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Summary: Kagome goes back to her time for a masquerade ball that Sesshoumaru is throwing. They run into each other at the party, the only problem is both are unaware who the other is. Songfic...might contiue depending.

~The Masquerade~

She had been looking forward to this day for months now. Kagome had rushed home early in the morning so she would be sure that she would be ready on time. Ditching Inu Yasha had been a bit harder than she had originally thought, but after ten good sits she had finally got home.

"Momma, did you pick up my dress?" She yelled down the hall from her room. She waited for a minute and when she got no response she started to nervously bite her nails. 'Damn, I am not going to make it. I am going to be late.' She sighed then took in a deep breath. "MOM!"

Mrs. Higurashi smiled and peeked her head out of her closet 'I have been waiting for this day.' "Yes dear?" she called back to her daughter.

Kagome heard her mother chuckle and frowned, "Mom, now is not the time to be playing games, I am going to be late. Did you pick up my dress?"

Her mother sighed, "Yes Kagome, I will be in there in a minute. I have to get the mask down that goes with it." Mrs. Higurashi pushed her hanging clothes aside and reached to the very back of her closet. Pulling out a small mahogany box from the back, she blew the dust off the top and opened it. She smiled at the contents neatly placed in the box. Quickly she shut the top, grabbed the dress and made her way to her daughter.

Mrs. Higurashi opened the door to her daughter's room and walked over to the bed, after sitting down she called to Kagome who was in the bathroom. "Kagome, dear, please come out here." She heard her mumble something then the doorknob turned and her daughter was standing before her.

"Mom, I am so going to be late. Where is my..." Kagome's voice trailed off when she saw the white ball gown that had been laid across the bed. "It's beautiful." she whispered as she walked up and touched it.

"Kagome, please sit down. There is something I need to tell you about the dress." Mrs. Higurashi patted the bed next to her.

Kagome took a seat next to her mom, staring in awe at the dress still. "What is it mom?"

Her mother smiled, "Kagome, daughter, this is the dress I wore the night I met your father. We met at a ball much like the one you are going to tonight and I figured it is time to pass it on to you."

Kagome gasped, "Mom, really? I mean, are you sure?"

She took her daughter's hand in hers and gave it a reassuring squeez. "Yes, dear, I am sure. Here, stand up and I will help you get into it."

Slowly she stood and watched as her mother pulled out a corset and hoop skirt to go under the dress. "A corset?" Kagome asked puzzled. She watched as her mother only shook her head and walked over to her, corset in hand.

After an hour passed Kagome was dressed and almost ready to head out. Slowly she walked up to her full length mirror, she took a quick glance at herself. The dress was perfect, like it had been made for her. The top was figure forming and the sleeves hung off her shoulders showing off the top of her arms. Turning to the side she admired the way the bottom hid her figure that would leave the onlookers guessing. Kagome giggled as she twisted this way and that making the diamonds, that had to have been attached to the dress by magic, sparkle brightly in the light.

"We aren't done yet." Mrs. Higurashi said as she smiled at her daughter. "Come, let me do your make-up and your hair."

After her mother finished with her, she went to look at herself in the mirror one last time. She smiled at the results and turned to leave. Before she could move her mother's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"And now for the finishing touches." Mrs. Higurashi picked up the box from the bed and opened it. Coming up behind her daughter she pulled out the first item. She put the box down on the dresser next to her, then unclasped the silver chain. "This is for love." she whispered into her daughter's ear as she finished putting the necklace on her.

Kagome grabbed the chain and looked at the pendant that hung from it. There in kanji was the word love, she went to turn to her mother to hug her and was stopped.

"No, not yet. One more thing." She reached over to the box again and pulled out the last item. "Can't go to a masquerade ball without a mask." She paused briefly before putting the mask on her daughter. She ran her fingers over the diamonds that were in the shape of a cresent moon on the cat's forehead. Smiling at the memories, she put the mask on her daughter then tied the strings that held it up.

"A cat mask?" Kagome asked curiously.

Mrs. Higurashi laughed, "Yes Kagome. Now turn around so I can get a picture of this."

After many pictures were taken and the hugs were given, Kagome was on her way to the ball.


'I don't even know why I bother with these events. Every time I throw one of these things I get sick from the stench and I have fend off girls with every step I take.' He thought begrudgingly. He had been wondering around for hours looking for something to distract himself from the festivities, but had no luck.

His sensitive hearing picked up the sound of the ball room doors opening and he looked up, anger showing through his eyes, at the person who would dare come late to his ball. The look of anger was quickly lost as he took in the sight of the beautiful woman that had walked in.

The way her dress sparkled in the light lulled him into a daze. His body moved on it's own accord, slowly moving him closer to the woman that had captured his interest. The closer he got to her, the more the scent of jasmine filled the air and overpowered all other smells in the room, making him feel drunk.

As he got even closer he noticed she was standing with a group of woman, who were talking amongst themselves. He heard her laugh, the sound was like music to his ears. A strange feeling erupted in his stomach, something he had never felt before. Everytime he heard her laughter the feeling, like something tickling the inside of his stomach, came.

He let out a low growl, 'Who is this woman? And what exactly is she doing to me?'

~{Who's that girl, who's that girl

When you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye

She's trouble, in a word get closer to the fire

Run faster, her laughter burns you up inside

You're spinning round and round

You can't get up, you try but you can't}~

Someone putting their arms around his waist brought him back to reality. He growled yet again, then turned to the person who was touching him without his permission. "Shihara, remove yourself from my side." He stated cooly.

Shihara pouted, "But Sessy, you need a date and I have decided I will help you out with that." She looked up to him with pleading eyes while she traced his jawline with her fingertips.

Sesshoumaru glared at her, his eyes piercing right through her like daggers. "I will not repeat myself, wench."

She made a mewing noise as she recoiled from him in fright. She glanced over in the direction he had been looking and her fear quickly melted away into anger. "Oh, I see I have competition. Well that is easily remedied." As Shihara started to saunter over to the girl her arm was grabbed and she was roughly yanked back.

"You will not harm her, nor will you speak with her." The tone of his voice promised death if she disobeyed.

"Humph" Shihara jerked her arm away from his grasp. "You will not tell me who I can and can not talk to Sesshoumaru." With that she walked out of his view.

Sesshoumaru looked back in the direction the group of girls were and noticed that she, the one who had mesmerized him, was no longer with them. His eyes scanned the ball room searching for her, 'I must find her and make sure Shihara doesn't do anything. I do not trust that witch of a neko-youkai.'

~{Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl

Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl}~

After a few minutes of searching he spotted her. He walked over to the side of the room she was at but kept far enough away from her so he could observe her from a distance.

Kagome felt the sensation of someone watching her and she turned. Her eyes made contact with golden ones that were shining from behind a mask shaped like a dog's head. Her breath caught in her throat as she took in the rest of him. His three piece suit was completely white and was snug enough to show off his lean, slightly muscular, body. His long silver hair was tied back losely at the shoulders with a small white ribbon.

She slowly started to make her way over to him, ignoring her thoughts that were screaming 'Warning! Danger! He is a youkai!' A slightly seductive smile came to her lips as she got closer to him, causing chill to run down his spine.

The grey/blue eyes staring out at him with so much determination through the mask brought back a memory of someone he had spent over four hundred years trying to forget. They made him remember the day the young miko woman that traveled with his brother suddenly disappeared. He was there when she faded from view, he heard the cries of her companions as well as his Rin's cries.

"Great party, don't you think?" Kagome asked the man in front of her.

He snapped out of his thoughts and painful memories, "I would hope so, I am the host."

"Oh" was all she could say as she felt the blush of embarrassment reach her cheeks. "I'm sorry, my friends didn't give me much information on the party. Please forgive my rudeness." she said while giving him a deep bow after she recovered from the embarrassing moment.

"I do believe that was a complement, if I am not mistaken, and there is nothing rude about those." he said, giving her a smirk. He offered her a hand, "Care to dance?"

~{You try to avoid her, fate is in your hands

She's smiling, an invitation to the dance

Her heart is on the street, tu corazon es suyo

Now you're falling at her feet

You try to get away but you can't}~

Kagome looked to the hand that was extended to her, not flinching away from the claws she took his offered hand. Letting herself be lead to the dance floor she felt her heart quicken it's pace. A hand made it's way to her waist while the other held tight to her hand. Before she could blink she was pulled closer to him and he took the lead starting the dance.

The song they had started to dance to ended all too quickly. Kagome went to pull away, thinking the dance was over, but he tightened his grip on her. A slow song started, and once again he started to dance. Kagome began to feel nervous, 'Why a slow dance? Why? I am not good at this, I am going to make a fool of myself.' Caught up too much in her thoughts she missed a step and ended up coming down on his foot.

Quickly she pulled herself away from him and bowed her head. "I am so sorry, I am not good at slow dances." She turned to leave, "I will take my leave now, please excuse me." She felt him grab her and she was spun around to face him.

"You will never become good if you do not practice at it. You may leave if you really want to but you do not seem like a quiter to me."

Kagome looked at him with fire in her eyes, "Ok, teach me then." She put her hand back in his and the other back on his shoulder. When he didn't begin to dance she glared at him again, "Well? I am waiting." She saw him smirk at her as he started the dance where he had left off.

Shihara watched the two from across the room and growled to herself. 'Who the hell is this woman? What the fuck does that nigen bitch have that I don't?'

~{Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl

Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl}~

Kagome watched the way his feet moved and she moved her's with his, following the pattern. It didn't take her long to learn, when she did she stopped looking at his feet. Getting caught up in the song she leaned her head against his chest and closed her eyes.

~{Light up my life, so blind I can't see

Light up my life, no one can help me now}~

Sesshoumaru looked down at her when he felt her lay her head on him. For the first time since Rin he smiled a true smile. 'I must know who she is.' As much as he hated to break the moment, he needed to know the answer to the question plaguing him. Pulling her even closer to his body so she could hear him over the music he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Who are you?"

She smiled against his chest, "What fun would a masquerade ball be if you knew who the people were?" As the song came to an end Kagome lifted her head from his chest. She backed away from him and smiled, "Thank you for the dance, I enjoyed it. I think I am going to get something to drink now."

He let go of her reluctantly and watched as she started to walk away from him. "Maybe we will run into each other again before the night is over." he heard her call back over her shoulder.

Kagome got her drink and walked out into the garden to get some fresh air. She made her way to the gazebo in the middle of the garden and sat down. Letting out a sigh she closed her eyes and tilted her head back enjoying the way the cool breeze felt against her hot skin.

She felt another youkai getting closer to her, but she kept her eyes shut. 'Can't they just leave me alone for one night?' She could feel that the youkai was continuing it's advance on her so she decided to let it know she knew it was there. "Either come out already or leave."

"Stupid human, he is mine." Shihara growled.

Kagome opened her eyes at the statement and glared at the youkai in front of her. "Why the fuck are you telling me this?" She huffed then closed her eyes again.

Shihara flexed her claws and then lunged at the girl in front of her. Just as she was about to make contact a hand came out of no where and grabbed her arm.

He had gotten there just as Shihara had gone for the woman. He grabbed her arm, twisted it around to her back and applied presure to it. He looked down to the girl he had shared the dance with and noticed that her eyes were still closed and she was completely relaxed. "You are either incredibly foolish, or incredibly brave." He heard her laugh at his statement.

~{Run faster, her laughter burns you up inside

He's spinning round and round

You can't get up, you try but you can't}~

"I have been called both, you can call me whatever you want." She smirked, but kept her eyes closed. "Besides, she may be a youkai but she couldn't have touched me if she wanted too."

Sesshoumaru and Shihara both spoke up to the last statement at the same time.

"You can tell that she is youkai?"

"I can too bitch!"

Kagome laughed again, "Yes I can tell that she is a youkai, you are one as well. Along with half the people, or should I say youkai, at the party." She opened her eyes and looked at Shihara, "And if you think you can touch me, go for it. Let her go, I want to prove this bitch wrong."

"Let's hope what you say is true." Sesshoumaru let the neko youkai go and watched as Shihara went to attack the human.

Shihara lunged for Kagome again, this time he didn't stop her. Her claws were an inch away from Kagome's skin when a pink light became visable. Shihara pushed on and the light expanded then exploded, sending the neko into a near by wall.

His expressionless mask faltered, "A miko?"

~{Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl

Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl}~

Shihara picked herself up off the ground and ran at Kagome again, "Bitch you will pay!"

Sesshoumaru caught her again and put her in the same hold. "I ask you again, who are you?"

Sighing Kagome shook her head, then she said to no one in particular. "Can't I just have one night of fun? What the fuck did I do to deserve this?"

"You're a man stealing bitch, that is why." the neko replied.

"Listen, I am not telling you who I am. This is the whole point of these parties, no one knows who you are." she said completely ignoring the female youkai.

Shihara, getting tired of being ignored, began to strugle to free herself from Sesshoumaru. "Let me go this instant." she hissed.

Sesshoumaru twisted her arm further and she yelped in pain. "I told you not to go near her and you went against my orders."

Kagome's eyes went wide, surprised, 'He was protecting me?'

~{Light up my life, so blind I can't see

Light up my life, no one can help me now}~

Kagome stood, "I am going back inside." She then turned and made her way back inside.

After she was out of sight Sesshoumaru dropped Shihara on her ass hard, "Now get out, and if I ever see you near my home again I will not hesitate to kill you." Fearing for her life, she simply nodded and made her way out.

~{Who's that girl

Now, who's that girl

Now, who's that girl

Now, who's that girl}~

He walked back into his house and scanned the crowd for her. By now most of the humans had gone home, so the crowd was getting smaller. He growled in frustration as he searched the room again and again, each time not finding her.

By the time it was time to pack everything up and call it a night he was aggravated that he still couldn't find her. As he was saying good night to the last of his guests one of his servants approached him.

"Excuse me, Lord Sesshoumaru, one of the maids found this on the dinning room table while she was cleaning." He handed the folded white piece of paper, bowed then went back to his duties.

Sesshoumaru carefully unfolded the letter and read the contents:

~I had a great time tonight and look forward to doing it again. I want to thank you again for the dance. I look forward to your next masquerade party. Till then, take care.


Your Mystery Dancer~

He neatly folded it back into the square shape he had gotten it in and walked to his bedroom to prepare for bed. Tucking the note away in a safe place, he turned out the light, laid down and began planning the next party as he drifted off to sleep.

~{Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl

Quien es esa nina, who's that girl

Senorita, mas fina, who's that girl}~