Veela Charm and the Dark-Haired Man


Fleur Delacour was alone in the garden. She was thinking about owh lonely she was. She was back in Hogawrts and she was sitting by the lake. The trees were bloomuing and the Sqyib was alive.

Suddenly she heard a rustle of canvas and saw Professor Snape approaching the water line. The professor seemed to be in thought. She noticed that Snape was sad.

"'Allo," she said coyly and Snape turned around to face her."

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Snape shouted. He was angry.

"Sorry ubt I was lonely," Fleru said and tossed her hair.

Snape was not affected by her Veela charms. "So what?"

Veela tossedher hair again. She flottered her buiruytul bleu eyes and tried to charm Snape because she wasted company and she was very lonely at the lake where the squid was alive still. I didn't even know it was a love squid. And it swam right in ftront of them too and it laughed and it told them they should fall in love!!! Snspa snorted.

"I am not going to fall in love! I never fall in love!

Snape ferociously vociferated.

But then the squid started singing a song that was really buirutul. And it was sad and enchantihg and all the doves of the Higwardst came to listen to it and flied a heart-shaped circle around the pond.

And Snape gagged and Snape went away.

And Frelu sighed heavily and started sobbing but she was determend to get Snipe as her boyfriend!