The wedding!!!

It was a sunny auburn day and Veela was sitting on the windowsill in her tower at Hogwarts. She looked out of the window and her eyes were large and glassy and wide, and they shone like two crystal-clear diamonds. A genuine sweet smile was on her lips and she sighed she was so happy because ti would be only two days until she would marry Snape!

In the dungeons Snape was looking at the ring Of Power in his hand anas shilwered. He would have to go on a  MISSION!!!!!! And it was only two days until he would be marry Veela and he would have to hurry. Draco Malfoy was going to be his best man, he said, and scowled at the empty bottle of cauldron which had perviouislu contained THE love potion. Draco looked at him and said, "Professor Snape you will have to go on mission soon if you want to get back in time to marry Fleur DelAcour."and then he left the dungeon!

Snape stood up and rushed out of the room, !"!!! I shall!!!

Fleur looked out of the window and down in the country side and suddenly saw Serverus running through the meadows towards the lake where the Durmstrang ship was. She was in panic soon and was worried that Snape muight die before the wedding party she had planned so carefully. IT would be the best wedding party in the century, no but the MILLENNIUM and everyone was invited, even Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fleur stood up and walked to her ward robe and opened it and looked inside and picked up her wedding gown. Would she wear it, or the other wedding gown?????

Snape hurried forwards and saw the tow-washed squid in the lake steering  the ship.   It was a scary sight and snape was going to be very afraid but the mission was still must accomplish. Because: (AN Loltz this is going to be so cool!!!) THE SQUID WAS VOLDEMORT!!!!!! And Snape had to capture it before eh could marry Fluri.

*jumps scener*

FLEUR was in her maiden chamber and she was just writing to her all wedding braidmeids.They would be at least twenty: Hermione of course, Parvati, Alvender, Hazel, Almond, Diamond, Sapphire, Jewel, Ginny, Pansy, Dolores, Winky, Wonka, and Narcissa and Bellatrix and Hannah, Su, Marietta, Cho, Padma, Lisa, Katie, Angelina, ANGEL; Eloise, Natalie, Nympradira, Ndromeda, Olympe, Minerva, Pomona, Wilhelmina, Gray Lady, Moanningg Murtle, Luna, Moon, Rosezeller, Winnie, Hortense, Mira, Minnie, Olive Hornet, Lily, Aunt Petunia, Marge, Ripper, Figgy, Emmeline, Morgan le Fey, Rosmerta, Susan, Hedwig, Poppy, Nagini, Rits Seeker, Gabrielle (HER SISTER), Molly, Tracey, Daphne, Millicent, Balise and Mrs Norris and Trelawney and The Weird Sisters were the band at the huge wedding and Mrs. Placks portrait, and then she was young.  

Fleur looked at her ten different wedding gowns and then she found it was hard to decicd because they all were different colour and different scent. "

HERMIONE!"! she yelled and the girl came.

"What?" Hermione asked.

"Help me to chose my wedding gown!" Fleur giggled.

"Cool!" Hermione said and started to help FLeyur.

Snape took out his sword and……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!