice puckered her lips, expecting a kiss, but Jasper avoided it and simply waved bye. Alice was stunned for a moment but eventually rationalized that she probably smelled and looked like shit. Alice just shrugged and went back upstairs to Jake.

Later that night, Jasper did as promised and came home. He arrived earlier than Alice and decided to ask for a favor from Esme, his mother figure. She had always been the kindest to him and knew she would understand more than Carlisle would.

He asked for another room. Jasper and Alice had shared the same room ever since they first started to date five years ago. While Carlisle was much closer to Alice, Esme was much closer to Jasper. Only Esme knew how hurt and insecure Alice made Jasper feel. She helped Jasper move his things to the spare guest bedroom down the hall and even told her husband of the change and to not bother Jasper about the decision.

When Alice came home, she was not enthralled. She headed to the closet after taking a fresh shower and went to try on some new clothes. She was surprised to see that the little of Jasper's section of clothing in their closet was gone.

She immediately got on her tippy toes and jumped up to see that Jasper's multiple boxes of books and Southern memorabilia was also missing.

"Jasper?" Alice called loudly throughout the house, not caring if she was waking anyone up. It was already 1 AM after all.

She slipped into some pajamas and investigated the house. She knew Jasper was back, she saw his car in the driveway. He was just nowhere to be found. Alice peeped her head into the kitchen, the bathroom, even her parent's room. Then, she noticed that the guest bedroom door was closed. She hesitated but inevitably she opened the door to see Jasper sleeping by himself on the twin sized bed.

"Jazz- W-What's- Why are you-" Alice stammered. She was physically shaking. She had not once slept without Jasper in her bed when they were both staying together for the last five years.

Jasper remained silent as he slept. Alice pouted and closed the door behind her. She could only say that it was a mistake. Maybe Jasper was drunk and stumbled in here to sleep. But he moved his things. All his clothes. Alice whimpered before pulling the covers up and slipping under his arm.

The next morning, Jasper was surprised to say the least to see Alice snuggled to his chest, softly snoring. He couldn't help brushing the hair out of her eyes and kissing the top of her head. He loved Alice so much, it broke him more and more as he thought about how fucked his relationship with her had been.

Jasper shuffled to get out of the situation without waking Alice, but she was clinging to his body and he had to get out from her side as the bed was pushed to the wall.

"Mmm…Jasper…" Alice murmured in her sleep, clinging closer to his chest. Jasper stayed silent and eased his arm out from under her. He maneuvered above her but Alice's eyes drifted open the moment he was about to get up.

"Jasper?" Alice mumbled, her hand tracing up to his face.

"Hey, darling." Jasper smiled.

"I want kisses.." Alice spoke softly.

"Let me brush my teeth, darling. I'll be back."

"Okay, Jazzy." Alice smiled brightly, showing her pearly whites.

Jasper hopped up off the bed and headed for the bathroom down the hall. He knew Alice was going to confront him about the room change and he hadn't really gotten over how he was going to break to her that he was unhappy with their relationship and he wanted out. If Alice chose sex over him, he couldn't stay around. He had to get on with himself or he'd never be happy. Even if it meant losing Alice.

He had to remain strong.

He brushed his teeth quickly and even hopped in the shower quickly to clear his mind. He made his way back to the room in his towel. When he made it to the door, Alice was sitting up with a salacious grin on her face.

"Jazzy!" Alice opened her arms out for him.

"Let me get changed, darling."

"No time for that." Alice giggled. "I missed you." She bounced over to him and closed the door behind him. Alice ripped Jasper's hand away from his waist, dropping the towel completely. Alice's eyes turned to hearts as she brought Jasper's impressive cock to her lips, tugging her lips over the skin.

Jasper's resolve faltered as Alice wagged her tongue over the tip of his dick, lovingly kissing and sucking his thickness. It had been far too long since they had regular sex. It was normally, Alice being dominant and repressing Jasper to nothing but a cuck. She was too often, making Jasper pleasure her without pleasing him back.

"My Jazzy." Alice whispered, bobbing her head over Jasper's length.

Jasper bit his lip. He needed to stop her. He couldn't just go back to her like this. It was an infinite cycle. She could give him a bone or two, before putting him back in the gutter so she could sleep with different men. He couldn't do that again. Not after seeing her and another man in their bed. He had to be the one and only, never number two, never number three.

"Stop, I can't do this." Jasper grunted. He yanked his tip out of Alice's mouth and blatantly turned towards his closet and retrieved some boxers.

"Jazz? Wha-"

Alice just stared silently at Jasper change in front of the closet.

"What do you think you are doing? Did you forget who your master was? Jasper, come here right now." Alice screeched. Jasper sighed. He needs to stand up for himself.

"Fucking-" Jasper slid his hand over his face. Alice's face turned pale. Jasper rarely cursed. She could tell he was seriously pissed, an emotion he hadn't shone in a long time.

"I'm not your fucking slave." Jasper whipped his head over his shoulder to glare at Alice. She widened her eyes and stood up to her feet.

"I never said you were. Jazz, calm down. You're scaring me." Alice whispered apologetically. She put her arms around Jasper's waist.

Jasper didn't know how to continue. He could just blow up in her face right now, but he knew Alice would start crying. He didn't know if he could take that. Instead he just looked the other way and continued dressing himself.

"Jasper, you know you are my number one, right?" Alice whispered against his back. Jasper remembered what he heard when he caught Alice and Jake in his own bed. She will tell him everything that he wants to hear whether it's the truth or not.

"Are you sure it's not Jake?" Jasper seethed.

"No. It's not. It's you, always." Alice said. Jasper turned in her arms and looked down at her. No man in their right mind would think they were number one when they were constantly thrown to the side, constantly neglected, constantly shown nothing but a lack of sentiment.

"I really don't think that's true."

"I invited you to the threesome, yesterday." Alice said as if it excused her other behavior.

Jasper sat on the edge of his bed to which Alice followed and put her hand on his lap. She leaned into him and Jasper felt his resolve falter again. He wound his arms around her waist and he wavered. He couldn't do it now. He had to ease it.

"Alice, this is an open relationship right?" Jasper asked, turning to her.

"Uh huh." Alice nodded.

"So I can be with other women too, no?"

Alice froze. Technically, yes. In an open relationship, both partners are open to other sexual partners as well. But, Alice never considered Jasper being with another woman. He was always solely focused on her. Never once looking the way towards another girl.

"Um..Who?" Alice began to grip Jasper's hand harder.

"Lizzie, you know the-"

"The girl who called you Jazzy?" Alice bit out. She tried her hardest to sound neutral, but she was feeling extremely possessive.


"Do you like her?"

"About as much as you like Jake."

"Ah- I see." Alice swallowed. She REALLY did not want to say yes. She picked at her nails mindlessly without continuing the conversation. It was an implied yes with their relationship being open. There was a long silence before Jasper turned to her.

"But- Alice. I'm sorry about yelling at you."

"Oh- that's alright, Jazzy." Alice pursed her lips.

"I just don't want this master type relationship to come out anymore. I'm done with it."

"Of course, Jasper. If that's what you want." Alice sighed. She was glad that Jasper wasn't angry at her. "But, Jasper. You are my number one. Okay? Always, will be."

"Alright, Alice." Jasper nodded.

"Jasper, I also- uh…" Alice paused. "I noticed you moved your things here. I just wanted to know why, I'm not mad, I'm just wondering."

"I was thinking, if I'm going to have Liz over, I should have my own room."

"Well, you can always bring her when I'm gone in our room. You don't have to move out." Alice pouted.

Jasper winced. Then why couldn't she do the same?

"Alice, it's all pink in there, plus it's always been your room over mine. I wanted my own, that's all."

"We can change the color. I don't mind."

"Alice, it's not a huge deal. Just for a bit, maybe you'll like this change. If we don't, then I'll come back. Also, you can bring Jake over more than you already do."

"Can we still sleep together?" Alice mumbled adorably.

Jasper couldn't resist Alice's pout and nodded. Alice brightened up and put her arms around him. "Let's have sex, Jazzy. I can't wait anymore."